21 fresh cursor packs for Windows XP and 7

You frequently change your Windows desktop wallpaper. Adventurous ones probably apply a custom theme and even a new icon set every once in a while. But why stop there? Go ahead and choose a new mouse cursor to make the customization complete.

How to change Windows mouse cursor

Most cursor packs you will find here comes with an .INF file. Right click on each of the .INF files and select "Install".

Now open Control Panel and double click on Mouse Properties. Click on the Pointers tab and choose the installed cursor pack from the dropdown list under ‘Scheme’. Select one and click Apply. Windows 7 and Vista users can type ‘mouse pointers’ in the search box to automatically open the Mouse pointers settings.


If the downloaded cursor doesn’t contain the .INF file, ignore the first step and directly open Mouse Pointers settings in Control Panel. Click on Browse and locate the cursor files (.cur and .ani) you just downloaded. Select one to apply.


Glass Cursors


Xeonyx Cursors


Aero Premium Cursors


Cursors by ~anoop-pc


Denial Cursor Pack


Fresh Cursors


Gaia09 Cursors – Update 2

Gaia09_Cursors  Gaia09_Cursors

Graphite cursors


OS X White Cursors


Oxygen Cursors


Polar Cursor Set


Semi-transparent Cursors


Silver Cursors 2


The Glass Pack


White Roundling Cursors 2


Wii Cursors v1.0


X-SKH cursors


Windows 7 Remixed Cursors




Electron cursors


Knife cursor


See the previous collection

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    Just get free CursorFX and download hundreds cursors packs with much better quality than these ones.

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    @Anonymous, I'm going to make a CursorFX collection too 🙂

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    @Anonymous: but not all of it are free!, only few..

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    The Glass one is hard to see on white backgrounds..

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    very pek in all good cursor

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    update your links for the cursors..some are bad links…the white rounding cursors has a new address


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    very good collections tanx

  9. Shiroi no Sushi Reply

    Thank you! I love them! 🙂

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    I would love to download cursor from awesome "Clive Barker's Undying" game.
    Make that and i will pay if it's needed!

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    Yay,I Have change my cursor already! 🙂

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    Thank You So much! Now I know how to change the cursor!

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    I need a extra large curser in a very visible color due to my vision impairment nay suggestions ??

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    Keep it up.

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    🙂 melhores cursores

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    i want a horse as a cursores

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