Quickly switch between different public DNS servers

Lately a number of free public DNS servers have emerged offering you a range of features from simple speed up of DNS look up to adding protection from malware and phising site.

To add or change DNS servers you have to open Windows Network settings and edit the DNS server addresses of your network card or ISP connection shortcut. This makes switching DNS servers frequently a bothersome task, particularly when the DNS server settings are to edited on the network card. If the DNS server addresses are stored in the connection shortcut you can just create multiple shortcuts with different DNS server settings, like I do. But you can’t have different DNS server settings on your network card at the same time.

Public DNS Server Tool is a small utility that makes it possible to change the DNS servers in Windows XP, Vista and 7 on the fly, and thus save you from going the long winded route.

Public DNS Server Tool comes with a collection of preset public DNS servers – Google DNS, OpenDNS, Norton DNS, ScrubIT DNS and DNSAdvantage. You can either choose any of these pairs of DNS servers or set the DNS servers manually.


After you have chosen a DNS server and selected the network card, click on Change to apply the settings.

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    Dns jumper v1.04


    [COLOR="Red"][B]What`s New:[/B]

    1. [ Fixed ] – Antivirus "False Positive" Problems (No UPX and No more False Positive)
    2. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't work on some Vista / windows 7
    3. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't work on some x64 systems
    4. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't work on PE (Preinstalled) Environment
    5. [ Fixed ] – Doesn't recognise some Wlan Cards
    6. Update function added (Press i – info button and then press Update check button)
    7. Backup and restore added (if Dns jumper v1.0.4 First time run, Automatically back up your dns settings) , if you want to restore your settings select Restore (under choose a free DNS Service) and Press apply button
    8. Languages preinstalled
    9. fastest DNS – a bit improved
    10. More Dns (17 to 32) 15 new
    11. No problem with USB modems (till now)
    12. cmd suport added
    13. if dns jumper doesn't recognise your Network card (very rare) can still change dns server settings (choose all Network Cards and press Apply dns button)
    14. German Language added
    15. a few minor visual changes

    CRC32: 4703E887
    MD5: 35E94061CA67104D2B01EFF076384384
    SHA-1: 50F16FEED61CB948360BC81974DE57579023FB81

    [B]Dns jumper is Portable and Freeware[/B]



    Help files:

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    Very good tool

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