Best Way to Design Custom Thumbnails for Youtube Videos

Thumbnails on Youtube videos are the first impression on viewers to click on the video. The viewers interact with thumbnails before interacting with actual content. Thumbnails can give a positive or negative first impression on viewers. People decide to either watch or ignore the video by looking at the thumbnail.

Therefore, it is necessary to add a customized thumbnail on your Youtube video that can have a significant impact on the audience. The videos with interactive thumbnails engage more audience than non-interactive or traditional thumbnails.

Let us discuss the best methods to customize thumbnails for Youtube videos.

Best Methods to Design Custom Thumbnails on Youtube Videos:

Here are some essential methods to use while customizing the Youtube thumbnails:

Expressive Thumbnails:

For creating Youtube thumbnails, we need to know about the human psyche. Human beings are more attracted to explicit pictures with faces and moods. Pictures containing human expressions are catchy for Youtube viewers. The popular YouTubers used to make a thumbnail of a picture that is very close to their face and their features are visible. These expressive thumbnails attract more audiences. Therefore, you need to find some explicit pictures that can appeal to the viewers. Some people who avoid showing their faces also add emojis to their thumbnails. This particular strategy makes fundamental differences in giving more viewers to your videos. Thus, add high-definition pictures with appealing expressions to attract more audience towards your content.

Adding Effects:

You can add prominent effects to the picture you want to add as a Youtube thumbnail. You can make a bright image with brightness effects if it is too dark, or you can give warm effects accordingly. Add contrasting colors with the background to create an exceptional theme. For example, if you are using pink, then you cannot use the color that does not go with pink. So, search about the popular color contrast and add one of them on your thumbnail to make it appealing.

Use Appropriate Filters:

To captivate more audience, you need to enchant the picture you added on Youtube thumbnails. For adding more charm to the photo, it is necessary to use proper filters to make it exceptional. You can edit the photo with various mobile applications or online tools. These tools contain several filters that can add colors to your thumbnails. You should try different filters and choose the one that best suits your thumbnail. These filters can fascinate the audience and add more views to your videos. So, it would help if you tried amazing filters or themes to the picture you want to add as a thumbnail.

Subject Image Selection:

Before making a customized Youtube thumbnail, it is essential to keep the topic of the video in your mind. You should choose an image that is more relevant to the whole content. The image should give a big picture to the audience for the later content. The thumbnail image should have a hook in it that describes the subject matter of the video. Therefore, you should be wise about the selection before editing the picture.

Catchy Fonts:

Another way to make the thumbnail of Youtube more appealing is by the use of catchy fonts. You can make a bold appearance of fonts on the image text to make it more visible. The reason to edit fonts is to make the fonts stand out. You can also edit colors and change the styles of the fonts,

There are various styles of fonts available on thumbnail maker apps. One of the fascinating things about free thumbnail maker is that they contain all the features to create, edit or customize the thumbnail on Youtube. The best youtube thumbnail creator is one that is fast to use and create attractive Youtube thumbnails. These video thumbnail maker applications give amazing themes and high definition to the thumbnail. The 3D feature in these tools gives a more appealing effect to the thumbnail.

At the end of all these steps, upload the video and add a custom thumbnail before publishing it.


Thumbnails are an eminent part of Youtube videos. It is essential to give time to this segment of the video. The popular YouTubers work on the thumbnails to increase their ratings. They add expressive thumbnails and colorful effects to the thumbnails to make them more interactive. They choose color schemes wisely that can match the video content and should be eye-catchy. As thumbnails work as attention catchers, then using them as a hook for the videos can be a smart strategy. So, before uploading the videos, you should work on the thumbnails of the video to increase popularity. It would be best if you used catchy fonts and colorful filters to give fascinating effects to your videos. By working on thumbnails, you will get more views, clicks, and watch time to your content. Thus, customized thumbnails give more advantages to the videos, and useful methods can help your thumbnail stand out.

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