21 most beautiful mouse cursors for Windows

Are you running the same mouse cursor (pointer) that came with Windows XP or Vista? How boring! If you can change your desktop wallpaper and icons, why not the cursors? Think of this: you take pains to get the best looking wallpaper, the best looking icons, use gadgets and widgets to decorate your desktop and yet none of these are visible when you are working on a document or reading a page, just like now. The only object that remains visible all the time is the mouse pointer. Infact, our eyes follow the pointer all the time. So a good looking mouse pointer is essential if you want to have a good looking desktop. Have a look at some of the most beautiful mouse pointers that I could find. Take your pick.

1. Entis

2.Blue Glass Cursors

3. Mario Gant

4. Silver_Cursors_3D


6. Ecliz Cursors

7. DeepSky

8. Radix phantasma

9. Music Cursor: swimboy5002

10. Luna Blue – XP Cursors

11. Hoxlirium gaze

12. Incarnerry mark

13. iStyle Cursor

14. Xp bleu

15. Vista like

16. Sky cursors

17. Balder CS

18. Netlon

19. Trans Cursors

20. Sektor cursor

21. UNDERSized


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  1. An-D Reply

    Awesome Collection of Cursors, the first one is my favorite.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Totally vile, makes me value the current set.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I’d have to agree with Joe, most of these are pretty bad.

    1. Entis : Ok, but I can imagine difficult to work with when it’s smaller…

    2. Blue Glass: Eugh, what’s with the old school hourglass?

    3. Mario Gant : Am I using a terminal at disney world?

    4. Silver Cursors 3d : doesn’t really appeal to me…

    5. X-Black 2 Blue: Extreme advertising? 3D has no place in cursors

    6.Ecliz Cursors : over-stylized crap.

    7. DeepSky : Cartoony, Ugly

    8. Radix phantasma: Huge, ugly, stupid name.

    9. Music Cursor : Looks like it’s from the age when we didn’t use css, and used MIDIs on our webpages (well, the idiots did.)

    10. Luna Blue : Ugly.

    11. Hoxlirium gaze : Same problems as Radix Phantasma

    12. Incarnerry mark : Decent, but too similar to the standard set to even warrant the trouble of installing it.

    13. iStyle Cursor : Too mac-ish, kinda ugly

    14. Xp bleu: Same problems as Hoxlirium gaze

    15. Vista like : One of the few good ones.

    16. Sky cursors: Am i supposed to be able to see that thumbnail you have posted?

    17. Balder CS: Block, poorly lit, ugly.

    18. Netlon: Am I working with a goddamn protactor or something? Stupid idea, bad execution, ugly design, stupid name.

    19. Trans Cursors: Are you serious!? Do I have to say anything here?

    20. Sektor cursor : difficult to see.

    21. UNDERSized : a decent set.

    Sorry If I’m being a bit critical, but these are not the most beautiful cursors.

  4. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @bug56: I would glad if you could show me some better cursors. No seriously. I need to find more good looking cursors.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    [ ] bug53 has a life

  6. Anonymous Reply


  7. Anonymous Reply

    I use the cursor from StarCraft, myself. Much better than all this stuff.

  8. Alzain Reply

    atleast they offer cursors .be GRATEFUL

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Get CursorFX from http://www.stardock.com/products (it’s a pay-for product) and download as many cursors as you like from http://www.wincustomize.com for free.

    ..and Bug56 ..why bother posting a reply if you hate them all? Seems like a waste of time to me. Just move on if you didn’t like them. Nobody cares for your opinion anyway.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    all but the first one are hideous.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Cute, but useless.

    I just want a better alternative, not some 14 year old gamers machine.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Windows XP default is much better than any of these

  13. Anonymous Reply

    how can u use them…how can u get ’em work..they r zipped..and after unzipping i found the icons in a folder..thn wt ???

  14. MSN Reply

    Thanks man,,,,its cool

  15. Anonymous Reply

    How to apply to all cursor at once?

  16. Anonymous Reply

    How do you get these onto your computer????

  17. ab Reply

    developers of ohlalasoft.com provides big-size cursors wich quite nice especially Feather.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    i cant get it done…i 've done downloading it…and then??i used style xp…it didn't work…

  19. Anonymous Reply

    I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Anyone know any animated cursor that emits a sonic splash upon a click — like the Macs do?

  21. Anonymous Reply

    download it all from http://browse.deviantart.com/#order=9&q=cursor

    go and enjoy bro……


  22. Anonymous Reply

    Dam t33nie Boppers, Stop nagging don't use them if you don't like them simple.

  23. Phaoloo Reply

    Wow, the cursors are so awesome!

  24. Anonymous Reply

    what happened to the ecliz cursor?? i can`t download it from anywhere……

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Pulse Glass cursors are the best

  26. Anonymous Reply

    i appreciate it really but these are just ugly.

  27. Anonymous Reply

    lol.. liked it and didn't liked it

  28. Anonymous Reply

    nice collection dude keep it up
    and upload as best cursors as u can

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Black and Blue is gorgeous and has a very space-age feel to it

  30. Anonymous Reply

    how to make it work?????

  31. rambojambo21 Reply

    for people asking for help use this:

    Step 1 – download and extract cursor

    step 2 – open control panel

    step 3 – click on mouse properties

    step 4 – go to the tab which says pointers

    step 5 – on the bit where you see the cursors e.g. help select/normal. the bit which shows the cursor.double click on each one and select the one you downloaded to replace it.

    step 7 – once u have done them all click on save as then call it the name u want then click apply

    You are now done 🙂

  32. Anonymous Reply

    how i want to find the cursor that have date and time that same with my pc?.. go to this website and check for me.. really need ur help .. becoz i like that cursor..


  33. Anonymous Reply

    cool ,im using it right now

  34. Anonymous Reply

    worst cursors ever seen..i even prefer d 1 m usin nawww

  35. Anonymous Reply

    Radix phantasma is quite nice

  36. Anonymous Reply

    I don't know how up to date this forum is, you need a moderator. However I do have a question. I have been looking for a set of animated color changing cursors that I used with XP pro from 2000 to 2007. The closest I can find are here: http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/zoom/fid,64469/zoom.html but these are just green and not as smooth as the ones I used originally with Win 2000 to simulate XP. They are visually very pretty and cleanly animated. The Arrow.cur blinks slowly as it changes colors, it has a timer attached to it and there is also a globe that spins. If you have any idea of what I am talking about please let me know. I will check back soon.

    Have a great weekend ~ Cheers,

  37. Unknown Reply

    Really loved all these mouse pointers…thanx for sharing!

  38. Junaid Reply

    I must say, its an awesome collection!
    I prefer silver cursor 3D

  39. Anonymous Reply

    great work hats off……..

  40. Anonymous Reply


  41. Anonymous Reply

    all borring

  42. Anonymous Reply

    If you don't like these cursors, then shut the fuck up, and don't ruin it for others. We don't give a shit about your pessimism, so if you don't like the cursors, then live with it and go do something else. I personally like DeepSky.

  43. Neda Reply

    THANK U SO MUCH 🙂 very nice

  44. robin p Reply


  45. Anonymous Reply

    all is ugly

  46. Anonymous Reply

    LOL but how do u install this ? like put it on ive extracted it then what?

  47. Anonymous Reply

    can't criticize if you can't make em.

  48. Anonymous Reply

    there are also good ones in deviantart.com

  49. help me! Reply

    can somebody give me a step by step reply? becaue the readme doesent help and it isnt a program where i can it says: install

  50. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @help me: Explained here

  51. Anonymous Reply

    Whoa! Now thats a situation

  52. Anonymous Reply

    faltu collection

  53. Anonymous Reply

    horrible collection… nobody makes a decent set nowadays

  54. Anonymous Reply

    Trash, just trash

  55. Unknown Reply

    To the Author(s) of this site:

    Cheer up — don't get discouraged — you've done a good thing here.

    I'll bet the cruel folks with bad manners are trying to sell their own stuff at your expense — others don't have anything better to do than be hurtful and destructive to the spirit.

    I like what you've done — and for free.

  56. Anonymous Reply

    You know what guys, taste is relative. Don't discourage others for liking this set because you're not the only ones with tastebuds…

  57. Anonymous Reply

    How To install ???

  58. Anonymous Reply

    Wow very nice , well done bro 😉

  59. sad about these poor and ugly substances Reply


  60. Anonymous Reply

    sahi hai

  61. Anonymous Reply

    first one is cool

  62. Anonymous Reply

    2nd & 6th is much cooler……..Don't See for yourself

  63. ugdjan Reply

    Nice beautiful cursor's for windows. I have found mouse auto clicker software.

  64. Anonymous Reply

    like sektor the best

  65. Lovedeep Sharma Reply

    best cursor are on this site

  66. Anonymous Reply

    sektor is the best .

  67. Crimson Renegade Reply

    Some of these cursors have real taste "if" they are added in the right theme,i myself have downloaded numbers 4 and 5.I am using number 4 for my claymore anime theme pack that i am making for windows 7 in a way that fits the theme,for example (there armor is silver and there eyes are silver) which blends in well with the theme i am making,number 5 will be used in a demon theme pack that i made which is in fact black and blue,by using these cursors i am color coordinating that blend well with my entire theme pack.As for the other people that are using icon images as there cursor wouldn't know real taste if it bit them in the ass…….

  68. maxxis Reply

    hope they work

  69. Thank you Reply

    Thank for cursors.

    Take care 😀

  70. Anonymous Reply

    i want cusors like in cursor mania !!!!!!!!!

  71. Anonymous Reply

    best cursors available
    THANX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Anonymous Reply


  73. Anonymous Reply

    just right click on setup.ini and choose install
    or just google your questions ..

    and where's my fav. 'lights of heaven' ?

  74. Anonymous Reply

    If the folder is zipped, make a new folder and copy the contents of the zipped folder into the normal one, then you can chage cursor. But personally, with cursors like these I wouldn't bother.

  75. Anonymous Reply

    sure, no. 1 is truly no. 1 🙂

  76. Anonymous Reply

    Hey @Bug53 I'd like to see you make better cursors 🙂 so SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  77. Anonymous Reply

    dont download these make them with real world cursor editor its free! you can make them animated too just look it up.

  78. kadir Reply

    All Good thanks very much

  79. Anonymous Reply

    Let's see… Blue, blue, blue, sky blue, bleu, and blue. I think the person who made this list has an obvious favorite color.

  80. Unknown Reply

    i like X black and ecliz

  81. Peraveen Reply

    Entis is good… really…

  82. gks Reply

    I expect most beautiful cursors. but i don't like these cursors.

  83. Unknown Reply

    Try night diamond.

  84. Steve Reply

    I like the DeepSky. I find it entertaining and not boring. I am hoping I could use it to be more productive in work.

  85. De Souza Ponmaniho Reply

    Thanks for the cursor. Looks pretty simple and attractive.

  86. Unknown Reply

    hey download corser FX they are the best !!!!!

  87. Anonymous Reply

    where can i find one that's actually a furry little mouse?

  88. eri Reply

    some of them really cool but some of another to old fashioned, but thanks for share

  89. Anonymous Reply

    try hard bring better dis r 4 kids

  90. Anonymous Reply

    UNDERSIZED is the only one which is my style:) lol. I was really just looking for like a minecraft theme, maybe something like a pickaxe, a sword, or maybe even a creeper that explodes when I click my mouse. I'm just sayin'.

  91. Anonymous Reply

    some of them have removed

  92. Dangem Reply

    I like some but I dont agree that this is the top 10. I believed there are much cooler than this list.

  93. Anonymous Reply

    I like them
    Tanx a lot

  94. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks, I'm absolutely loving the Ecliz look with my newest windows theme. It looks gorgeous combined with it.

  95. Anonymous Reply

    Please tell me that if i install these cursors, will i able to restore the default cursor?

  96. Anonymous Reply

    And also that how to install or use this

  97. Unknown Reply

    O….. atuh O

  98. Anonymous Reply

    thanks a lot

  99. Unknown Reply

    For people asking how to use the cursors, just download the file, extract it. Go to the extracted location and you should have an Install.inf file. Right click it and click install.

  100. Anonymous Reply

    To restore cursors to the original ones, in Mouse Properties>Pointers, click Use Default tab and Apply.

  101. Unknown Reply

    For anyone wanting large, easy to see cursors, I've made some available from my site at: http://www.22point.com.au/cursors.html They come with a setup file and instructions for easy installing too.

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