RunMe, a useful, good looking application launcher

Applications launchers are a dime a dozen. We have covered a number of these in the past (Appetizer, AcceleRun, Launchy, Orbit, Toolbox, ScreenTabs, Free Launch Bar). RunMe is another very sleek application launchers that looks a bit like the Windows Start Menu.

RunMe docks to the sides of the screen and pops open on mouse hover. You can place it on any edge of the screen and drag it to your preferred location. Shortcuts can be added to RunMe by simple drag and drop and their positions re-ordered by dragging them around while pressing the Shift key. You can also drag them out of the launcher while pressing Shift.


My favorite RunMe skin from DeviantArt

RunMe is very pleasing to the eye. It has a good number skins and supports transparency and different animation (zoom, glow, bounce etc) which can be adjusted from the settings window.

It supports grouping of shortcuts into folders up to 3 levels deep. These folders behave like menus similar to the way folders in Start Menu behave. In fact, it’s very much possible to use RunMe as an alternative to the Start Menu or Quick launch bar.

It’s portable too.

[via Freeware Genius]

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