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Install Recovery Console to hard disk and use it without CD

The Windows Recovery Console is designed to help administrators to recover from situations where a Windows XP-based computer does not start correctly or if it does not start at all. It allows you to perform a limited range of tasks using a command line interface and recover your system and your important documents and files. To use the Recovery Console you need to boot from the Windows installation CD and wait till it finishes loading the setup files. It's a somewhat lengthy process. You can shorten the process considerably by locally installing the Recovery Console on to your hard disk, so that you can quickly access it without having to use the installation CD.

6 unusual websites for movie buffs

Movies are meant to be seen. There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to movies, where you can read reviews, interviews and download trailers and posters. Perhaps downloading movies constitute the bulk of all internet traffic, thanks to the torrent sites. But what about reading a movie script or even hearing it? Look at these six incredibly useful movie sites that gives you much more than seeing.

Microsoft Word's hidden feature: Previous Version (Vista like)

Not many people are aware of this nice little feature in Microsoft Word 2002 and above, simply called Version . It can be found under File>Version menu. When turned on, it automatically keep tracks of each "save" you make to the word file and enables you to retrieve the previous version of the file. All versions of the file are stored within one document so you don't have your hard disk cluttered with different versions of the same file. Windows will show only one document when viewed from Explorer, and when opened it will open the latest version. The previous versions of the word file are available through the Version menu. For each version, Word records the date and time when the version was saved making easy retrieval.

This is how people spot UFOs

The other day I was on the roof snapping away pictures of the sunset. The sun was slowly leaning towards the west and the beautiful clouds were reflecting the golden rays of the setting sun. One of the pictures that I took was this.

How much power does your PC actually consume?

If you have bought a PC within the last 2 years you probably have a 400W power supply. If your PC is just a few months old, you’re likely to have a 500W or an even higher rated power supply. Some state of the art dual core processor based PCs complete with two graphics card in SLI or Crossfire mode comes with as high as 1KW power supply units. But the question is: do we really require that much power?