Windows Vista look-alike Longhorn Linux

Longhorn Linux is a distribution built on the core of Ubuntu that has a UI which looks like Windows Longhorn, the pre- Windows Vista build. Longhorn Linux has the looks and feel of Windows Vista including the Aero glass like effects, the Vista sidebar and flip3D features of Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Because of the exaggerated eye candies which includes things like wobbly windows and 3D desktop cube, Longhorn Linux is demanding on system resources. The developers recommend a minimum of 512MB Ram, a graphics card and 3GB hard disk space at the least.


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  1. Jeshmal4u Reply

    Cool.. Have to check it out… thanks for sharing..

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for posting an article on us.

    How is Longhorn Linux demanding on ressources, It is less demanding than Windows Vista or Seven

  3. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @Anonymous: Compared to other Linux distributions, it's a bit heavy.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    lol , heavy , it is as light as a feather , and will run on 256MB ram , just like XP would


    it is not a vista lookalike ,its a longhorn lookalike
    and could you update that screenshot , take a look here

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