SuperCopier – Pause, save and resume file copy operations

A large number of people use a certain application called TeraCopy for copying files faster. You must have heard about it and probably using it too. If you haven’t, then I’m sorry for not bringing it on InstantFundas – I thought everybody knew it. But here is one application that very few people have heard it and trust me, it’s better than TeraCopy.

SuperCopier is a Windows file copy tool that adds a great number of features that you won’t find in Windows. These include pausing file copy progress, saving the file copy list and then loading it back and resuming copy operations, a real-time copy speed computation, ability to limit copy speed, an error log etc.

Unlike TeraCopy, SuperCopier does not add a context menu item which is something you are going to miss. To start copying files, launch SuperCopier from the system tray by selecting a New thread.


Then drag the files you want to copy or move to SuperCopier’s window. Choose a destination and immediately it will start copying/moving the files.


SuperCopier also allows you to specify rules in the event of an error. For instance, if a file with the same name already exist on the disk you can choose to either rename the new file, or rename the old file, skip the file, overwrite it, or cancel the copy process. You can even choose to copy or not copy the file attributes of the copied file. These settings can be saved so that you aren’t nagged every time it encounters such a situation.

The development on this application is virtually stalled – the last update happened back in July 2006. But it works reasonably well in Windows XP.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    This is Realy Cool. Nice tool….
    Fonte .: : supercopier pause save and resume file

  2. Pawan Reply

    cool..i am already using super copier and its have a great feature as compare to tera copy and others. 😀

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