20 (most) beautiful themes for Windows XP

Do you know what I hate most about Windows XP? It’s look. It’s painful combination of blue and green. So one of the first thing I do after every Windows install is patch the Uxtheme file so that I can apply a visual style of my choice. I hope you are not using the default theme, are you?

The following is a list of some of the choicest visual styles that can give Windows XP a total makeover. Pick any!

Note: This list contains only shell styles that can be applied directly by patching Uxtheme or through StyleXP. No Window Blinds skins here.

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Watercolor Arrow – This theme looks so cool with a light colored taskbar, blue menu and funny hand-drawn type icons.



Wood Visual Styles
– Transforms everything to wood! This theme is tested in Windows XP SP2. A few people reported problems with SP3. (This theme is no longer available. Sorry.)


Kupo XP 2.0
– A very minimalistic design available in 5 colors.



–  Another minimalistic theme with a clean green look.



Aurum VS 1.1
– A bit of Vista’s Aurora look.



Delta VS
– A silver gray theme with mild colors.



– A mixture of Vista and Mac.



Ubuntu XP
– This is the closest Windows XP can get to Ubuntu! Brilliantly done.



– This time it’s Fedora. (This theme is no longer available)


Clearlooks Gummy
– This theme pack gives a “Gnome” look to Windows XP. Available in 14 different colors!



Cadoo Visual Style 1.0A smooth whitish theme that gives a great contrast to any icon set.



animus –  A Mac like blue and white theme that works great with Mac icon set.



OSX Tiger V
– Give Windows the Mac look. Very nicely done.



Leopard X
– Another Mac theme with a slightly darker look.



VistaPerfection X4
– One of the best looking Vista theme for Windows XP.



Dream LH 1.0
– Another theme with the Vista look, but darkish and black  explorer window and task panel.



EX2008 Visual Style
– A darkish theme with a tinge of green. Very minimalistic.



SlanXP 2.0
– Another dark theme for Windows XP.



– A very simple yet elegant theme with mild colors.



– Another beautiful green theme. (Green seems to be the preferred color for designers)



P.S: This is how to install the themes:

1. Download and install Uxtheme patcher. During install a message will be displayed that important Windows file are being replaced and will ask you to insert the windows CD to fix it. Just ignore and click “continue”

2. Download the theme pack and copy the folder containing .msstyles and shellstyle.dll (this is inside another folder) to C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes

3. After this is done, right-click on desktop and click Properties. Now click on the Appearance tab. Under Windows and Buttons you will find the list of all the themes you installed. Select one from the list and click Apply.

Sometimes, the downloaded pack contains additional utilites like Styler and Rocketdock etc to bring other changes to Windows. It’s up to you whether you want to install the additional stuff. You can visit the original page of the theme author for more instruction on how to use those.

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  1. Robert Reply

    I wonder why MS locks the theme ?????
    I mean if anyone wants Windows to be pretty it would be MS no ?

    So is this path “safe” security-wise ?

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    I don’t know why Microsoft locks it, but it’s absolutely safe to break it.

  3. Yiz Reply

    how do i use these?i downloaded one but i can’t figure out how to apply it…

  4. Unknown Reply

    Whoops. Sorry about the last comment. You need to apply a UXTheme patch: http://thirderror.com/unlock-custom-themes-on-windows-xp/

  5. Ricardo Muñoz Reply

    How do I use it? I did download it but just don’t have a clue how to apply it… please help

  6. Yiz Reply

    yeah, I downloaded/installed the uxpatcher, how do i use it to install new themes?

  7. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Instructions to install themes are added to the post.

  8. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @mintywhite: Nice collection there. 🙂

  9. Blake Reply

    When I try to run uxpatcher it says I have a Windows NT setup folder in C:/programfiles/window/ It says I should take my windows NT disk out of the drive or move that folder somewhere else but I don’t see the folder it’s talking about and I don’t have a Windows NT disk in the drive. It just say’s click ok to exit and won’t let me proceed, please help I want some eye candy.

  10. Blake Reply

    I’m sorry it is c:windows/I386 that is supposed to be the location of the file

  11. Anonymous Reply

    The best theme in the world for shitndows is here:

    Download and enjoy!


  12. Anonymous Reply

    Some of theme are very nice, but

    Many themes are bloatware that slow down your systems consuming loads of RAM, messing up the registry and very hard to remove completely!

    And, what this the point to make a crappy operating system like windows look like another one?

  13. Anonymous Reply

    this is a mess!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Hey this is awesome!! I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages 😛 Thanks a ton!

  15. Anonymous Reply


  16. Anonymous Reply

    well i m sorry kaushik but friend when i downloaded n installed as u prescribed ..i couldn’t get the look of “Leopard X – Another Mac theme with a slightly darker look” theme as shown in the upper picture…ya there r changes but not exactly as shown in the pic ..it’s merely a slight change like side bars n all that but the way it shows in the pic ..it doesn’t so can u plz help me out that how i change to such a look as it is shown in “Leopard X – Another Mac theme with a slightly darker look” theme exactly….thanks a lot

  17. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @shashi: The theme creator used several other programs to achieve that look. You will find more details here


  18. Anonymous Reply

    when i double click on the icon it says unsupported OS detected. how do i fix this!

  19. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Which icon?

  20. Anonymous Reply

    uxtheme multipatcher 6.0

  21. Alzain Reply

    i liked all the themes i downloaded.thankz alot

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Great collection of themes
    best i have seen yet.
    and they all work (fairly well)

    good job

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, pls tell me how to get that Leopard theme working..its not showing the way it should..Pls tell me step by step…my email is web_beauty1[at]yahoo.com

  24. Unknown Reply

    i have good experience about this web site

    better then other web sites

    so i’m satisfy

  25. Anonymous Reply

    MAN I am so lost lots of beutiful themes but i customized one is cool earth themeand lots of glowing fonts and animating startmenu, diffrent control panel!!!!

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Looks like i’m only one who think that windows xp default theme and wallpaper are best EVER.

  27. A proud NSUER Reply

    hi, can i use these themes with window blinds???

  28. Unknown Reply

    How do I use it? I did download it but just don’t have a clue how to apply it… please help

  29. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @honey: Have you read the article?

  30. Anonymous Reply

    How do I get the dock to work like on a mac?

  31. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @tyler: you will need a dock application like RocketDock

  32. ANKIT Reply

    hey how would i instal it….wer is a systemroot

  33. ANKIT Reply


    Theme: Move the Dream LH folder to %SystemRoot%WINDOWSResources
    Styler Sklin: Move the folders to %SystemRoot%ProgramsFilesStylerTBskinsStyler’s


    -Disable ShellStyle in FolderOptions and leave only the Styler enabled.

    -Use Styler to hide the Menubar (Explorer)

    not geeting tis inf….can any explain it

  34. Anonymous Reply

    very beautiful themes

  35. Anonymous Reply

    ok sorry im a noob but im having trouble… i installed the patch but the themes dont come with folders, its just a rar file. what am i doing wrong?

  36. Anonymous Reply

    I installed the UNTheme thing but i cant do the theme.Whenever i click on it, the preview of it is the same theme with a gray background.

  37. Anonymous Reply

    For the Aurum skin, does anyone know where I can get the background for it. It looks like gray and copper aurora lights. I just absolutely love it would appreciate it if anyone knew where I could find it. By the way, awesome skins. My favorite is Aurum. (no surprise there)

  38. Unknown Reply

    how to apply this themes

  39. Anonymous Reply

    Anyone having trouble using these themes should read this. MAny of these themes were designed with “cheater” software allowing the designer to cut corners. To install the theme, you will need to purchase one of many shareware automated theme changers available. If you do not have that software, you will need to 1.) make sure your download contains a theme file, not just a visual styles file. 2.) When you try your new theme after placing it in your Windows fileset, and it doesn’t work, then the dll file was incorrectly configured by the designer. Really the only way to get around the problems many of you are describing is to download executable installation files for themes ONLY!

  40. Anonymous Reply

    To the person having trouble with the RAR files, you need an RAR archiving utility to open the files. Free downloads or 7zip, Filzip, or others are available from many sources.

  41. Anonymous Reply

    how does one create there own theme

  42. Anonymous Reply

    Can someone please explain how to apply Leopard X theme?? Which programs do you need to achieve the look like in the picture?

    Does anybody know?

  43. Anonymous Reply

    When I try to run uxpatcher it says I have a Windows NT setup folder in C:/programfiles/window/ It says I should take my windows NT disk out of the drive or move that folder somewhere else but I don’t see the folder it’s talking about and I don’t have a Windows NT disk in the drive. It just say’s click ok to exit and won’t let me proceed, please help !!

  44. Unknown Reply

    by installing styler.exe in ubuntu.zip u can set leopad theme


  45. Anonymous Reply

    One of your best theme “Wood Visual Styles” is “file not found” now. Please reupload again. THANKS.

  46. Anonymous Reply

    i know how to make these themes work…win xp

    1. Extract fold to windows/Resources/themes.
    2. Open the folder you want and click the “WINDOWS VISUAL STYLE FILE” and just click apply..cheers

  47. Anonymous Reply

    thx the themes rock i downloaded all of theme only one that dont work is vista

  48. Anonymous Reply

    Can anyone please tell me how I can apply that clock with mini wallpaper underneath it onto desktop in VistaPerfection theme?

  49. Anonymous Reply

    i have some tips who downloaded this themes.. if u hav a problem installing this themes try the tune up utilities 2008 or others to install the themes.. on the tune up styler u can install the themes without using patcher.. thats all.. i hope this help..

  50. Anonymous Reply

    i downloaded the file, installed the UxPatcher, extracted the folder to the same download file
    Then copied it to C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes..
    i couldn't find it under apperance – windows & buttons.

    under which folder is the .msstyles and shellstyle.dll ?

  51. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    shellstyle.dll is inside folder “Shell”, and .msstyles is outside the “Shell” folder and both of them are inside another folder by the theme name.

  52. dilip Reply

    I just downloaded and applied leopard x… My computer looks so cool…

  53. Aero Reply

    Great post with great Themes. I am using Aurum myself, and couldn’t be happier. Got a Thumbs Up on StumbleUpon from me! Good Job.

  54. Unknown Reply

    this is the best site for the themes of windows xp

  55. Anonymous Reply

    to Kausik: i tried all your instructions posted here, from downloading the Uxtheme patcher, and copying the folder in C:WINDOWSResourcesThemes folder but still i cannot find in Appearance: windows and buttons ,the themes that i want to apply, i always saw the windows classic there.

  56. Lj Reply

    its weird I downloaded “DUO” but I don’t have the background image like it show does any one have it??? Help would be much appreciated!


  57. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @Lj: Background wallpapers do not come with the themes, and no, I don’t know where to get that 🙂

  58. Lj Reply

    Ahhhhhh! Thats too bad!
    Thanks for the fast reply!

  59. Anonymous Reply


  60. myblog Reply

    i hav downloaded this theme but how to apply this on computer screen

  61. Anonymous Reply

    Wow great themes! Thanks!

    Swat Khan

  62. Anonymous Reply

    Anybody have a link to the best looking theme.

    Wood Visual Styles ?

  63. Anonymous Reply

    stupid directions!

  64. sammy Reply

    hi.. thanks for great themes.. does anyone knw where i can get some great wallpapers or the wallpapers in these screencaps

  65. karthik Reply

    thanks a lot for the cool themes..they r really awesome..

  66. Anonymous Reply

    How to install leopard x theme….? I tried but it doesn't look like on picture… Please….

  67. Aby_The_One Reply

    Amazing article….I have been thinking of changing the XP themes since ages…but couldn't do so. However, this article just solved my issue.Thanks…
    Also I would suggest if you could include the comment # 5 by Jason ….as it really made unlocking thing simple

  68. masaguz Reply

    wow, this is very beautiful themes. and this is very usefull for me.

    thank you admin.

  69. jesusd31 Reply

    The only theme I'd like to use (wood visual styles) doesn't work anymore lol. Keep lookin' for a wood style.

  70. Anonymous Reply

    What a mess. it defaulted me to windows Classic, and cant go back!!

  71. Unknown Reply

    can someone tell me any site for more themes of movies ….my e-mail is rohit.singh.sirohi[at]gmail.com

  72. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks a lot.^^

  73. Aju Reply


    thanks a ton for these cool themes, I installed UxPatcher, and followed the instructions as given in the post, but I dont find the shell folder in the downloads .. so its not working,..where is the shell folder?

  74. Unknown Reply

    awesome man ……….
    u people just toooooo god in making these themes

    nice job keep it up man

  75. Ronny Reply

    ..dude…hpw do i install it???
    i placed one older in Resources as instructed.
    but there is no "styler" folder in system root?Program Files as the readme says….plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz HELP!!!

  76. Ronny Reply

    Also, therez no Styler option in Folder options as the readme says!!

  77. Ronny. Reply

    I did it…themes applied..but is there no wallpaper With the theme??

  78. Ronny Reply

    the ubuntu visual style??its gr8…but how do i apply the ubuntu logon screen???PLZZZZZZZZ HELP???

  79. mysoogal Reply

    thanks for the themes

  80. Anonymous Reply

    please help me the leopard x theme i can't install.. it is said that something in the theme file is missing. i really love this theme.. please help me! thanks alot in advance!!

    gOd bLess!

  81. Modern Technologies Reply

    Nice themes. I think many of those themes will not bother you since they are not limited to blue or green. I like Windows XP and hope peoples should not dislike windows also.

    Modern Technologies

  82. Unknown Reply

    All the themes R gud………

  83. Mmorpg Reply

    Vista Perfection looks just like the Vista theme, Wow 😛

  84. imran Reply

    a very beautiful windows xp thems

  85. Anonymous Reply

    thank you……………….very much……..

  86. Anonymous Reply

    for xp sp3 I had to use this http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/SP3-UxTheme-Patcher-Download-98929.html
    instead of the recommend patcher which only works through sp2.


  87. Anonymous Reply

    uu guys are the bomb………more power to youe elbow…really feeling ya

  88. Anonymous Reply

    thanx 4 sharing!
    I was searching 4 sumthng new… and these gotta be the right "search stop" 4 me.
    thanx once again!
    hope u'll continue sharing the newest on the web!
    signin' out

  89. Anonymous Reply

    how to install it??????

  90. Anonymous Reply

    How to make this themes?

  91. Anonymous Reply

    how do i do this ?? please :S

  92. Anonymous Reply

    Too bad I have XP/Service Pack 3 so it doesn't work for me 🙁
    I've tried following the steps but it doesn't quite work the way I wanted it too. Ok, so I've found the shellstyle.dll and put it in my Resources/Themes folder but I can't find the .msstyles anywhere. I've spent like 1 hour looking for it in System32 and some other folders under Windows and still couldn't find it. Perhaps this may be why the theme doesn't work the way it should. I downloaded the VistaPerfection X4 (the Startrek one) and put it into my Themes folder and I see it in the themes drop down menu but when I applied it it doesn't show the space ship. All it showed was a light blue background and everything else stay pretty much the same way as before. Ahhh this is more complicated than I thought it would be.

  93. Anonymous Reply

    ***Solution on how to get it to work!***

    Ok I'm the frustrated guy from the previous post and I'm back with a better and simpler solution, well not really but bare with me here lol.

    From what I've learned from experimenting with different ways to get it to work, I found the best way is to just download the UXTheme for service pack 1 or 2 but if you're using a newer computer it is most likely running service pack 3 and that does make a big difference as I have found out through numerous attempts of trial and error. For service pack 3 user you need to download UXTender for this to work. You don't need the .msstyles because as I had found out it is impossible to locate even with a search and the shellstyle.dll should already be there as a default from the built in Windows theme so no need to worry about this part.

    Instructions for SP3 user:
    (1) Google UXTender and download.
    (2) Install it (should take a split second).
    (3) Restart computer for it to take affect.
    (4) Download your favorite themes and save it under c:WINDOWSResourcesThemes. Actually you only need to either copy or directly drag only the executable file (either the description says Windows Theme File or Windows Visual Style File either one would work once the UXTender is installed).
    (5) Double click on the executable file once you dropped it in the Themes folder and the rest will take care of itself. Well, maybe not but this is where you should be able to figure it out. Ok, fine once you double clicked it depending on what the file type is, it will automatically take you to a screen where you can select the theme if it's a theme file or an Appearance screen if it was a Style File. Select the appropriate file to be display as theme and hit apply and there you have it.

    Follow this link if you're still lost:

    It's sad that I have to find that out from a kid but oh wel, he's a very bright kid and he will guide you through it. Also, on his right side panel he provided a link to download the latest and greatest in Windows 7 Themes and other cool stuff so check it out.

  94. Anonymous Reply

    ***Follow up from the previous post***

    Note: For best result I recommend downloading Windows 7 Complete Package as it have pretty much everything you would want in a theme, but it doesn't provide "exactly everything" but it's the best one available in my honest opinion. Don't worry I will guide you through how to install the rest of the cool features that I currently have running on my netbook.

    (1) UXTender 1.3 download:

    In the middle somewhere there are two links option side by side, one is download and the other is Donate. Click download. You will need this to make the themes work. Once this is downloaded and installed you are in the clear and free to download any themes you like. Keep in mind the install process takes literally a split second so it happen fast so keep an eye on it. Restart your computer after the install and your computer is set to add the themes.

    (2) Windows 7 Complete Package:

    You would need a Winrar or some other similar program to unzip the file. Google search Winrar if you don't already have it installed.

    (3) Go to where you've unzipped Windows 7 Complete Package (usually under My ComputerYour NameDownloads) and double click it. Once in find the folder that reads "Vista Rain Bar by gavatx" and select executable file "RainbarEn" and install that. It's an application that allow you to display features such as an old-school looking clock, CPU_Ram meter, calendar and other neat and cool stuff. There are other folders but I think it's not as cool as the one mentioned. I only installed the RainbarEn. Feel free to play around and install other features but keep in mind it will waste memory space and eat up RAM so install only the one that you truly like.

    Unfortunately this Windows 7 package doesn't have the cool looking scrolling task bar thingy (it's actually called a RocketDock) so next step is to download that.

    (4) RocketDock

    Install it and configure it as how you would like. You can add and delete icons from it and it will help make your desktop look cleaner.

    Only the executable file of either the Windows Theme File or the Windows Visual Style File should go in Themes folder. This is all it will need, but sometimes if on first try the theme doesn't come out right you might want to put the whole folder that accompany the executable file (usually it's right next to it side by side) into the Theme folder because that folder might contain important .dll and other files to make the theme work but what I've found that more times than not you might not need to do that. I hope this helps and good luck on trying to configure your theme.

  95. Anonymous Reply

    thanks these are cool but i got a question I dont have Uxtheme so how i got it on my computer?

  96. Anonymous Reply

    How can i set theme in a Xp boot CD.If anyone Know plz Send me at ([email protected]). Plz PlzPlz Plz Plz.by

  97. Anonymous Reply

    anyone tell me that how these xp themes can apply.or to use them any other supported software?

  98. Anonymous Reply

    There`s no continue button when I installed the Uxtheme patcher. 😐 How will I do this ?

  99. Denis Reply

    Awesome post. Thank you

  100. christabel Reply

    how do i use it

  101. Anonymous Reply

    cant find .msstyles folder plz help.

  102. Anonymous Reply

    this web site good

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    how to u unstalled the mac theme? cuz it doesnt let me delete the file???? plz get back at me

  104. Anonymous Reply

    so unorganised, not a good job

  105. Piotrs Reply

    I was trying to get that Mac OS x theme for ages! now – I have it , Thanks!!!

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    I'm trying to extract the file,but its asking me a password..!!What's that guys???

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    Plezzz would just
    update your themes
    they've been here like forever!!!!!!!

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    it is really nice thanks for sharing this

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    really nice website…very handy! loved the themes. thnx a lot!:D

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    I like it iam shubh mishra mai ese hi theme ki talash me thaa

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    u can even use style xp or uxthemepatch,
    u have to keep the unrecognized files inspite of inserting win xp sp2 cd and cancel the protection

  114. yuvraj Reply

    is this themes???????????????????????

  115. surajmaxpayni Reply

    great its also work xp sp3

  116. surajmaxpayni Reply

    mac theme for xp its look mac great
    download FlyakiteOSX v3.0

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    hey guyz i cnt install my themes and even cnt see any of those files who needed to be copied.plz help me out

  118. kaushal Reply

    dear..how to use these themes tell me.
    here it shows different messages then u said..
    i had tried..
    but can't able to use them.
    i am using windows xp service pack 2..
    hope u will reply soon..

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    Just a Fab…….ulus……..

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    If you want to customize your Windows XP desktop for free this post will give you a lot of information to help –

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    i love them an its really esay to apply using winwar

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    Windows Vista

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    Just Thank you so much

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    when we click at download button then a page displaying "missing Plug-in" is show but file is not downloading

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    Hey! I have downloaded the Ubuntu Theme. Does anyone know if the 3D works or not?

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    cool theme

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    rnt those d most beautiful ones..??

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    so wonder..i like it..

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    To anybody saying that it is not working, I would suggest you read the actual article. More specifically the section on patching uxtheme.dll.

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    The OSX Tiger V theme is prety good!

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    man you guys roc

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    If you want to apply these themes easily then download style xp add your theme or shell in it and apply thats it

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    yeah i tried to download the vista perfection.. and something keeps going wrong! i have no idea why it doesnt work!! kas2tytis[at]yahoo.com

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    Please let me know when there is a paper theme available.Thanks for the new themes.


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    Clearlooks Gummy is definitely my favourite of them all.

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    Clearlooks Gummy is definitely my favourite of them all.

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    Hi friends, you can download genuine windows sp2 (multi user) bootable image from the link:

    Key can be found at:

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    Use tune up utilities to install themes

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    good themes

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    so wats the solution…………

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    when i try to install the uxtheme multipatcter,it tells me to restart computer to complete installation and when i do i don't si any thing it has done and when i try doing it again it tells me to restart the computer again….so can any one help me with this problem please

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    it really wrkd

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    bestest themes i have ever seen love these themes

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    These are NOT "bloatware"-if you know ANYTHING about .themes you'd understand Also they do NOT suck up RAM..lol (Wow People!) Anyhow its VERY EZ to install. Do NOT be afraid and its safe to use the Patch to overwrite the file. TY for the Themes. Which I may put into an installer for ease.

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    Here Download the 30 Themes Installer- (For XP)

    Aero- and MANY More types of themes are in the installer.
    -take care

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    Here are 30 Themes for Windows XP users + .dll Patch (If needed)

    Its put into a installer for you.

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    what the hell is this……………………

  194. Anonymous Reply

    what about the icons on ex2008 theme..you should change them all one by one?with the icon changer? i mean , is that any other way to change them all with one click?
    please reply fast..

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    i luv miley cyrus.

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    HI! thx for your collection themes, but i really want to know how i can use a picture like i saw it in your site, because when i used that theme, the desktop's picture was not changing. i can't find it from the appearance.tx

  200. Anonymous Reply

    how to use this themes in professional xp 2006 service pack 2. tell me 03362519253

  201. cruel intention Reply

    hey i dont know how is it work?
    so please tell me the steps how to workable theme in computer

  202. Anonymous Reply

    vista doesn't do anything it just looks like xp and When I try leopard and ostiger it says there is files missing please help with leopard

  203. Anonymous Reply

    i nstalled the theme patcher and leopard and then everything was fine but when i installed rocketdock everytime i click on my docs or local disk or something like that it opens windows search and i cant close it what now

  204. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Seems like the problem is with rocketdock, or maybe it actually lies somewhere else. Definitely not a theme problem.

  205. Anonymous Reply

    great but it becomes off on restarting and shows a problem

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    my customs theme's keep run turning back to the original theme's of windows every time i restart my pc any comments how to permanently apply my DreamLH theme?

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    but then also they are really good.
    thank you

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    I choose save as and what can i do to use that themes??????
    can u help me.

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    Great list.
    All those windows haters just go and play tetris on your computer and leave us alone.
    Its simple:
    Windows=awesome games
    linux users=install bumblebee and enjoy!!

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    i like u theams…

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    Ye .dll files kis folder mein dalni hain?

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  274. venkat sai Reply

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    Here Download the 30 Themes Installer- (For XP)

    Aero- and MANY More types of themes are in the installer.
    -take care

    **I added the Theme Patch too! (In Case You Need it)

  277. puraki Reply

    I think the regular theme looks beautiful. 😐

  278. r!V@L ØF RµLez Reply


    I've dOwnloaded Vista PerfectiOn X4 it's a damn cOol theme dude !! ^^

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    wow great themes ur rock

    any one not apply just download pack longhorn inspirat and then apply this themes it will work

  282. Unknown Reply

    my themes are not working plz help

  283. Anonymous Reply

    I've looked at the newer customization routines, but still prefer the UxTheme stuff. I just tried all the others and have settled on Ubuntu XP, I'll stick with that. Great system, beats Windows totally.

    Regrettably, the Ubuntu developers have an immature attitude toward others. Anyone NOT completely committed to using a Linux distro, is considered not worth assisting. They cannot tolerate anyone who cares to use a computer by any any other method than memorized keyboard commands.

    Because I prefer a computer that will remember for me (as in right click sub-menus, and a decent GUI)I am see at Ubuntu as unworthy not welcome there.

    Frankly, I think that sort of tribal mentality is shortsighted.

    Ubuntu, I believe, is an excellent OS for a machine with a limited number of major applications. It is stable, secure, and safe.

    However when Ubuntu is used in the capacity of many Windows machines, where the user has major games, the Adobe Creativity suite, the Microsoft Office package, and the hundreds of legally downloadable apps that many of just have to try out, it will reliably fail and be difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to fix–occasionally impossible to find drivers for, and there is a limitation in mainstream applications because Ubuntu is not widely used.

    Sooooo. . . Have fun.

  284. Hamza Reply


    it's all simple just download and install UXteme patcher for xp sp2 or sp3 if u have 1 of these

    then open the patcher
    it will ask some question and then it'll ask for ur computer to reboot
    reboot the pc and then download any theme
    Extract it using WINRAR if u dnt have then download it
    right click on the rar file and click Extract file and the computer will ask that where to extract the theme files and the theme itself
    after the extraction poen the folder in which u extracted the files then u'l probably see a folder named the theme name open the folder and u'll see a strange lukin Icon it will have a brush in it double click it and the properties windows will appear showing the theme and just simply apply it there u go!!!
    If still FACING some PROBLEMS plz cmnt below and i'll be happy to answer u within 24 hours cause I visit this web site daily to solve ur problems and also to download themes

    Chao!!!! I hope it will work

  285. Anonymous Reply

    gud luking but the delta vs is corrupt

  286. istanan Reply

    sir i download it and then i copy it to C:/windows/Resources/themes…..

    but it couldn't work : (((


  287. Unknown Reply

    Thanks so much for posting & sharing it

  288. Anonymous Reply

    how can build my onw windows Xp, what i means is that, i don't want to download any theme, what i want is to customize them; so what can i use for the porpose?

  289. Hitz Reply

    before u do anything make a system restore..

  290. Anonymous Reply

    this is Excellent

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    wow nice

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    hi! i think the file is infected!!(Trojan) feel free to correct me if i got it wrong

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    What an idiot to publish this site…no theme is useful to be installed on pc….
    I would suggest dont download these themes!

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    it means u will only approve the comments which you like..
    this is fake…and disgusting..!

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    Thanks For this Awesome Post………..:)

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    help me how to download that plzzzzzzzzzz

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    I downloaded the vista theme for xp but the color background is just the that changes.. There's no background image at the icon didn't change.. What should i do? Please help me.. THANKS!!

  301. Anonymous Reply

    the creator is very good and the themes are lovely

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    i downloaded Tiger and Leopard themes along with the Patcher.. But still i do not get either of the themes PLEASE HELP 🙂

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    The themes are very attractive. I hope these will work…..but , i want to know that if i install anyone , will i able to remove or disable i.e restore or use default theme again ? Please help

  309. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Yes can revert back to the default theme at any time.

  310. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks very much KAUSHIK

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