5 short links for today

Here is a small collection of tools and websites that you might like to add to your bookmarks. Check them out.

1. Ajax Loader is a web service that allows you to quickly generate loading GIF animation for your websites and software. More than 30 different patterns are available. See some samples. The color is customizable.

 1  2   3

2. DrawSpace is an extensive resource of tutorials for wannabe artists. There are lessons that teaches you how to almost anything – from human faces to legs and cats to lions. Lessons on sketching and colorings, and concepts like perspective and 3D.


3. WZ2K: A website of video tutorials on web design, photography and SEO. Lots of video tutorials on software like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PHP and so on.

4. Visible Body is a web based interactive 3-D model of the human body that the users can explore through. The Visible Body consists of highly detailed, anatomically accurate, 3-D models of 1,700 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the human body. The site requires you to install a plugin in your browser. Supported browsers are IE, Firefox and safari.

visiblebody visiblebody2

5. World’s Highest Website: Did you know that a website could be measured by length? This website is 18.939 kilometers tall (about 11.77 miles). Note: Does not work on Opera.

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