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The Right Android Apps for Learners

Technology has become a part of our lives long ago. It has leaked into our social lives, it helps us work and assists us in education process. Smartphones and tablets are not longer considered knickknacks distracting students from the hard fate of grinding away at studies. Technology novices are actively implemented in schools and universities all over the world. So if you are a student and you still haven't used your Android smartphone for nothing better than Facebook procrastination during lectures, here is the list of top choice free Android apps which will bring more sense into your studying process and will make it flow faster and easier.

Sleep as Android

A typical student's day begins with the annoying sound of alarm clock waking him up for studies. In many cases the alarm ends up being ignored or buried deeply under the pillow. Sleep as Android is a new way of getting you out from the arms of Morpheus. The app is a new generation alarm clock which awakes you in the most suitable moment. On setting up the wake up hour, you place your phone on the bed not far away from your body. Thus the app analyzes your movements during the night and figures out deep and light phases of your sleep. So when the time to wake up is approaching, the app uses the data on how you slept that night and attempts to wake you up when your body is ready for that. Just get sure you've set the time frame (like 30 minutes or something) to give the alarm enough time to choose the best waking up moment for you.


Easy Battery Saver

Now when you are finally up and ready to do your best today you look at you smartphone and... see it's dead. The battery is out and you need it badly. Well, this incommodity is here to teach you use battery saving apps like Easy Battery Saver. The app has 5 modes of using your smartphone raging from the Normal mode (when nothing changes) to General, Intelligent and Super power-saving modes. Finally you can set everything yourself using Customizable mode relying on app’s analysis of where your smartphone loses the biggest share of its energy. The app has a clear and simple interface and is indeed easy to use.



Now let’s say you are involved into some teamwork, a project on which you collaborate with a couple of other students. You work at the project day and night so when you have completed your part of work you need to share it with the others. In that case you can use Dropbox - the app which until now you might have been using only for sharing photos from the last night party with other party participants. Dropbox is a cloud storage service where you can store and share any kind of materials and have access to them from any device where Dropbox is installed or from the Internet. On activating your Dropbox account, you receive 2Gb of space free of charge. In general, you can use up to 18Gb of space for free - you get extra gigabytes for inviting friends to use Dropbox, etc. In case you need more space you’ll need to pay.


B1 Free Archiver

If you need to email a couple of documents the best thing would be to add them to a single archive before sending. In that case B1 Free Archiver is the best solution. B1 Archiver for Android compresses and decompresses files of most popular formats, creates password-protected and split archives. You can also use B1 Archiver as a file manager, with which you can easily access all your files and folders and find the stuff stored on your external SD card (which sometimes presents a real problem). B1 Free Archiver integrates into Android system perfectly and therefore is easy to use.


Cool reader

Most people admit that most of the books they’ve read in their life were read particularly in youth, while studying in colleges or universities. Well, now you can outdo older generation, as a lot of valuable knowledge has become available in electronic format, so you can abandon yourself to reading almost wherever you like. In such a case a decent reader for your Android is indispensable. Cool reader is a free app, which allows you to read ebooks in most popular formats - fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, pml, etc. It has a nice “wooden bookcase” interface and a great functionality. With it you can customize practically every part of your reading experience - choose fonts’ color and the size, background, day or night mode, etc. Forget Angry Birds, read a book when you have free time.


Smart voice recorder

Almost any educational activity includes attending lectures, seminars or scientific conferences. Such events bear little resemblance to captivating 20-minute TED talks, that’s why poor students’ minds space out in the middle of pundit’s monotonous monologue. In case you need to stay focused during the whole lecture and your brain agrees only to 30 minutes - use a voice recorder. One of the best examples is Smart voice recorder for Android. It’s a nice app with a high quality of recorded sound and a decent functionality. Smart voice recorder is particularly good at live speaking events, as it has a “silence skip” function which allows to shrink the overall size of the recording.


Pocket (Read It Later)

When a student you need to do a lot of research and analysis, and much of it is done in the Internet. So if by chance you find a piece of information you consider necessary but you can’t read or watch it right now - you can save it and return to it later. For this you can use Pocket (formerly Read It Later). Pocket is a free Android application with which you can bookmark everything you find on the net - articles, videos, etc., and sync them across all your devices. Pocket works great on Android, iPhone, Kobo and on your desktop through integration into web browser as an extension. You can access saved items even without Internet connection.



Studying is impossible without taking notes, a lot of notes. So if at the beginning you still can handle them by creating separate text files on your Android tablet or smartphone, as the time goes on you have so many of them that it becomes really problematic to find the thing you need in that mess. So then you start feeling the necessity not only in taking notes, but also in organizing them properly. Here it’s hard to find anything more developed and complex than Evernote. Works across all platforms and as a web application, basic version free, easy to use. With Evernote you can take notes, organize them into notebooks and tag them, attach images, audio and video files to your notes. A great way to keep your data in order.


Education is a dynamic process which every day brings something completely new to your established outlook. And all the “new” usually arrives with new words. To make yourself familiar with definitions and later use them brilliantly in your essay or a conversation you definitely need a dictionary. for Android is a perfect and free solution. It’s a nice app you can use not for looking for a definition for that or another word or word combination, but also add words to favourites, access your recent searches, read latest articles and slideshows dedicated to English language, terms and lexis.


Days Left 

All the amount of information a poor student’s head has to keep can sometimes be beyond the physical reach of human memory. Especially when you are trying not to be a complete nerd and combine studying and social life. In that case you need to remember not only the dates for deadlines and tests, but also your friends’ Birthdays, parties, movie nights etc. How to keep up with all that information? Days Left widget can help you with that. You download the widget, add it to your homescreen and add the date and the event which is going to take place on that date. You can add as many events as you want - all of them will be kept as small calendar pages on your screen and will remind you how many days are left to that or other occasion.


We live at times when technology presents us with millions of opportunities of how to manage our life effectively. Moreover, we can do it absolutely for free (which is really crucial, when you are a student). So instead of wasting your time away consuming those technological products that were designed as time-wasters, actually, turn your sight to all the best technology of today can give to you. Remember, the more you sweat in times of peace the less you bleed in war. Which means, do your best when on a thorny pass of education and life is sure to recompense you later.

This post is contributed by Kathryn Smith, an all-round blogger who loves to help people by sharing ideas on Internet utilities. Off late, she has been identifying various People Search Engine websites to help people find their friends and relates and stay connected all the time.


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