Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 short links for today #26


1. Placefy is a fun geographic game that teaches you about world cities in pictures. The game ask you to identify cities by displaying one picture at a time and if you are correct you will earn points and jump levels.

2. Delete Your Account: A database of information on how to delete your account from all of the major social networking, blogging, shopping, etc. sites and services across the web - a total of 23 websites at the time of this writing.

3. Google Dictionary: A multi-lingual dictionary from Google, and it’s way better than the Merriam Webster or The Free Dictionary.

4. Accessible HTML5 Video with JavaScripted captions: A proof of concept from Opera developers that examines a way to embed subtitles to an HTML5 video that is not burned into the video images but comes in a textual format, in a separate file and packaged in the wrapper along with the actual video.

5. Dyslexia Software is a list of software for children suffering from dyslexia. Simple word processors, memory boosters, math program etc.


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