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PDF Eraser: Edit, Remove or Add Text and Images to PDF Files

Most PDF editing tools are commercial, but PDF Eraser is not. While not exactly a software to edit PDF files in the traditional sense, the freeware program PDF Eraser does contain tools that allow you to remove objects and text from a PDF document, and add your own. Additionally, PDF Eraser allows you to rotate and delete pages from a PDF document.

GifCam: Record Screen, Edit, Annotate and Convert Into Animated GIF

Sometimes it’s more convenient to record the screen and share it in the form of animated GIF files rather than as videos. I do this when I want to show an action or the result of an action which cannot be properly conveyed through static pictures. On the other hand, videos are a hassle because they need to be uploaded to YouTube or a similar platform and require Flash to playback in the browser. Besides, GIF is more practical for screen recording that contains large areas that doesn’t change between frames. Additionally, GIF is better optimized for images that contain flat blocks of colors such as text, logos and illustrations (which is usually the case when recording a screen).

How to Make Gmail Show More Than 20 Results Per Page When Searching

By default, Gmail displays only 20 results per page when you perform a search. This figure is not configurable by any means through Gmail’s settings page. If you would like to increase the number of results returned, all you have to do is change a simple parameter in the URL. There is even a bookmarklet to help you do that.

One Smart Tip That Makes Wikipedia Easy to Read

Wikipedia is a massive time sink. It so captivates you that you never know how long it takes once you start reading. You may look up something as simple as “duck” and hours later find yourself reading about agricultural practices of Ancient Mesopotamia. The chase down the rabbit hole of hyperlinks can be interesting, exhausting and at times really troubling, especially when you have serious work to do. Who knows how many millions of hours are collectively “wasted” each day by readers absorbed in cross referencing?

New Google Camera App Lets You Defocus Background

One of the reasons why people prefer an SLR camera over compact cameras or camera phones, aside from the image quality, is that an SLR camera allows you to take photos with a shallow Depth of Field. Shallow depth of field makes the object of interest "pop" by bringing the foreground into focus and de-emphasizing the background. Achieving this optical effect traditionally requires a big lens and aperture, and therefore hasn’t been possible using the camera on your phone, at least, optically.

5 Ways to Have Fun With GIF Images

Back during the days of Geocities, no website would be complete without a healthy dose of 256-color animated GIF images thrown in wherever possible. Twenty years later, GIF images haven’t aged a bit. Now more mature (and sometimes not), they still rule the internet in one form or the other whether they be providing demonstration of complex machinery , or showcasing something beautiful or posting awful memes. If you are fond of memes, don’t worry! We have got you covered this time. With the help of a  free meme generator , you can now make memes for any occasion. It will not be awful anymore.