Get 2GB Additional Space on Dropbox With This Hack

Samsung Portugal is giving away 2GB of additional storage space on Dropbox for customers of Samsung Android cell phones. The offer is available only on select number of phones and only for Portuguese residents, but using fake credentials and a fake IMEI number anybody can grab the extra 2GB. Here is how.

  1. Go to The page is in Portuguese.
  2. Click the “avançar” button.
  3. Click the “avançar” button again.
  4. Enter a (bogus) e-mail address. This won’t be verified and does NOT have to be the same as your Dropbox e-mail address. Click the “avançar” button.
  5. Click the “avançar” button to confirm the e-mail address you entered.
  6. Fill in the form with (bogus) information.


    • Nome is name.
    • Senha is the password. At least eight characters, numbers and letters, no sequences.
    • For CPF, go to this website:
    • Click the "Gerar" button, copy the number generated in the box below, and if it displays "Verdadeiro", you’re good.
    • Dt de Nascimento is a day of birth. Day, month, year format.
    • Telefone and Celular are phone numbers. In the first box use area code 34. Entere eight random digits for the phone numbers. A different one for both boxes.
    • Check the box next to "Concordo com as Condições Gerais".
    • Click the “avançar” button. If it will display any errors in the form, use Google Translate to figure out the errors.
  7. On the next page, select "GT-S5570B" from the drop-down box.
    • For the IMEI in the box next to it, go to this page:
    • Leave the base number alone, and enter a five digit number in the serial number box.
    • Click generate.
    • Paste the resulting number in the IMEI box on the Samsung page and click "adicionar produto" to attempt to add the number.
    • It will add the device, IMEI, and a red minus sign in the area below the entry form if the number was accepted.


    • If the IMEI was not accepted and the device was not added, go back to the IMEI generator page and increase the serial number by one. Repeat submission until it is accepted.
    • Click the “avançar” button.
  8. On the next page, you will see a code under "Codigo Promocional".


  9. Copy that and paste it here: (you may have to log in to Dropbox first)
  10. Your space should be instantly increased by 2GB!

The offer is valid till April 2, 2012 or the first 100,000 customers.

[via XDA]

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  1. ukin Reply

    Amazing! Took a while to get the IMEI right but it was worth it. Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the free 2 GB 😀

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Worked great thanks!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Worked like a charm, IMEI generation takes a while until you bump on a good one, but it works!

  4. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    I'm glad that it worked for everyone 🙂

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you. Took me about 10 tries for the IMEI, but totally worth it.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Tried it twice… turns out you cannot do that. Here is the second code I couldn't use: n0bljaewq1v5

  7. Dingo Reply

    1st try, and get through without hiccup. Thanks poster. 🙂

  8. Anonymous Reply

    it wont let me go to the 4th step

  9. Anonymous Reply

    can you repeat to get more?

  10. Anonymous Reply

    couldn't go to forth step even i successfully added device?

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Hey, I have two devices added, but the 4th step doesn't seem to work either. Pressing Next on the added product page just loops back to the current page. I just saw my friend do this in front of me <30 minutes ago. Maybe they are all gone?

  12. Anonymous Reply

    CPF is a Brazilian document, used as a SIN. Brazilian companies (such as Samsung Brazil) has the right to keep this information. Using a fake CPF is a grey area as every single valid CPF is assigned to someone – thus this is identity theft.
    Just saying…

  13. Ollie Reply

    looping on the 4th page for me too 🙁

  14. Anonymous Reply

    thank you so much

  15. Mogita Reply

    Got one. Thanks a lot.
    The IMEI step sucks hard.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Totally work. I got the IMEI accepted the very first try.

  17. AL Reply


    You're awesome 😀

    I did it three times, sucks i can't add the coupon codes more than once.. I'll just give my buddies the others 🙂

  18. Asher Pen Reply

    Just want to say thank you!

  19. Anonymous Reply


  20. zhiyelee Reply

    good job,thx

  21. Anonymous Reply

    Hm…no more looping. I did it just a while ago. Probably server errors.

  22. Anonymous Reply

    It works!! Thank you!!!

  23. Anonymous Reply


  24. VV Reply

    for those not yet register Dropbox, register via my aff link will get more 250MB

  25. Anonymous Reply

    done !~ thx

  26. Anonymous Reply

    It works, bravo!!

  27. Anonymous Reply

    Oops, the IMEI generator web page ( seems dead.

  28. Anonymous Reply

    been doing the IMEI step for 30 minutes straight
    maybe it is fixed … ?

  29. Unknown Reply

    Thanks a lot ! It works!

  30. ND1Razor Reply

    IMEI gets accepted but the button just refreshes the page, any ideas?

  31. Anonymous Reply

    IMEI no longer gets accepted, it says its a duplicate. 🙁

  32. Anonymous Reply

    thx poster it helped

  33. Anonymous Reply

    This isn't a freebie, it's fraud. Identity fraud really.

  34. Anonymous Reply


  35. Unknown Reply

    it's works,thx

  36. Anonymous Reply

    Can not proceed to step 4, any help?

  37. Anonymous Reply

    Sweet! Thanks

  38. Anonymous Reply

    Make sure that when you are doing the IMEI step, that you are entering the model number "GT-S5570B" first.

  39. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks! It took like 50 tries to get a good IMEI but it worked flawlessly!

  40. Anonymous Reply

    Got mine just now, Thanks!!
    I used my zip code for the 5 digits in the IMEI generator. You have to use unique 5 digits, because if everyone is using 12345 or variations, obviously only the first one to try it gets it..

  41. Anonymous Reply


  42. Sridhar Reply

    Thanks. Everything worked just fine without multiple attempts.

  43. Anonymous Reply

    Works awesome, thanks a ton!

  44. Anonymous Reply

    can't get the stinking IMEI to pass….

  45. Anonymous Reply


  46. Anonymous Reply

    thank u very very much

  47. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Those who are having trouble generating the IMEI number try 883XX as the serial number. It worked for me. Maybe it will work for you too.

  48. Anonymous Reply

    E-mail check added now, can't proceed through samsung e-mail validation:(

  49. Danny Reply

    works like a charm, Thanks

  50. Even Reply

    Can't get to Restricted Content. 🙁

  51. Daniel Reply

    I saved the IMEI generator page and uploaded it to my You can download it from here:

  52. lafin Reply

    404 File Not Found
    The webpage you've requested wasn't found.

    Please check the URL and try again, if you believe there is a problem on our end,
    call 1-800-875-8230 or visit to submit a question.

    Other pages that may be of interest:

  53. Anonymous Reply

    i'm getting restricted content for too, please put it up somewhere else and let us know!

  54. Anonymous Reply

    Use the link Daniel posted, worked for me.

  55. Anonymous Reply

    imei is down… i just stepped trhough the 356002040883xx changing the xx… i got it to hit! Thanks!!



    my be try steping through the coupon code?

  56. Anonymous Reply

    freaking awesome. the last 3 digits for mine were:

    35600204088414. so far thats the step. i tried approximately 15 times before getting it.

  57. Anonymous Reply

    still stuck on the IMEI section, been trying for 15mins 🙁

  58. george Reply

    I entered a serial and got the red minus sign but when I click 'avançar' it just refreshes the page im already on, help!

  59. Daniel Reply

    If that happens, just start the process over again. I found that if I clicked on avançar before clicking on "adicionar produto", it would mess up that final step.

  60. george Reply

    @Daniel I'll try it again then 🙁

  61. Daniel Reply

    At least, the annoying part, generating the IMEI, is done. You won't need to generate a different one.

  62. george Reply

    YES!! Done it finally 🙂

    Thanks you Kaushik and Daniel for helping

  63. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you very much Kaushik and Daniel. I really needed that extra storage 🙂

  64. Anonymous Reply

    Link for IMEI was down, but if you download an IMEI generator from here
    Enter custom TAC and FAC
    TAC: 356002
    FAC: 04

    Then generate, it worked first time for me.
    Thanks to op for tip!

  65. Feras Reply

    the IMEI link not work and i have test 356002040883xx 25 time but wont work with me

  66. Anonymous Reply

    Another way to get more space to eath others

    For every who joins and installs Dropbox, will give you both 250 MB of bonus space

    try it now! Thank you

  67. Anonymous Reply

    extra coupon code

  68. Anonymous Reply

    @Anonymous: Thank you! I'd been trying for 20 minutes using that same generator, but didn't know to change the FAC to 04. Worked like a charm.

  69. Anonymous Reply

    Too bad that the IMEI content has been removed. Can you upload it some where else?

  70. Anonymous Reply

    read further up the comments, its been reuploaded a few times. I used the box link and got through on 3rd attempt

  71. Anonymous Reply

    I tried for so long all different codes and nothing has worked

  72. Anonymous Reply

    worked fine. for imei i used 35600204088xxx, just try different number combinations for xxx.

  73. Anonymous Reply

    thanks man this worked great i used 35600204049544 for a serial for anyone looking.

  74. Anonymous Reply

    Can't get to step 4, even with good IMEI. Help, plz!

  75. Anonymous Reply

    IMEI was accepted, but counldn't get to the next step…..
    please help!!!

  76. Anonymous Reply

    Got it!

    Thanks to @Kaushik @Daniel

  77. Atul Reply

    got 2GB for free. Thanks for the trick

  78. Anonymous Reply

    IMEI 3560020402504XX GOT 2GB,THX

  79. Benson Reply

    People who couldn't get to the 4th step even the IMEI was accepted please use xxx[at] as your e-mail address to try again. At least it worked for me twice.

  80. Anonymous Reply

    IMEI 3560020402504XX,try XX from 66 onward

  81. Unknown Reply

    Try this page if you can't manage to find another IMEI generator.

  82. Anonymous Reply

    got it working

  83. Anonymous Reply

    tried 100 IMEIs… doesnt work liao

  84. j ram Reply

    worked…wonderful!! the imei generator was brilliant!!

  85. j ram Reply

    for all having difficulties…use this:

    Link for IMEI was down, but if you download an IMEI generator from here
    Enter custom TAC and FAC
    TAC: 356002
    FAC: 04

    Then generate, it worked first time for me.
    Thanks to op for tip!

  86. Anonymous Reply

    Fantastic, gracias!

  87. Anonymous Reply

    IMEI 3560020408XXXX…randomly try the last 4 digits and increase +1 if it's not working. It took me 2s to generate a good one:)

  88. Anonymous Reply

    Free coupon code

    Good Karma 🙂

  89. Anonymous Reply

    Found proper IMEI but cant complete next step. Whats wrong with it?

  90. Anonymous Reply

    It seems that there is a regional problem. Im trying step 4 got proper IMEI but it doesnt go to next step. Tryed many many times but it doesnt go to next step!

    Can somoene please send me a coupon on

    thanos200[at] PLEASE!!!!

  91. Anonymous Reply


  92. Anonymous Reply

    worked like charm generated like some 30 codes.. and gave to all my friends :).. you can google for the imei generator if u dont find it ..

  93. wanjie Reply

    34 code work

  94. Anonymous Reply

    Cannot get to the last step.
    Pleas if someone have a spare coupon:

    back_orifice (at)

  95. Anonymous Reply

    Great!! Thanks for all of your guys!

  96. Anonymous Reply

    i tried for 1 hour…..CANOT!!!! sian… IMEI all CMI'

  97. Anonymous Reply

    IMEI 3560020408XXXX +1 if it's not working.

  98. Anonymous Reply

    Cannot download the IMEI generator from dropbox.

  99. Anonymous Reply

    cheers, done!

  100. Anonymous Reply

    We verify that your email does not appear in our database.

    Click Next to start a new account.

  101. Anonymous Reply

    Free coupon that I don't need: oeanrl6joxi2

    Just enter it on:

  102. Anonymous Reply

    Got a valid IMEI, but can't reach Step 4 🙁

    If someone got a spare code and wants to make me happy …

    lady_gaga (at)

  103. Anonymous Reply

    Not working anymore

  104. Anonymous Reply

    Referral link:

  105. Anonymous Reply

    it's over but new comers can now sign up with an edu email account with this link to get 2.5GB free space to start

  106. Anonymous Reply

    If someone would be kind enough to send me a coupon code, I would be forever grateful!!!


  107. Anonymous Reply

    where is the avançar button? it drove me nuts

  108. Anonymous Reply

    Please send me a coupon code, thanx!!!


  109. Anonymous Reply

    Could someone please send me a coupon code? I would really, really appreciate it.

    [email protected]

  110. Anonymous Reply

    There's no avancar button because the offer is over, you just get routed to the main page.

    Use this refferal link to get an extra 500mb with an University email address, or 250mb without:

  111. Anonymous Reply

    As someone about to sign up for Dropbox, you can get 500 MB extra space if you follow this referral link: 500 MB and not the measly 250 other referral links will give you.


  112. Anonymous Reply

    I still have 9 codes left, though I want to trade it to Vodafone's coupon code =(

  113. Anonymous Reply

    I have Vodafone's coupon code and will trade with you. Could you contact me [email protected] Cheers.

  114. Marinar Reply

    Can someone please send me a coupon for dropbox please? Thank you very much! marinar [a]

  115. Anonymous Reply

    If someone had a coupon code for me too, that would be very nice papp.nase[a] Thx

  116. Anonymous Reply

    doesn't work 🙁

  117. Anonymous Reply

    I still have a Samsung code. Will trade for a Vodafone code.
    boxnotify [AT]

  118. Anonymous Reply

    Got the code on the 5th try. Thank you for the tip!

  119. Anonymous Reply

    some one plase send me code at thankyoumitra[at]

  120. Anonymous Reply

    Worked fine with this IMEI generator. Thanks who posted it

    IMEI Generator:

  121. Anonymous Reply

    this is GENIOUS! It worked flawlesly with the generator here:

  122. Anonymous Reply

    I managed to get an IMEI accepted, but when I push the avancar button, it's stays on the same stage. Advice anyone?

  123. Anonymous Reply

    This is awesome! Thanks! As stated earlier, the key in generating a unique IMEI is to use some uncommon seed/serial number, such as something motivated by birth date, etc.

  124. Anonymous Reply

    I still got 11 Samsung codes. I want to trade it with your Vodafone or other codes. Mail me at cherryffer[at]

  125. Anonymous Reply

    the offer is still on?

  126. future dracula Reply

    it just worked 20 mins ago for me

  127. Anonymous Reply

    The site is back. You can all get as many codes as you want again =D

  128. Anonymous Reply

    all i got is a mail but with no code, anyone else?

  129. Anonymous Reply

    can somebody with an spare code send it to [email protected] please, they seem to have run out, and just wanted one

  130. Anonymous Reply

    Got through but never received code 🙁

  131. Anonymous Reply

    Not working 🙁
    After going through the process there is no code on the screen

  132. Anonymous Reply

    got through three times but each time there is no code on the screen 🙁

  133. A M Reply

    I think they may have ran out of codes. My submission went through with no problems but there is code on the final page. Added three IMEI's with no issues.

    Meh =( If anyone is in need of $2 and has a code give me shout at brainstem[dot]mobile[at]gmail[dot]com

  134. A M Reply

    Oops typo – I meant *there is no code on the final page

  135. Anonymous Reply

    "Promoting Closed. Reached the limit of winners according to the rules. Stay tuned for more promotions."

  136. Anonymous Reply

    If any of you still have a spare code, I can swap it by a student email which will double your referral space in Dropbox (from 8GB to 16GB). Email to whoacts[at] if interested.

  137. Anonymous Reply

    I still have 9 codes left. Trade me your Vodafone code for 3 Samsung codes of mine at goryolukas[at] Cheers

  138. Anonymous Reply

    Promoting Closed. Reached the limit of winners according to the rules. Stay tuned for more promotions.

    Items to receive promotional codes

  139. THA LAST ONE Reply

    I need help. I`ve 2 correct samsung-imais..but the side is refreshing if i click next to step 4…

  140. Jan Reply

    If anyone's interested I've a patch which gives you extra 26 GB, I need both Vodafone and Samsung codes. Please email me on whoacts[at] to swap them with my patch. I am an actor and space is very useful for unedited videos. Thanks

  141. Anonymous Reply

    Jan is a scam. Don't send him any codes. He's a Hitler boy.

  142. Anonymous Reply

    Jan already have a code from me, and he do have an APK which gives you 26GB additional. Where did you get the idea that he's a scam? I still have 9 more codes since he only used 1 code from the 7 codes I gave him.

    Cheers =)

  143. HK Reply

    2.5 GB of free dropbox storage!

  144. Anonymous Reply

    Anyone has a vodafone coupon? I just need 1 coupon from vodaphone. Please! I can trade my samsung code with you.
    Cheers Please contact me plplpl63[at]

  145. Anonymous Reply

    Please i need the cupon code,please halp me.

  146. Anonymous Reply

    I will send a coupon code on the first 6 referral emails that will show on my Dropbox

  147. Anonymous Reply

    Can you send a coupon please, samsung br free coupon expired, I m already on 28.9 Gb free space, need to get to 30Gb =P. thanks


  148. 金毛 Reply

    could anyone pls send me a valid coupon code.[at]

    i really would appreciate it.


  149. steve Reply

    Will paypal money for an extra code. name your price. looking for samsung / vodafone, anything you've got.

    email me: caterswag[at]

  150. Scott Reply

    Awesome! But the link for the IMEI generator is disabled due to bandwidth. Are you able to add a new link somewhere else please? Thanks!!

  151. shuk Reply

    There are some coupons for shares (Samsung +2 Gb).
    Everyone who registers using following link

    and install (necessary) dropbox client application:

    1) gain 500MB extra space (standard set).
    2) I will send coupon on email used during dropbox registration.

    Total additional space = 2.5Gb

  152. RAMPout Reply

    Need to get started in DropBox. I can get you an extra 500 MB to your new account when you install on your computer. Plus DropBox throws in another 2 GB's.

    Follow this link and you get a whopping 2.5 GB's for FREE! Bam! Don't say I never did anything for you!

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