Attribute Changer – Change file and folder attributes

Attribute Changer is small freeware application for Windows that allows users to easily change attributes of files and folder via the context menu. It allows you to enable or disable read-only status, hidden status, indexing, and even NTFS compression. You can also change the file’s date of creation, modification and last access. For image files, Attribute Changer quickly enable you to modify EXIF information too.


Attribute Changer can work on multiple files at the same time and can change folder attributes recursively, in other words – you can change attributes of folders which are inside another folder or folders.

Previously, I used an application called Properties Plus, but that application isn’t available any more. Attribute Changer is a nice replacement for it.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    PC restart when i use attribute changer 6.20

  2. Anonymous Reply

    same thing i experienced here.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    same here; could any body help us PLZ!

  4. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    I tested this on WinXP and it was working fine. I suggest you approach the developer, if it's not working for you.


    My 500 Gb Hard drive had some folders… and i hv given it one of my frnd…after receiving back, i found that the space in drive as it is bt the some folders is not there…when i opt to show hidden files and folders in the Folder option…again no folders is there…i hv one tool i.e. Disk Explorer installed in my PC , when i analyze/explored my drive using that tool, all the missing folders is showing in that tool. When i see the folder properties of those folders, In Attribute section wht i see is that Green square (not tick mark) Read Only option is checked and also Hidden option is tick marked (not green square) but this hidden option is dehighlighted i.e i can't change that one…When i searched over net i found a software called Attribute changer-7 using which we can change attributes. But problem is when i right click on my hard drive and click Change attribute. lot of option will appear in that attribute changer window

    So anyone pls guide me in changing attributes. I'm confused Which option to check and which to uncheck.

    One more thing is that in mydrive one folder is there called “System Volume Information”. When I try to open that folder, a window containing message is being reflected. The msg is as follows” G: System Volume Information is not accessible” and in 2nd line “Access is denied”

    So pls anyone olve my prob as soon as possible….i am very much afraid of my data in those folders..pls suggest a successful step by step method to solve this without losing any data.

    Be in mind that my all folders are not viewable even clicking Show hidden folders but when I explores it in a disk explorer software, it shows all my files and folders. Also when i see drive space in my computer, it is full. Pls solve my prob…

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