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10 best virtual reality games for Android you must try

Virtual reality is one of the most promising technologies of this century. If successful, it will totally envelop the world in a new wave of tech. Virtual reality is a technology that replaces your actual reality by something which is virtual, meaning you can just feel it but it doesn’t exist in real. To experience virtual reality, one needs to have a virtual reality headset which is mounted over your head and covers your eyes completely. When it comes to gaming, the whole experience goes to another level. Games are a great way to pass time and you can find many such interesting games on A pk Advisor . Virtual games use all the sensors of the device to give you an immersive experience such that you totally feel like on some other planet.

5 Amazing bot friendly apps you must try

Today a good part of the internet is run by bots. A bot is simply a program or an algorithm that behaves as if it was an actual human doing a job. A bot can be used for automated replies or perform a certain task that imitates a human. Their success lies in the fact when you find it hard to distinguish between a human and a bot. If you are part of any social networking website then chances are high that you might have come across a bot. They send automated replies and are getting intellegent day by day. You can access a bot by using virtual assistants like Google Now, Alexa or Apple siri. They are all well oiled bots. There holds a great future for bots as they will be trained to perform all the important chores of human and give us more room for doing something productive.