DVD43 decrypts encrypted DVDs on the fly

DVD43 is a fantastic little tool that integrates into Windows XP, 2000 and Vista and overrides DVD Video copy-protection and DVD Region limitations on-the-fly. It acts as a driver for a DVD drive but disables zone and copy protection information enabling the DVD to be played-back outside of its intended region. DVD43 works silently in the background and is completely transparent to the user.


Because DVD43 operates in the driver level, it works with any DVD copy and DVD ripping software eliminating the need for the separate DVD decryption program. Just fire up the DVD copy program you use and DVD43 will automatically remove all protections the DVD has, allowing you to copy or rip the DVD just like a non-encrypted DVD.

DVD43 doesn’t have any GUI – just a emoticon like icon in the system tray that indicates the program is running. DVD43 is free and it works great.

Image courtesy: DVDreplication.co.nz

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