Firefox extension about:me – Browser usage statistics in graphs

about:me is like Google Analytics but for your browser. It’s a new addon for Firefox that displays your browser usage like sites visited, downloaded activity and other surfing habits in a colorful graphical format.

about:me tracks your daily usage of Firefox and displays the same in graphs revealing trends and patterns in your browsing and downloads history you never knew existed.


The addon draws graphs showing the websites you visit the most, including the individual pages you visit most within each top-level site. It also graphs your hourly browsing activity at various times of the day. There are also downloads statistics that illustrates the distribution of different types of files you download, as well as daily trends in your download activity.



A number of other trend tracking features for about:me are on the pipeline. In coming weeks we can hope to see more statistics for:

  • Daily/monthly trends
  • Total usage over time
  • Average time on a page
  • How you get to pages (bookmark, link, etc)
  • Relationships between different pages (parent, etc.)
  • Novelty of Browsing (% first visits)
  • Recent activity
  • Sites visited multiple times but not recently
  • Trends over total history
  • Tabs Lifetime
  • Average number of tabs open
  • Information about current tabs
  • Top used bookmarks
  • Tag cloud for bookmark tags
  • Hourly/daily/monthly trends of bookmarks
  • IP address, Physical location, Internet connection, Network usage etc
  • Memory usage for different tabs/sites

Looks very exiting to me.

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  1. Thiruppullani Raguveeradayal Reply

    I have installed this add on. But how to use it ? There is no clue either in your brief or in their home page. Please explain

  2. Thiruppullani Raguveeradayal Reply

    And I found it by typing in the address bar. It is nice. But it did not show instant fundas which I visit once in every hour.

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