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Thursday, November 1, 2007

9 places where you could lose hard disk space and how to regain it

Hard disk space is precious, no matter how large a hard disk you own. You have paid for it so you would want to use every bit and bytes of it. With broadband becoming cheaper and faster, the need for space is becoming even more urgent. Unfortunately, Windows has a habit of slowly eating into your hard disk space as your system gets older and soon you may find gigabytes of space mysteriously lost. When you find that happening, just look for your missing disk space at the following places.

Notepad++:The Enhanced Notepad (Must Have)

One of the most useful application to be ever bundled with Windows is the Notepad. There is no single person who haven't used Notepad at least once. Notepad creates simple, no-frills, text files where you can scribble down small notes, to do list, website urls, anything that needs to be written down. You can open files of any extension on Notepad to view their contents. You can create your own files of any extension on Notepad too. You can copy an html code into Notepad and save it with .html and it becomes an html page. Similarly, you can copy a C program into Notepad and save it with .C to create a C program file. Indeed, it's the most versatile application ever created. How would you like to include some yet more powerful features to Notepad? Enter Notepad++.

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