Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Download Millions of Free MP3 Songs From Vkontakte

Facebook may be the king of social network, but in Soviet Russia, it plays the underdog to VKontakte - Russia’s biggest social networking service. VKontakte has more than 135 million accounts and 20 million users visit the site every day. As a social network, VKontakte is more popular and bigger than Facebook is in Russia and other countries of erstwhile U.S.S.R mainly Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

VKontakte offers a striking similarity in design and functionality to its rival Facebook. It allows users to message contacts publicly or privately, create groups and events, share and tag images and video, and play browser-based games. But one distinctive feature of VKontakte that makes it popular even outside Russia is its integration with file sharing technology.

VKontakte allows users to upload music and share it with friends and apparently, the rest of the world. With just a few mouse clicks one can have free access to one of the world’s largest resources of free music. According to one estimate, there are more than 100 million high quality tracks from just about every artist imaginable.

Below are some programs that you can use to download music as MP3 files from VKontakte.



Pirateapp is a free and open source program that crawls VKontakte’s media library according to user search strings and brings results for any song title, album or artist. Pirateapp will show you size, length and bitrates of each MP3 file. A download button against each result allows you to quickly download any file to your disk. You can download multiple files at once at breakneck speeds.

Pirateapp was launched exactly 12 months ago in September 2010, in defiance when a popular VKontakte music downloader was taken down by the RIAA.



music2pc is a new program to find and download songs from VKontakte. The developer doesn’t mention ‘VKontakte’, just the internet. I was able to track the connection to VKontakte’s servers using a firewall.

The interface of music2pc is as basic as Pirateapp, but provides much less information than the latter. It only shows the song title, artist and length. Vital information as such file size and bitrates that allow downloaders to judge the quality are missing. It supports multiple file downloads and has the same blazing fast download speeds. music2pc might also support downloading of videos in future.

Disclaimer: Downloading copyrighted music from VKontakte and other sources is illegal. By using this guide, you agree to be solely responsible, both legally and morally, for any copyright infringement you commit.


  1. I think the main threat for Facebook there is exactly in that the other guy is ads free so far, and not in the least as "marketer oriented".

    If you look at countries where Facebook still can't beat the local competitors (e.g. Russia), that is mostly because those competitors squeeze their users much less.

    Although their monetizing practices are quite fit for their current position in the bigger part of the world. They own it and can do whatever they want. They've got all those users, who are unlikely to leave, no matter how many ads they see.

  2. VKontakte much more user-friendly interface than on facebook. And much less advertising.

  3. VKontakte is ads-free mainly because Russia is a socialist country, where profit doesn't come into the equation. This is exactly why capitalist products such as Facebook and Google can never have a strong foothold on socialist countries such as Russia and communist countries such as China.

  4. This post made my day. Best thing since sliced bread. You the man.

  5. If I download a mp3 will I get a virus or not?

  6. If its also to download illegaly?

  7. Perfect hit! Just would like to add that there are many other tools out there to get music from e.g. vk player