Firefox Tab Candy comes to Chrome. It’s called Tab Sugar

Browsers today are blatantly ripping features from each other in an effort to stay ahead in the competition, even as the browser war is heating up to temperatures never experienced before.

Last month, Firefox unveiled a new feature called Tab Candy (or Panorama) which has taken the browser world by storm. Tab Candy brings efficient tab management to Firefox by allowing users to visually organize tabs into groups. Users are impressed. Some Opera employees are not.


Tech blog The Next Web has discovered a new Google Chrome extension that brings the tab grouping feature to the browser. The extension called Tab Sugar touts itself as Chrome’s “Firefox Panorama” equivalent. It’s actually a perfect clone of Tab Candy.

Watch the video tour of the extension.

Here are the details given on the Tab Sugar page:

  • Regroup your tabs your way: create groups, resize and drag’em
  • The state of your Tab Sugar dashboard is saved automatically
  • Regroup 20+ tabs inside a unique group: they’ll stack up
  • Span out stacked-up tabs – get a quick look at a group content

Tab Sugar is open source, of course, and is licensed under the MIT license. Its source code can be found on github.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    well, uh, firefox and chrome are both open source…so they will and do share features…no-ripping of here, as i see it..

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