FreePOPs brings any web resources to the inbox

Many email providers still do not provide POP access to its free users. Yahoo Mail is one example. FreePOPs is an extensible mail proxy that allows you to access not only mail, but a variety of resources through the POP3 protocol. Primarily it is used to allow checking and downloading of e-mail from webmails using any POP3 email client program. But it can also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and even used to view websites in your mailbox (remember Web-In-Mail?).


FreePOPs can be useful in a number of situations. Here are some of the most obvious ones:

  • You are behind a firewall that closes port 110 but you need to read your mail and the web-mail of your mail provider sucks.
  • Your mail provider does not allow you to access your mailbox with the POP3 protocol, but only through the web-mail service.
  • Your employer has blocked all access to the web except the mail.

FreePOPs does not have any GUI. It sits on the system tray and work by translating local POP3 requests, from an email client for example, to remote HTTP actions on the supported webmails. But FreePOPs is more flexible than that. For example, a plugin is available that allows the user to receive news from a website as if they were e-mail messages in a mailbox. FreePOPs can be extended by adding numerous plugins that add variety of functions to the application. Because the application is written in C and is open source, anyone with good programming knowledge can write plugins for it.

FreePOPs is available for all the major platforms, namely Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Be sure to download the manual for instructions on how to configure your email client program.

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