69 alternatives to the default Facebook profile picture

If you have changed the default Facebook profile picture and uploaded your own, it’s fine. But if not, then why not replace that boring picture of the guy with a wisp of hair sticking out of his head with something different and funny?

Default Facebook silhouette is boring

Someone called David has created a bunch of alternative Facebook profile silhouettes – from Albert Einstein to Frankenstein, Batman to Darth Vader. These are free to use in your Facebook profile. Have fun!

Update: Inspired by David’s work, I have created additional profile pictures which are being added regularly. Check back often for new pics.

Note: The profile images has been replaced by previews, since this page is making too many connections to Picasa’s server. To download the entire set, click on the download link at the bottom.

Included in the collection is a large number of real, fictional and cartoon characters such as Alien, Audrey Hepburn, Bender, Betty Boop, Bob Marley, Chef, Cloud Strife, Cyberman, Darth Vader, Abraham Lincoln, Bart Simpson, Batman, Boba Fett, Buddha, Che, Clint Eastwood, Doc Brown, Einstein, Elvis, Fez, Frankenstein, Gandalf, George Washington, Gollum, Homer Simpson, Jabba the Hut, Jolly Roger, Kermit the frog, Legolas, Lisa Simpson, Lyle Beaker, Maggie Simpson, Marge Simpson, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Mr T, Pedobear, Pippy Longstocking, Ninja, Princes Leia, Sauron, Tom Servo, Yoda, Deadpool, Dilbert, Foghorn, Garfield, Godfather, Harley Quinn, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Hitler, Kim Possible, Lara Croft, Mario, Marlyn Monroe, Marvin, Max Payne, Optimus Prime, Pikachuy, Pink Panther, Predator, Samurai, Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman, Spock, Spongebob Squarepants, Terminator, Tinkerbell, Toadstool, World Ward 2 soldier, Zackfair and many more.

Also included are general profile pics like guys and girls with headphone, flipping the bird, wearing hats, with different hairstyles like ponytails and braids, and plenty of different girl profiles.

On last count, there were more than 130 photos.

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  1. Sandrina Reply

    Have to try this out πŸ™‚

  2. Aero River Reply

    great idea. i will use one of this collection.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    That ninja is a fail, I can see it.

  4. kratom Reply

    I know a few "Messy Spikey Hairs" could be any one of them..

  5. Anonymous Reply

    wheres the one of Spock?
    that ones such a win

  6. Living Reply

    Looks good, but why are most of them male?

  7. Anonymous Reply

    where's the ninja one?

  8. Anonymous Reply

    There weren't many females to choose from.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    This is a bunch of stupid crap. Kill yourself.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Cool idea, but so few females…

  11. Anonymous Reply

    One nice person called David

    That may be why…..
    If it was a person called diane there may be a lack of male ones.

  12. Sylvia Reply

    2 females????

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Um….these are very gender biased. There are more genders than just the "male".

  14. Anonymous Reply

    TBH there arn't that many characters that are female and spring to mind as being good for this. They look very good.

  15. Mockingbirdflyaway Reply

    Well, he could just add some longer/different hair styles to some of the other themes raised. Girl wearing headphones, girl giving the peace sign or the finger. Girl with Chinese hair buns.

    Other characters: Nichelle Nichol's Uhura with her big hair, hoop earrings and the funny little ear piece she wears.

    Tsukino Usagi (better known as Sailor Moon) with her meatball hairstyle.

    Jessica Rabbit


    Arika Yumemiya or Nina Wang from Mai Otome (both have distinctive hairstyles)

    Kim Possible

    Betty Boop

  16. Anonymous Reply

    nice work man

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Oh yay. One more female one. A crappily done Lara Croft.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    You should've thought about BEEBOP!!

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Crow and Tom Servo, sweet deal!

  20. Anonymous Reply

    chi, the persocon from Chobits; Yoshi!!!

  21. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Yeah, I agree the Lara Croft was crappy. I've uploaded an improved version.

    Please understand that the original set was not created by me. I'm no Photoshop expert but I will try to extend the collection with more characters.

  22. D Sea Reply

    This is the first time I have seen anything like this, and I like it. Ignore all the haters out there man and keep up the good work.

  23. Unknown Reply

    im with Mockingbirdflyaway . . . those are some good requests especially tinkerbell & betty boop. this is really good stuff n its gonna be really cool when you see them all over FB . . . thanx

  24. Anonymous Reply

    How about more super heroes like Green Lantern(Hal Jordan), Wolverine, etc.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Jessica Rabbit! Dread-locks female hippie! Mexican Sombrero Man. Elmo. Big Bird. Asian hat guy. (Lmao while writing these.) OMG! Do a KKK one! Blahahahah! umm… Superheros in general.

  26. Anonymous Reply

    duude. Hello Kitty!

  27. Anonymous Reply

    Just do a regular one with a girl with normal hair, facebook doesn't have that.

  28. Anonymous Reply

    If they didn't have captions below them, you wouldn't be able to tell what half of them were. Lame.

  29. Anonymous Reply

    I really like it! And the Betty Boop would be awesome! Ignore all the folks out there complaining. Some people have nothing better to do. Very neat stuff!

  30. Jen Reply

    LMAO I loved this…I don't even care about the fact that there are more boy characters than girls. Who cares? Seriously. This was a great idea and I'm so going to use the kitty. <3

  31. Anonymous Reply

    Che was a murdering bastard. People seem to forget he was immense racist against blacks especially. Only a douche would use that avatar.

  32. Anonymous Reply

    More girls, please ;o) Ignofre the nasty comments. Some people dont have a life. Thx 4 the hard work. Facebook should have thought of this.

  33. Anonymous Reply

    I vote for Tinkerbell

  34. Anonymous Reply

    maybe a generic asian profile? πŸ˜€

  35. the wiza'd Reply

    Gandalf FTW

  36. Anonymous Reply

    That's wrong… You have Joel and Tom Servo, but you don't have Crow. Or Gypsy! Or what about one of Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank?

  37. Anonymous Reply

    Fucking feminists. There's a reason why there were more males than females and it's fairly damn obvious. Here's a hint: superior.

  38. Unknown Reply

    i can't get one. how does one go about getting one??

  39. Anonymous Reply

    Boba Fett FTMFW.

  40. Anonymous Reply

    how many genders are there other than male? only thought there was one other. stupid people

  41. scott penton Reply

    very cool idea, thanks

  42. Anonymous Reply

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER! Why are people so dumb? Why do people broadcast their stupidity on the internet for everyone to see? The Frankenstein's monster silhouette is labeled "Frankenstein". FRANKENSTEIN WAS THE SCIENTIST!!!!! Why don't people know that!?

  43. Anonymous Reply

    how can i make this my default picture?

  44. Reddkatz Reply

    Would be sweet to have any Dr. Who silhouettes like a dalek or the tardis

  45. Total-Trekkie2 Reply

    Where's SPOCK?!

  46. Anonymous Reply

    Make a Darth Vader one or at least something Star Wars!

  47. Anonymous Reply

    Never mind, just saw Yoda…

  48. Anonymous Reply

    Awesome artwork, great creativity! Thanks for sharing this, very cool indeed!

  49. Anonymous Reply

    The beheading profile was fantastic.

    One suggestion, in a similar "vein" πŸ™‚
    tho it may be too extreme

    A twins silhouette, co joined at the head???

    I realize I may burn for posting that…

  50. Anonymous Reply

    C3PO with arms raised

    Tasmanian Daredevil

    Foghorn Leghorn

    a cockroach profile (top third of the body, on an angle?)



    parking meter ("expired")

    playboy bunny

    stickman / stickwoman / stickperson

    leaning tower of piza

    moose head

    chick (as in chicken)

    mac(intosh) SE30

    light bulb (bright idea)

    tv test pattern silhouette

    indian chief with feather headdress

    lego figure head shot (maybe with one "hand" or "arm" raised?)

    robot from Lost In Space




    Ms. Pac-Man

  51. Cynthia B. Demented Reply

    Hahaha! I think it's a fantastic and very humorous idea for our Facebook account! I'll definitely be using these images.

    I've got a few suggestions I could think of :

    Dracula and Ms Dracula?

    A zombie (female or male) would be awesome too!

    Jessica Rabbit?

    Marilyn Monroe? To make it "easier" to recognize you could put her beauty spot in blue, I don't know… just a suggestion πŸ˜€

    A pin-up figure? A witch?

    For males, I think some characters from Watchmen would be VERY awesome like The Comedian and Rorschach!!! But maybe they'll be hard to outline..

  52. The Todd Reply

    How about Bob Marley? with the flowing smoke coming out the pic? That's be awesome… Great work by the way. I'm currently employing Mr. Clint Eastwood

  53. Anonymous Reply


  54. Charlie Reply


  55. Anonymous Reply

    How about nationalities…..
    Mexican with sombrero

  56. Anonymous Reply

    this is awesome. i am definitely gonna use tink! thank you!

  57. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks very much! Lots of fun!

  58. Anonymous Reply

    Yarael Poof from Star Wars would make a killer Silhouette!

  59. Danimal21qi Reply

    What about an Invader Zim or GIR one?

  60. Anonymous Reply

    This is shit.If I give this the thumbs down will I have to set eyes on this pish again?no?good.

  61. Anonymous Reply

    Some of these are fantastic, but some are just.. I would SO not know what they were without a title. XD;;

  62. Anonymous Reply

    what—no elvis?????

  63. Anonymous Reply

    how about a peace sign

  64. Anonymous Reply


    There are a few pictures on this site that I didn't see here. Not very many, but a couple..

  65. Anonymous Reply

    Print sreen forever πŸ˜‰

  66. pat Reply

    can we make our own picture being like that? where did you create these? haha! if you won't mind. πŸ™‚

  67. Anonymous Reply

    how can we make our own version?? would you mind to share? haha!

  68. Anonymous Reply

    You need spock!!!

  69. Anonymous Reply

    Freddie Kreuger

  70. Anonymous Reply

    make master cheif!

  71. Anonymous Reply

    make a lion king one!!!

  72. Anonymous Reply

    dude, it's to small when i get it to my profile picture

  73. Stanley J Reply

    Great thanks,
    Big five hand gretings from North hsumatra
    Lake toba
    I N D O N E S I A

  74. Anonymous Reply

    Make a Kid Cudi one

  75. Anonymous Reply

    I'm a woman, and I agree, the girls are hard. How about the Wicked Witch or Glenda? Wendy (of fast food fame)? Maybe a Queen Elizabeth I outline would work. Would Padme/Adidala work or is she too wonky?
    I love the Dr. Who ideas! And the Muppets are wonderful! I'd love to see more of them. Miss Piggy could work.
    Thanks for the fun work you have done!

  76. Anonymous Reply

    cool stuff. but beware of trademark infringement. some stuck up idiot lawyer hard up for cash might harass you on behalf of Disney or Playboy.

    Just a thought.

  77. Anonymous Reply

    Cool idea! thnx.. will try it ^^ @ ^^ girls are soft, it least I find my girl friend soft to touch.

  78. Darcy Reply

    Wow, I'm surprised to see so many critical comments. I thought the concept was very cool and there were a lot of characters there I really liked.

    Thank you for sharing.

  79. Anonymous Reply

    Where's the "shocker"?

  80. Anonymous Reply

    you should make a terrorist or make och mid or peanut maybe even Kirby

  81. Anonymous Reply

    ZERO from code geass

  82. Anonymous Reply

    good work, ignore the trolls

    can you do GW Bush? or would that be Alfred E. Neuman? I suppose they are one and the same

  83. Anonymous Reply

    I bet the best picture for your own profile would be one of yourself! : O

  84. Anonymous Reply

    How about Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko?

  85. Anonymous Reply

    lol…very nice…copy and paste is a wonderful thing!

  86. Anonymous Reply

    For the Touhou fans, I made up a Flandre. No, I lie, I actually made it for me 8D But here, have it!


  87. Anonymous Reply

    would be great but i cant get one to work

  88. Anonymous Reply

    I agree with Danimal21qi. Gir is the best ;D

  89. Mr. Solo Reply

    Could you make a Robin (batman) one?

  90. Anonymous Reply

    why not make the friendster logo hekhekhekehk

  91. Kat Reply

    Marilyn Monroe might be fairly simple. These are cleaver! Keep it up and ignore the people who have nothing better to do with their lives than insult others.

  92. Anonymous Reply

    Instead of just a sword for the Ninja character, the box should just be empty.
    I mean…if they're really a ninja then they wouldn't be seen would they?

  93. Anonymous Reply

    needs spiderman

  94. Anonymous Reply

    Anonymous says… "that ninja is fail, i can see it"

    What are you talking about, of course you can see re-

  95. Anonymous Reply

    cloud strife would be a great addition

  96. Anonymous Reply

    lol I LOVE the Pinhead one!

  97. Anonymous Reply

    Iron Man maybe?

  98. Smit Reply

    How about Yoda or Boba Fett or maybe Master Chief.

  99. Anonymous Reply

    Great stuff. Also, I think the set of female characters illustrates extremely well why there weren't more in the first place. Your explanation is correct; the hair is messing stuff up right and left. Maybe if we had more than just shoulders-up we'd have better context clues…but as it stands the female ones just flat don't work very well.

  100. Anonymous Reply

    Awesome! Fucking awesome!

  101. Itscheese Reply

    Thanks, I just changed my profile picture to Tom Servo.

  102. Anonymous Reply

    This is amazing! You should do the Playboy Bunny!

  103. Anonymous Reply

    Here's a few more I made πŸ™‚
    [Uploaded to Imageshack]

    Snorlax: http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/7223/snorlaxv.png
    Pikachu: http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/6939/pikachuy.png
    Haunter (Tried to mimic the whole floating ghost thing): http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/3175/haunterw.png
    Spongebob: http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/3882/spongebobr.png
    Your Friendly Next Door Neighbor: http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/1440/bearx.png

  104. Anonymous Reply

    mario! toadstool!

  105. Anonymous Reply

    I think X men would be a great idea.. I'm thinking wolverine specifically.

  106. Anonymous Reply

    Spike Spiegel

  107. Anonymous Reply

    I noticed you don't have Goku up there. Let me fix that for you. =)


  108. lou Reply

    how about the famous conehead?

  109. Anonymous Reply

    you can't forget Hello Kitty!!

  110. Anonymous Reply

    this is an awesome idea! ditto on the hello kitty, and I think Aang (Last Airbender) would be cool too, especially if you can play around with the arrow on his head like you did with Spidey's eyes. More girls? hmmm, comic books of course! Harlequin, Catwoman, Batgirl, a simple tiara, Charlie's Angels, need I go on???

  111. Unknown Reply

    Yeah, I'm female and loved the crow and Pedo bear. Then again, those were the only few my web browser (chrome) would load? So..booyah.

  112. Anonymous Reply

    How about Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanys with some bling around her neck and the tiara?

  113. Anonymous Reply

    Why not Bender from Futurama? -Miket

  114. celyn Reply

    It is Pippi Longstocking, not Pippy Longstockings!

  115. SONJA Reply


  116. Anonymous Reply

    Needs more Hank Williams.

  117. Anonymous Reply

    last air bender

  118. Anonymous Reply

    I think you should make a glee one…. normal person (hopefully girl) with the loser sign on her forehead!!!

  119. Anonymous Reply

    Totally agree with "reddkatz" Doctor Who is AWESOME. I might use one of the star wars characters, because those are cool πŸ˜€
    great job, i can see why there arnt more female ones, but good job on the ones u did do. ignore the jerks πŸ˜€

  120. Anonymous Reply

    OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Unknown Reply

    Deadpool, Thor, and Captain America's shield will soon become very popular. I suggest they are created. I may even be able to create them myself.

  122. Anonymous Reply

    How about the Queen!?

  123. Anonymous Reply

    Love it! It's awesome!

  124. Anonymous Reply

    Needs some Harry Potter

  125. Anonymous Reply

    Need more rappers

  126. Anonymous Reply

    You should have an ice cream cone!!!!!

  127. Anonymous Reply

    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate that when people complained that there were too few women you tried to do something about it. A lot of times online the answer is just some form of "Who cares about women?" Seriously, its really cool that you listened and tried to include women.

    And for the guy who made the "fucking feminists" comment about men being superior…I assume you are a man, and you are clearly a douchebag. I am a woman and am not a douchebag. So that's at least one woman who is superior to you in at least one way. Have a nice day.

  128. Unknown Reply

    Astro Boy. Nothing is asking for it more…
    Good stuff tho

  129. Anonymous Reply

    Here's my suggestions:

    Kool Aid Guy
    Generic animals (snakes, butterflies, bees, etc.)
    The Cheat (from HomestarRunner.com)
    The Enterprise
    The Star Trek insignia
    Vyvyan (from The Young Ones)

    I could be here all day.

  130. Anonymous Reply

    Where's McGayver?

  131. Anonymous Reply

    Chef from southpark, or other characters, MLB logo guy, Tony the tiger (cereal mascots are very recognizable in silhouette.)

  132. Anonymous Reply


  133. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    All suggestions has been noted and will be coming soon. Please give me some time.

    Thanks for the support πŸ™‚

  134. Anonymous Reply

    how about the godfather

  135. Anonymous Reply

    try a dog..? And a baby. And, uh, a sock puppet. And a better ninja.

  136. Unknown Reply

    How about a Juggernaut From Modern Warfare 2?
    Or a guy who's on fire?
    A zombie with a partially exposed brain?
    Just a couple quick ideas.

  137. Anonymous Reply

    Harry Potter
    Micheal Jackson
    Kiss -with the tongue
    Hitler -it would be hard to show the moustache

  138. Anonymous Reply

    A dog
    Sailor Moon/Mini Moon
    Strong Bad (homestarrunner.com)

  139. Anonymous Reply

    DUDE, you need more Family Guy characters and Kanellos the Riot Dog.

    I'd appreciate it if you made it happen. πŸ™‚

  140. Anonymous Reply

    green lantern, flash, wonder woman

  141. Anonymous Reply

    wow! such creative works! may i suggest a guy wearing glasses, an angel, other characters from spongebob like patrick, sandy, squidward, mr. krabs, etc., and characters from X-men such as wolverine, cyclops, juggernaut, etc.

  142. Anonymous Reply

    more Pokemon

  143. Anonymous Reply

    Robert Smith from The Cure

  144. Anonymous Reply

    If you "hate" this so much then ignore it. Why waste your time? Or be positive people and maybe you won't be so miserable. I love this site!

  145. Anonymous Reply

    I believe that there isn't a 'geek' one, is there?

  146. Anonymous Reply

    could you please make Zack Fair (the younger version)? πŸ˜€


  147. Anonymous Reply

    nvm about zack fair, i just made one LOL

  148. MXB Reply

    More girls, please.

  149. Anonymous Reply

    Make one of a guy holding a carrot lol.. carrots arent even a facebook thing hahaha

  150. Anonymous Reply

    oh i know, make one with mario from super mario brothers because he is 8 bit and that is the trend right now to fit right into this niche interweb data collection.

  151. Anonymous Reply

    how come my favorite band justin beigber isnt on this

  152. Anonymous Reply

    No Homer?

  153. Anonymous Reply

    OK, so how do I put it on my Facebook profile?

  154. Anonymous Reply

    You people who complain need to shut up. He's made these for people for free. If you don't like them then make your own.

  155. Anonymous Reply

    thanks, you are all genius…

  156. Anonymous Reply

    cowboy bebop stat

  157. K.R.J. Reply

    I "save(d) image as" to my desktop. Now the image won't display on my computer or when I upload it to the site. I don't have this problem with any other jpg files. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  158. Anonymous Reply

    What about Dilbert?!?

  159. Anonymous Reply

    needs a ninja turtle one

  160. Anonymous Reply

    Very cool! I think I'll use one. Or maybe not. They're just so cool!

  161. Anonymous Reply

    V of Vendetta?

  162. Zack Snow Reply

    U should make some wwe kinds

  163. Anonymous Reply

    nice i will try

  164. Raisa Reply

    Can someone make a Harry Potter one with glasses added? And perhaps a Voldemort, or Dumbledore? Maybe a Snape haha? I would be forever in your debt.

  165. Anonymous Reply

    Red Dwarf characters, Kryten would be good and Rimmer too with the 'H' on his forehead…..then there's the Inquisitor….and Mr Flibble, king of the potato people….Legion?……amongst loads.
    (not forgeting the Scutters!)

  166. Anonymous Reply

    Could you add a girl with curly hair or braids?!
    Please πŸ™‚
    &you're relly good at this πŸ™‚

  167. bix Reply

    anonymous, this kind of stuff is what "people with real jobs" do all day. at work.

  168. Lee Reply

    LOL Cool ones.

    I like Afro, ninja and Gandalf but I think the ones which will silently surprise unsuspecting lookers are Batman and Arrow Through Head.

    Good to see my hero Spidey is here too.

  169. Anonymous Reply


  170. Anonymous Reply

    one thing to say,

  171. Anonymous Reply

    Please remove Adolf Hitler. That one is just not funny.

    Some of them are a bit vague (Jabba the Hutt looks like a pile of laundry) but most are brilliant!

    Please add my hero MISS PIGGY!

  172. z55177 Reply

    Can I make one and post it here or send it to the person of this post so they can put it up?

  173. z55177 Reply


    Here are my 2 tries at InuYasha from the anime series that used to be on Adultswim. Main character.


    And here's Nagisa Furukawa from the popular novel and anime titled Clannad. Main character.

    Please let me know if they're any good and if they will be featured.

  174. Amber Reply

    I think these ARE cool. This guys has given up his time to make these, and all you do is call them crappy! I wil be using these. Thanks!

    Maybe you could do a ninja one but faded so he is almost invisible? That would be really cool!

  175. Anonymous Reply

    How about Ryu… with the blowing headband.

  176. Anonymous Reply

    how about a girl with headphones.

  177. Sky Child Reply

    Can you place Team Shanghai Alice/Touhou characters especialy Cirno and Tenshi Hinanai/Hinanawi

  178. Momo Reply

    This is sooo awesome, I'm gonna have fun on FB with this!

  179. Anonymous Reply

    happy bunny!

  180. Loncho Reply

    good stuff man..how bout guys like Max Payne, Rambo, Rocky, Scarface, Zorro, Hitman, John Wayne, Magnum PI, Porter from Payback, Trinity, Neo, Morpheus, Bruce Lee, The Crow (Brandon Lee), Chuck Norris, Riddick, Selene (Underworld), Rayne (Bloodrayne), The Bride from Kill Bill, Nancy Callahan (Sin City), Abby Sciuto, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, or any other wickid clowns, James Bond..sorry I got on a roll..oh and you could do one of Hitler saluting…

  181. Anonymous Reply

    I love these! Great job! Oh, but I got a suggestion, Hermione Granger, a girl with poofy hair and a tie or something πŸ™‚

  182. Anonymous Reply

    fantastic!! thank you for posting these; i found one a while ago that was a chicken, and have wondered if anyone did more; a friend sent me this link ;D
    and it's been said a few times, but my 2c…SPOCK!! pretty please? lol ;D

  183. z55177 Reply

    Hey, I'm back, and I made 2 Sonic the Hedgehog profile pictures:


  184. Anonymous Reply

    I <3 it
    What about Pocahontas?

  185. Anonymous Reply

    make ah jordan!!!!!!!!

  186. Anonymous Reply

    There's Cloud Strife and Zack Fair…how about Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough?

  187. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Thanks for the overwhelming response. All requests have been noted and new profile pictures will be coming soon. Sorry for the delay.

  188. Anonymous Reply

    jaja estan geniales!

  189. Anonymous Reply


  190. Anonymous Reply

    wheres pikachu?

  191. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, could you make a sonic the hedgehog one please?

  192. Anonymous Reply

    madonna with cone boobs!!! please x

  193. Anonymous Reply

    Hey i want to submit something i made… how?

  194. Anonymous Reply

    i made a jiraiya Silhouette


    you can also get it here in my photobucket account…

  195. Anonymous Reply

    dude ur doing a gr8 job…..liked it

  196. Anonymous Reply

    thnx its really greaat keep on the good work <3
    although i wish u would put more photos or female

  197. Anonymous Reply

    do the terinator,alien and predator that'd be lush

  198. Anonymous Reply

    How about a few doctor who ones like Daleks and cybermen. ooh and a david tennat one please TA!

  199. z55177 Reply

    Hey, I see you uploaded (and mirrored) my profile of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    I don't seem to be getting the credit for it.

  200. Anonymous Reply

    where is gonzo!!!

  201. Anonymous Reply

    hey! naruro characters and pirates of the caribbean!! also a turtle>? and a much cuter bunny :3

  202. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @z55177, I didn't use your Sonic profile. That one was created by me. Yours was pretty jagged at the edges, so I had to create it myself. You can compare both the images and see the difference.

    In fact, I just noticed that both you and I used the same base picture to create the Sonic profile pic. That's not surprising since it's a popular image.

    You can create more profile pics if you want and I will be happy to upload them in your name. Just make sure the edges are smooth.

    I can understand, cutting a character out of an image can be tricky particularly when the image is a photograph. See the terminator profile pic for example, you can see some unevenness. In fact, I'm thinking about remaking that one when I get time. But cartoon characters should be fairly easy to do. The Sonic one took barley two minutes to make

  203. Anonymous Reply

    More superheroes. Like Flash and green Latern and etc. And villans like riddler n joker n freeze and etc.

  204. Anonymous Reply

    Joker in batman pls πŸ™‚
    Like It:p

  205. Anonymous Reply

    what about Gimli!!?? πŸ˜€

  206. Anonymous Reply

    hey can you make a Naruto pic for me?
    you can send it to (avon_pereira[at]hotmail.com)
    thanks man

  207. Anonymous Reply

    hey , i dont want to interupt a true genius at his work, but can you make a few more normals?

    as in a few guys with messy hair and funny hand gestures, and some girls with different hairstyles and stuff….

    Kind Regards,

  208. Anonymous Reply

    can you upload them in my name,Kaushik? (call me Madzgo πŸ™‚ )

  209. Anonymous Reply

    DO Solid Snake please.

  210. z55177 Reply

    Oh. Nevermind then. I'll see what I can do about the jagedness, but I have a really cheap free version of a picture editor that I'm not really skilled at, hence the pic took about 15 mins of trying to figure out how to cut the char out and how to turn the inside of it white.

  211. Anonymous Reply

    how about a douchebag, there are so many on facebook anyway they might as well have an appropriate profile image.

  212. Anonymous Reply

    Make A Lady GaGa Please!!! lmao love all of them though but she would be a spectacular one with all her crazy outfits:) thank you

  213. Anonymous Reply

    Evil Clown, Freddie Kreuger, Freddie Mercurey, Pac Man

  214. Anonymous Reply

    Their all cool but you need more Mario charecters…

  215. Anonymous Reply

    Check out this "Tapatio Guy Default" I made.

  216. Anonymous Reply

    Check out this "Tapatio Guy Default" I made.


  217. Anonymous Reply

    I thought Shrek is not as chubby as that??

  218. Anonymous Reply


  219. Anonymous Reply

    Hello Kitty, please… Thank you!

  220. Guido Reply

    Hows about a Wolverine?

  221. Anonymous Reply

    hello kitty

  222. SinKillerJ Tachikawa Reply

    Dalek: http://fav.me/d2xqumt
    Cyberman: http://fav.me/d2xqw9e

  223. Anonymous Reply

    How about Hello Kitty? πŸ™‚

  224. Alf0d Reply

    That's not Frankenstein it's Frankenstein's monster

  225. Anonymous Reply

    Oh. My. God. Lady Gaga needs to be made.

  226. Anonymous Reply

    I think there should be a cosmo picture. From the fairly odd parents πŸ™‚

  227. Anonymous Reply

    Transformers logo.

  228. Anonymous Reply


  229. Lovin4Nuttin Reply

    Although this is quite funny and should be used I dislike facebook deleted my account a while back all gossip….sorry!

  230. Anonymous Reply

    will you make a captain jack sparrow one πŸ˜€ or davey jones or something along those lines πŸ˜€

  231. SinKillerJ Tachikawa Reply

    Another Doctor Who one:
    K9: http://fav.me/d2xvzvb

  232. Anonymous Reply

    funny stuff, more girls would be cool

  233. Anonymous Reply

    Wow, everyone on the internet is a douche.
    These are awesome – anyone who says different is simply wrong.

  234. Anonymous Reply

    How about Bloo from Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends?!

  235. Anonymous Reply


  236. Anonymous Reply

    I love this! keep on doin what ur doin πŸ™‚

  237. Anonymous Reply

    THESE ARE FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! i love'm, hope you dont mind me using one of them (with credits, of course), THANKS!!!

  238. Anonymous Reply

    need anne frank! her hair was epic!!!

  239. Anonymous Reply

    I want the "Finger" but female version πŸ™

  240. Anonymous Reply

    no lil wayne?

  241. Anonymous Reply

    ha ha, these are awesome!!

  242. Anonymous Reply

    Love them !!! REALLY COOL idea ……

  243. kathielee Reply

    Thank you! These are AWESOME!!! I really like that you included Lisa Simpson…I'd like to be like her when I grow up. I do have one suggestion can you do an actual Doctor Who? My late husband's favorite incarnation was Tom Baker-a long scarf and big curly hair might not be too hard to pull off. I'll have to get my daughter to teach me how to put these on my fb page. Have a nice day!!

  244. Anonymous Reply

    how bout the twitter bird (like you've done with myspace0

  245. Anonymous Reply

    might i request a green lantern

  246. Anonymous Reply

    can you make a sexy girl, how about a shopping girl and a girl on top

  247. Anonymous Reply

    add a girl with the ipod!!

  248. van Reply

    How about roadrunner, wiley coyote bugs bunny etc?

  249. Anonymous Reply

    How about the BURNING MAN? )'(

  250. Anonymous Reply

    somebody do a Spartan Warrior

  251. Anonymous Reply

    Hows about Captain Jack Sparrow????

  252. Anonymous Reply

    you should do some couples too if you can get good ones πŸ™‚ awesome stuff

  253. Anonymous Reply


  254. rakkelle Reply

    I love them all i think its such a great idea. i would love to see a Nerd Hello Kitty one and something about Twilight and Minnie Mouse of course!!! but keep on the good work!!!

  255. Anonymous Reply

    Hey, where's totoro??

  256. Anonymous Reply

    You should put Superman he is awesome!!

  257. Anonymous Reply

    Errr… Michael Jackson anyone ? : )

  258. Anonymous Reply

    can you make some marvel ones? maybe the hulk or something?

  259. Holly Reply

    My suggestions are:
    -The Tardis (from "Doctor Who")
    -Wonder Woman
    -Various other superheroes (X-men, Justice League, etc.)
    -Guy Fawkes mask and hat (V for Vendetta, anyone?)
    -A Shinigami from "Death Note" (I don't know if that would be possible..)
    -"L" from "Death Note"
    -Other Greek Gods and Goddesses
    -Emily the Strange
    -Mickey Mouse
    -Iconic Disney figures
    -The Phantom from "Phantom of the Opera"

    Please take these into consideration. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate what you're doing, it's quite creative. πŸ™‚


  260. Anonymous Reply

    I suggest Sherlock Holmes.

  261. Anonymous Reply

    I think these are really cool, but even if they were the stupidest thing in the world, I would never insult them because I'm not an asshole! (hint to all the assholes on here)

  262. Anonymous Reply

    How about Dragon Ball Z characters, Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks aliens and Jack Skellington.

  263. Anonymous Reply

    These are great! Thank you!

  264. Anonymous Reply


  265. Anonymous Reply


  266. Anonymous Reply

    β€Žwhen you save the picture, any picture, it comes up blank what's wrong & how do you download a image to use as your facebook profile picture

  267. Anonymous Reply

    Do deadmau5!

  268. Lomstat Reply

    As a Touhou-tard i had to do a little image myself

    Remilia Facebook profile image

  269. Anonymous Reply

    Jessica Rabbit?

  270. Anonymous Reply


  271. Anonymous Reply

    its nice…but more than half wont load. ive refreshed countless times and even switched browsers. i hope you can fix this cause i really wanna download the stewie one…but its not loaded.

  272. Anonymous Reply

    how about a guy smoking weed

  273. Anonymous Reply

    Very cool. Thanks for the site and the profile pics!

  274. Anonymous Reply

    These are amazing! πŸ˜€

    Can I request Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star characters (especially Konata), Haruhi Suzumiya and Sailor Moon?

    Thank you~ ^^

  275. Anonymous Reply


  276. Time Tracking Reply

    Hahah! This is fantastic. Darth Vader gets my vote. πŸ™‚

  277. Anonymous Reply

    Suck my fuckin dick hahahahahahahaha

  278. Anonymous Reply

    thanks for those pictures!!
    could you please create the ones for kamen rider black or kamen rider double? please please pleaseee

  279. Anonymous Reply

    these are awesome and i appreciate the work put into them.

    but i think there should be more Doctor Who, like the Tardis, 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors and some of the more popular classic Doctors like the 3rd, 4th, and 6th ones.

  280. Lee McElhatten Reply

    I made a harry potter one. It isn't that impressive, I just took the default and added a lightning bolt and glasses in MS Paint.

  281. Anonymous Reply

    where is chilean miner? with wife and mistress. doh!!

  282. Anonymous Reply

    Wait, do Carmen Sandiego.

  283. Anonymous Reply

    cooool!!! but y do i hv to download it ?? πŸ™ hmm…nvm! but really love it~ hehe πŸ˜€ great job yeah πŸ˜‰

  284. Anonymous Reply

    Fantastic idea!

  285. Anonymous Reply

    what about jamiroquai?

    greetz jk

  286. Anonymous Reply

    i want the flandre one!

  287. Anonymous Reply

    Plenty of my female FB buddies would love Wonder Woman.

  288. Anonymous Reply

    Shaun with a baseball bat in one hand, a cornetto in the other, and a "you've got red on you" splash of red on his shirt!
    Ps am currently using Maggie…….. but may have to change to Beaker πŸ™‚ Thanks these are awesome!

  289. Shashaank Reply

    To add further fun to these facebook profile pic, there is this app that lets you create really fun & cool cartoon avatars. try playing with it here:

  290. Anonymous Reply

    This inspires me.

  291. Anonymous Reply

    Sheesh… wah wah wah… don't gripe so much or do it yourself… or both. How about just, "thank you"?

  292. Anonymous Reply

    If it's "crappily" done, then make them yourself mother fuckers.
    Stop complaining and appreciate they're actually bother to make your requests.
    Damn bitches.

  293. Anonymous Reply

    nice work man, thank you πŸ˜€

  294. Anonymous Reply

    Can someone make one with a threesome: one girl sitting on guys face, the other on his cock and the both kiss? please send to analiza (at) gg.pl

    many thanks!

  295. Anonymous Reply

    The ninja one is wrong.
    It should be this instead:

  296. Anonymous Reply

    You really very creative!!! Awesome pics!!! Thx!!! XD Btw, do you have a Pucca's silhouette? XD

  297. Anonymous Reply

    check out http://facebook.minecab.com/
    guys provides professional retouching for your Facebook picture

  298. Anonymous Reply

    Or just get professional photo of yourself : )


  299. brokeNCYDE ROCKS AKA (TIANA) LOL Reply


  300. nina Reply

    where's mah mr. morrison with the hands;)
    great job tho!

  301. Anonymous Reply

    thanks a lot!

  302. Anonymous Reply

    anoying.. cant get only one of the pictures, have to take like 20 or so.. am i doing something wrong?

  303. leeloo Reply

    Thanks, these pics are perfect to have a generic pic on public profile!

  304. uk essay writer Reply

    What about some of Pokemons?? Or, also you could add some characters from other games, Mortal Kombat, X-Man, etc…

  305. Seth Schermerhorn Reply

    Ha this is a pretty cool way to spice up your profile. Here's another site that lets you create coll Facebook profile pics http://biggapic.com Kaushik I'd love to get it reviewed if you have time πŸ™‚

  306. ugdjan Reply

    Thanks lot for your pictures so nice. You can get
    amazing themes now


  307. Andrea Reply

    how do i get these? like where do i find them? plz reply (plz is please)

  308. Anonymous Reply

    These are ALL awesome but can you PLEASE make a Jessica Rabbit silhoutte? "(^_^)" For a fuller effect, you could probably use her 3-D pic. THANKS!!! πŸ™‚

  309. Anonymous Reply

    "Fucking feminists. There's a reason why there were more males than females and it's fairly damn obvious. Here's a hint: superior." This is the stupidest thing i ever read. It's the fuckin 21st century. Girls=Guys if u wanna start the men are more powerful shit, you might as well say blacks should be slaves too.

  310. Anonymous Reply

    is this free?

  311. Anonymous Reply

    how does this work? how can i put it as my default?

  312. Anonymous Reply

    Just download, extract using winzip etc, and upload the one you like as

  313. Anonymous Reply

    how can i put this in my fb profile pic

  314. Anonymous Reply

    Make some Locusts from Gears of War. Make the queen from gears also, women would like that since they were complaining about not enough women.

  315. Dr.Ad Reply

    Can someone tell me how to CREATE them please?

  316. Anonymous Reply

    nice man work dued

  317. Anonymous Reply

    HOW DID U MAKE THEM??!?!?!?!?

  318. Anonymous Reply

    Need a famale rocker one!! m/

  319. airish Reply

    How To Download It?

  320. Anonymous Reply

    is there a possibility to make a dormommu from marvel comics?

  321. Anonymous Reply

    Make Ezio from assassins creed XD

  322. IloveKyoyaHibari Reply

    =) I Love the girl with a long hair and an ipod…Just saying <3
    I <3 it

  323. Anonymous Reply

    Paper Mario one and Toad are not tagged

  324. Anonymous Reply

    how do you get them?

  325. Anonymous Reply

    A headless one, please!xD

  326. spike - coder Reply

    hey, great work
    Have been looking for exactly this.

  327. philanthrop Reply

    nice article with a lot of picture. I have found some funny profile photo ideas. i choose a comic style photo for my profile picture now.

  328. Anonymous Reply

    How about marvel characters?

    Jean grey

  329. From Tokyo Reply

    Ignore the haters, ignore the complainers. They could either do it themselves or try to do it better rather than be rude about something that's free. Thank you for going through the trouble of making these. I've used Crow in the past, but I just changed mine to Kitty-chan (as we say in Japan for "Hello Kitty"). πŸ™‚

  330. Anonymous Reply

    cool ones. i might use a few.

    can I get that karate kid's high kick silhouette? that would be so cool. I mean wateva. yeah awesome.

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