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8 Things I Found on The Internet This Week Vol.1

1. Drowning Simulator : This is an interactive life jacket-awareness website that lets you “experience” drowning. The French website puts you in the shoes of a dude who gets knocked out of the yacht and into the sea. Once you’re in the water, you have to use your mouse to scroll without stopping in order to stay afloat. Eventually, when your finger starts to ache and your scrolling slows down or stops, you sink and die. The game ends with a simple message: “At sea, you tire faster than you think. Whenever you go out to sea, wear your life jacket.”

How to Combine Multiple Internet Connections to Increase Download Speed

Most people have access to more than one internet connection. There may be a cable Ethernet connection at home, a community Wi-Fi, and multiple 3G/4G connections via as many cell phones. Despite having so many different connection possibilities, you can only connect through one at a time on your computer. Dispatch-proxy is a free and open source tool that essentially combines multiple internet connections into one single pipe. You can combine as many Wi-Fi networks, wired Ethernet connection, 3G or 4G connections you have access to, to one big load balanced connection.

Use Google Streetview to See What Cities Around The World Look Like Flooded

As global weather changes and the earth’s ice cap melts, the rising sea level is going to dramatically change the planet’s geography in the coming century. In order to raise awareness among the public about the disastrous consequences of climate change, a crowdfunded organization called CarbonStory, who focuses on various environmental projects, has teamed up with two marketing agencies to come up with an interactive website called World Under Water, ahead of the upcoming World Environment Day on June 5. Powered by Google Maps, the site lets you pick any Street View location and see what it will look like after sea levels have risen.