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Showing posts from April, 2010

New Google Script Converter converts texts and pages phonetically

Google India today launched a fascinating new tool called Script Converter that converts texts in one script to its phonetic equivalent in another. For example, say you can speak Hindi and you know that ‘namaste’ is a greeting in Hindi but you can’t read ‘नमस्ते’ in Hindi script.

Firefox’s new Addon Manager [screenshots]

Along with theme redesign the Firefox team is also working on a new Addon Manager which just became available on nightly builds.

ProgressBar Clock

ProgressBar Clock is a transparent, aero-style desktop clock for the geeks. It’s a normal clock that shows seconds, minutes, hours, years, months and days, but in the form of progress bars.

A timeline of Facebook's changing Privacy Policy

During the past few months Facebook has re-written it’s privacy policy several times. Each new edit stirred new privacy concerns among users as bloggers dissected, criticized and accused Facebook for eroding privacy and creeping commercialism on Facebook. Recently, Facebook’s “Instant Personalization” started yet another privacy storm and even some US senators started getting worried by the intruding privacy settings.

Backup and restore installed drivers with Double Driver

Previously we wrote about a software called Driver Magician that can extract installed device drivers, backup them and restore whenever required. Double Driver is another free utility that can backup your drivers.

Nokia loses phone prototype, asks nicely to return

Close on the heels of the stolen iPhone 4G event, another major cell phone manufacturer seems to have misplaced their latest phone prototype. The manufacturer in question is Nokia and the prototype which eventually evolved into a full product, the N8, has made it’s debut today .

MonkeyFly turns Twitter into dashboard-style web application

If you find Twitter’s default interface insipid, here is a simple way to make your Twitter experience similar to most Twitter web applications such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic or Hootsuite.

Bccthis lets you send secret emails from Outlook, Gmail

Bccthis is a free tool that allows a user to append a private note for a subset of recipients in a group email without having to compose a second message. The private note is sent only to the intended recipients; the rest of the group cannot view it.

AeroZoom turns Windows 7 Magnifier into a presentation tool

AeroZoom is a simple AutoHotKey program that enhances upon the new Magnifier in Windows 7 to turn any mouse into a presentation tool where zooming in/out and moving around becomes a breeze without a keyboard.

How to remove watermark from an image or picture

A watermark is any recognizable text, logo or pattern that appears over an image to identify the owner of the image and generally used to prevent unauthorized reuse of the image. Watermarks are usually transparent and can be difficult to remove. The difficulty or ease of removal depends on the content of the image and the position, color, size etc of the watermark.

Add color, change Windows 7 folder icons with Folderico

Previously we featured software such as iColorFolder and Rainbow Folders to add color to Windows folders . Folderico is another utility that works with Windows 7.

Geocities-ize any website

Geocities-izer is a tool that makes any web page look “like it was made by a 13 year-old in 1996” – awful colors, illegible text and animated GIFs. This is how Instant Fundas look. Ah! my eyes!

Free iPad Video Converter

Can’t get your videos working on the iPad? You have to convert them into a compatible format first. Although there are a large number of video converters that can do the job, Aleesoft Free iPad Video Converter is one that caters specially to iPad so that you don’t have to waste any time figuring out the right output format.

Find what people are sharing on Facebook is a new website that shows what people are sharing or “Liking” on Facebook across several websites like YouTube, CNN, Huffington Post, TechCrunch etc.

Relocate Windows Users profile directory

A very bad practice among majority of Windows users is using the My Documents or Documents folder to store personal files and the biggest perpetrator of it is Microsoft.

Hubble Telescope completes 20 years

Today the Hubble Space Telescope completed a major milestone – 20 years of amazing service to science. On April 24, 1990, NASA launched the space observatory aboard the space shuttle Discovery and since then the telescope has been extraordinarily prolific.

Lazy Click - Easy link clicking on touch screens [Firefox]

You know, those smart phones with touch screen interface… and how difficult it is to click on links on a page especially if you have fat fingers. If the links are placed too close to each other you have to very precise where your finger tips touches the screen. Needless to say, it’s a very frustrating experience.

How to add Facebook Like button to Blogger, Wordpress and websites

Recently Facebook launched the Like button for the web that enables users to share a page directly on Facebook. As a blogger or webmaster you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting your site and posts shared among Facebook users. This is how to add the button to your websites.

Buggy McAfee update screws Windows XP machines. Here is the fix

If you are using McAfee anti-virus products on Windows XP and sincerely auto updating virus definition files every day, you might not be reading this at all. Yesterday, a buggy update released by the manufacturer early in the day brought Windows XP machines worldwide to it’s knees. Although the update was available for only four hours before distribution was halted it was enough to cause widespread damage.

Google shows information takedown requests received from Governments

Today, Google launched a fascinating new tool in the form of a map listing requests received from various government agencies for removal of content from Google services or provide information about users of their services and products. The map shows various countries around the world and lists the number of requests from that country between July 1, 2009 and December 1, 2009.

DevVicky Word, a free word processor

DevVicky Word is a new free word processor for Windows that supports a wide variety of document formats, most notably DOCX, and comes with an extensive range of features you would expect from any competent Word processing application.

New UI concepts for Firefox 4 [Screenshots]

Mozilla has been experimenting with new themes for Firefox 4 for some time . The new theme for Firefox is designed to modernize the web browser interface, reflecting the power, simplicity and customizability of the popular browser.

Google’s re-designed search page is LIVE

Just noticed that Google’s latest re-design of their search results page is now live. Nothing dramatic, just a few changes. A new Google logo with softer colors and the advanced search options which were previously hidden under the “More options” are now permanently displayed on the side. Tell your friends and go test it .

OSM – Customizable HTML5 media player for websites

HTML5 provides option to embed video files in web pages without using Flash or any other streaming media technology. This allows visitors using an HTML5 compliant web browser to play these files on their browser without installing any plug-in such as Adobe Flash Player or QuickTime.

Chemitorium – 3D visualization of molecules

Chemitorium is a wonderful free organic chemistry analysis and visualization tool that lets you can draw chemical formulas and then generates a 3D view of the structure of the molecule, with the ability to export the results as image or video files.

View 65 years of RadioShack catalogs online

RadioShack, the electronics retail store chain, has over a thousand outlets and over four thousand company-owned stores all over the United States, and parts of North America, Europe, South America and Africa. The company has been in business since 1921 - for over 90 years and for 65 of those years has produced an outstanding electronics and technology catalog, surpassing the catalog of all rival companies.

Microsoft Fix It automatically troubleshoot Windows problems

Microsoft is beta testing Fix-It Center, a tool which automatically detects and fixes several common computer problems that may affect your Windows based system. Fix-It Center also helps prevent new problems by proactively checking for known issues and installing updates. The tool is extremely user friendly and allows any average Joe to solve PC problems with ease.

YoWindow – Beautiful weather reports on desktop or screensaver

YoWindow is a weather application that tells you the present weather, as well as the forecast of coming days, on any place around the globe. What makes YoWindow different from other weather programs is that it’s pretty to look at. (Oh! well, MyFreeWeather is equally pretty too, so I recommend you check that out). And YoWindow is also a weather screensaver.

Hide files within other files with Plain Sight

There could be several reasons why you might want to hide files on your computer. It could be files containing sensitive information if you work for the NSA or something. It could be personal emails or just some naughty stuff you downloaded from the Internet. If you do have a reason to hide files yet look unsuspicious, you should try Plain Sight.

Launch applications with the Numeric key pad using ControlPad

ControlPad is a small light weight application written in AutoHotkey that turns the numeric keypad on your keyboard into a quick launcher for applications and commands. Using ControlPad you can open any program, files or a web address, perform operations like minimizing/maximizing window, or execute system commands.

FreeApp automatically downloads and installs multiple programs at once

FreeApp is a free tool that automatically downloads some of the best freeware programs available and silently installs them on your computer while you relax with a cup of coffee.

Kylo, the web browser for big screens

Kylo is a free web browser based on Mozilla designed specifically for web surfing on a big screen, such as your wall mounted living room HDTV, while you sit relaxing on a comfortable couch. Kylo enables users who have already connected their PCs to the television to browse the web without squinting and without spoiling the home theatre experience.

Take screenshots and annotate on Google Chrome

Explain and send screenshots is a dead simple and extremely useful screenshot taking extension for Google Chrome. With this extension you can capture any part of a web page, add arrows, lines, circles and text and then share it directly on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace or send as an email attachment.

Download VLC Media Player 1.1.0 with GPU acceleration

The first public release of VLC Media Player 1.1.0 Pre-build with support for GPU acceleration is available for download. With the ability to offload number crunching involved in video decoding to the GPU, the developers hope to improve video performance of H.264 encoded videos that has been plaguing the media player for long.

SpyBubble – Spy or eavesdrop on any mobile phone

Note: The product has since been updated and doesn't have stealth capabilities. Please visit the product's website to learn more. Jaipur (India) based startup has launched a new kind of service called SpyBubble that allows a person to log in from any computer and spy on calls and text messages from any smart phone or BlackBerry in real time, and even eavesdrop on conversation.

Guess the sample and win a Netbook

Remember ASPEX Corporation, the guys who accepts any material from people, scans them with an Electron Scanning Microscope and publishes the images for everyone to see? Yes, that ASPEX Corporation. In case you missed the story when we covered them, they are still accepting submissions. Anyway, the reason why I’m mentioning them again is because of a contest they are running.

5 short links for today #34

1. Solar Beat is a project by White Vinyl Designs that tries to find that out by converting the planetary system into a type of music box. Each planet generates a specific tone as it passes by a virtual string. Turn on your computer speakers and adjust the tempo to listen to the music it generates.

Funny way to test how your site looks on the iPad

Recently a bogus web application stated making rounds on the Internet, (thanks to many high profile tech blogs who wrote about the application without actually caring to test it) that allowed one to preview how a site looks like in an iPad.

Add new entries to Windows 7 desktop context menu

The desktop context menu is the next best place to keep your programs and files shortcuts, because it keeps your desktop clean. Now there is no easy way to edit the context menu in Windows, is it? We always have to use a third party software unless you are willing to dig into the registry.

Manage and edit form entries in Firefox with Form History Control

Firefox like all browsers has the ability to remember form inputs by the user. Previously entered inputs are displayed in a drop down menu when you type into a form input box on a page. But how do you edit or delete those entries?

How to make the footer stick to the bottom of a page

The footer on a web page begins where the main page content ends. Unlike the page header which always sticks to the top of the page irrespective of the page size, the position of the footer depends on the amount of content the page carries.

SyncDesk synchronizes files using an external disk

Last week I showed how to synchronize files across multiple computers through a USB Flash drive using SyncSharp. SyncDesk is another open source tool that can sync files across several computer using an intermediary device like an external disk.

Tabbles, a file tagging software inspired by WinFS

Tabbles is a relational file management software for Windows that gives you a taste of what WinFS would have been if Microsoft hadn’t kicked the project to the curb almost four years ago. To put it in their own words,

Learn to play the piano with Synthesia

Synthesia, formerly called Piano Hero, is a free program plus game that teaches you to play the piano using visual cues like falling notes. Don’t worry if you can’t read sheet music, because you require none. Synthesia lets you learn to play the keyboard and also keep track of your progress.

Cuil launches Cpedia. Conforms to Cuil standards

Remember Cuil, the search engine that was launched with much hype but never came even close to being a Google-killer? You would have thought the company was dead, the investors bankrupt and the creators hiding themselves in shame. Yet they are back, back with another awfully incompetent product called Cpedia .

Motorola’s SIM protection lets parents limit cell phone use by children

Motorola is planning to release a new kind of product that will allow parents control who their children call on their phone and even intercept their conversations.

A demo of Internet Explorer 9 hardware acceleration

We all have to agree that the Internet Explorer team is doing a great job, this once, with IE9. Those who are not aware, IE9, which Microsoft demonstrated a preview last month, will offload rendering job to the GPU thereby improving speed of videos and JavaScripts rendering and general responsiveness of the system by a significant factor. Hardware acceleration is going to be the next big thing for web browsers; even Adobe Flash is adopting the same path .

How to add images to sitemaps

Sitemaps are an invaluable resource for search engines, and an important part of a website. They allow search engines to discover contents on a site that would otherwise be impossible to locate, hidden among hundreds and thousands of pages. Along with text content another important element of the web most webmasters ignore are images.

Forward ports easily with Simple Port Forwarding

Many people struggle with forwarding ports even though there are hundreds of guides and tutorials on the Internet. If you are using a router and don’t know how to forward ports, some programs that require port forwarding will fail to function properly. Common examples of such programs are P2P software like uTorrent or Limewire.

Gmail adds Nested Labels and Message Sneak Peek

Gmail today added two extremely useful and functional features to Labs. You know Labs, right? The first one is Nested Labels. Yup, that’s right. Now you can create labels within labels creating a tree like structure as shown in the image below.

Make Firefox remember zoom levels, colors for a site

Some websites have awful designs – weird color schemes and ridiculously small fonts that’s impossible to read without bringing tears to your eyes. Yes, you can adjust the zoom levels but Firefox can’t remember the settings. With the NoSquint addon you can:

Mighty Box, an application launcher

Mighty Box is an open source application launching utility for Windows, that is touted as the Windows version of the QuickSilver software for Mac.

First Anti Virus for iPad available

With 300,000 iPads sold within the first few days and the device jailbroken within 24 hours, it’s never too early to start taking preventive measures against malware threatening to invade your iPad. Mac security specialist Intego has begun offering the first antivirus scanner for the iPad.

Hardware accelerated Adobe Flash Player 10.1 RC available for download

Adobe has unveiled the next release of Flash Player 10.1, a major improvement over previous versions, as a release candidate. The new Flash Player 10.1 is hardware accelerated, which means that users will see a significant reduction in CPU usage while viewing H.264 encoded online videos and while playing Flash games.

Picasa Web Albums limit increased to 10,000 albums

Those who use Picasa web album extensively to store pictures online must be pissed by the arbitrary limit of 1000 Google has placed on the number of albums you can create on Picasa. Well, the good news is: the limit has been raised to 10,000.

How to synchronize multiple computers that are not connected to a network

Most file synchronizing application assumes you have your computers networked with each other either through the Internet or through a local area network, wired or wireless. File synchronizing fails if there is no direct communication between the computers. So how do you synchronize two or more computers that aren’t connected to each other?

Subscribe and download Podcasts with Juice Receiver

Juice is a cross-platform, open source aggregator for discovering and downloading online podcast media files. Essentially Juice Receiver is a podcast feed aggregator using which you can subscribe to RSS feeds of podcasts and let the program automatically download new media files as soon as they are available. 

ZeuAPP – A collection of 80+ freeware programs

Previously we wrote about a program called FreewareUpdater that helps you find and install some of the most popular freeware applications. ZeuAPP is a similar program; you can call it a repository of free applications.

Tweak Alt+Tab settings with Alt+Tab Tuner

Alt + Tab Tuner is a small tool that allows you to access several hidden settings related to the Alt+Tab program switching shortcut of Windows.

Add Picasa images to your blog from Windows Live Writer

Although all pictures on your Blogger blog are stored on Picasa web album, there was no direct way of embedding existing pictures on Picasa to your blog. The only way to do it is get the image URL from your Picasa album manually, or re-upload the images.

PenyuUSB disables USB ports, protects with password

Disabling USB ports on a computer by the administrator is easy and well documented on Microsoft’s support site . But protecting USB ports with a password so that only authorized users can access it, is a feature not to be found on Windows. To do this we have to use a software called PenyuUSB.

What’s inside the iPad?

Most people would never dream of taking apart a $500 toy the very first day of buying. But Do-it-yourself website iFixit, which publishes self repair guides of various kinds of gadgets, had to - it’s their job. Yesterday they they posted a full teardown of the iPad accompanied by several high quality images of the process. Some of the things they discovered are:

DScaler is a must have for TV tuner cards

Most lower end TV tuner cards in the range of $10 to $20 give poor performance, but their quality is not because of bad hardware but terribly written drivers and software. You can get very decent picture out of even cheap TV cards by using the right software. DScaler is one such program.

The only iPad review you need to read

Okay, so you have read some 303,628 iPad reviews so far. The iPad has been covered by everyone from Stephen Colbert to Cory Doctorow to Mike Arrington, and even your mom has an opinion about it. But the review by Jason Kottke from is the only one you need to read, ever. (Highlighting is mine)

Opera after Microsoft again. Says browser-ballot is hidden by IE wizard

Microsoft's troubles over the browser ballot screen is not over yet. According to a report published in The Register , Opera Software informed the European Union of a possible problem with the browser ballot screen which was introduced following an antitrust accusation against the Redmond giant.

SplitBrowser brings multitasking to iPad

As you know, Apple’s latest gizmo the iPad doesn’t support application multitasking throwing users back into the primitive age. But a Portugese firm called ElasticFiction has somehow managed to convince Apple to let them sell a split screen browser that will allow users to browse two web pages at the same time.

7plus – Extra features for Windows Explorer

7plus is small program written in Autohotkey that adds a number of features to Windows Explorer and modifies Window file handling behavior.

Quake2 running in browser using HTML5 and GWT

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) team has developed something that truly shows off what this engine is capable of doing. They have ported Quake2, the popular shoot-them-up game of the 90s, to GWT using use WebGL and HTML5 goodies like the Canvas tag which demonstrate the possibilities of pure web applications in modern browsers such as Safari and Chrome.

BBox Audio Player

BBox is a free music player for Windows that looks more like MS Office than a music player, thanks to it’s ribbon based interface. In fact, it’s the first media player I have come across that sports the ribbon. BBox lets you play, edit, convert and manage audio files, rip CDs, and also enjoy online radio stations.

Free download MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 is a professional video editing software that lets you easily edit videos, movies, photos, and audio from a wide range of sources. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 lets you easily transmit your recordings to your computer and then, once you have improved and enriched them, onto DVD and Blu-ray DiscTM. It’s great for theater-quality presentations on TV, screen, or monitor.