Google Makes Webmaster Tools Less Accurate, Says It’s An “Upgrade”

The Google Webmaster Blog announced a surprising and totally unnecessary change to how the search queries reports are displayed. Google will be rounding the impressions and clicks to only one or two significant digits instead of two or three significant digits as it was before to “simplify their interpretation”. What it means is that from now on, the figures on your dashboard will be less accurate.

For example, instead of Webmaster Tools showing you 246,000 impressions, it will now show 250,000 impressions, which is a nicer representation for a better, less confusing experience. We have not altered the way we calculate the numbers internally, but only changed how we round them in Webmaster Tools.


The result is that the figures can now be off by as much as 10%.

Does Google really think that we people are so dumb that we can’t handle real figures?

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