DAEMON Tools USB Lets You Share USB Devices Over Network/Internet

DAEMON Tools USB is a new free program that lets users remotely share USB devices over LAN, WAN or the Internet. While it is possible to share USB storage devices such as Flash drives and external hard disk over a local network, DAEMON Tools USB makes the process easier. Additionally, using DAEMON Tools USB it is possible to share non-mass storage devices such as webcam, printers, USB speakers etc.

DAEMON Tools USB must be installed on both the remote machine where the USB device is physically connected and the local machine from which you will access the remote device. The first step is to add the remote machine as a server through DAEMON Tools USB’s interface. For this you will have to know the remote machine’s IP address. This step must be repeated on the remote machine. Once both machines are cross connected through DAEMON Tools USB you can proceed with USB sharing.



On DAEMON Tools USB program window, you will see two tab – one for remote devices and the other for local devices. Under the “local devices” tab you will see a list of all USB devices connected to the machine. Right click on the device you want to share and click on the Share option.

Within a few moments, the shared device should appear on the remote machine under DAEMON Tools USB’s “remote devices” tab. Right-click on the device and click on the Connect option. Once this routine is completed, the remote USB device will become available on the local machine.

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    Pretty useless application! Just for the simple fact that although an USB Bluetooth Adapter can be shared in LAN, but you can't make use of it in LAN!

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