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Find places to pee anywhere in the world!

So you are out on the streets walking down a city block or driving on a highway and suddenly you have a strong urge to use the bathroom. Unless you are still in the age of nappies, which you are probably not, you have to find a toilet because when you got to go, you got to go! What do you do? Whip out your web equipped cell phone or your laptop and go to Sit Or Squat. Type the name of the place where you are and it will show you a map, a Google Map, with toilets marked every where. Locate the one which is nearest to you and relieve yourself.


The website currently works best only on a large screen like those on a laptop, but work for developing a mobile compatible version is in progress, according to their website. The toilets on Sit Or Squat can be submitted by anyone. The site can even be personalized for each member based on their needs and preferences. The funny part is, the site even allows you to “socialize” based on your loo habits. A member is able to create a list of their “favorite toilets” and then share them with their friends (holy shit!). “As time goes by and more data is recorded, the site will continue to get more accurate in ratings as well as more options in places to go”, they say.

And in case you are wondering who came up with weird idea, Sit Or Squat has this info on their team in their about page:

Danika Landers is an artsy fartsy girl who happens to find bathrooms fascinating and fun to talk about. Yes, she has a big weird side to her, how else do you make a site devoted to bathrooms?


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