Remove Exif data from digital images from your camera

What is Exif data?

Exchangeable image file format (official abbreviation Exif, not EXIF) is a specification for the image file format used by digital cameras. The specification uses the existing JPEG, TIFF Rev. 6.0, and RIFF WAVE file formats, with the addition of specific metadata tags. The metadata tags stores a wide range of information about the picture shot and the camera with which the picture was shot. Some information that get stored along with the image includes

• Date and time information. Digital cameras will record the current date and time and save this in the metadata.
• Camera settings. This includes static information such as the camera model and make, and information that varies with each image such as orientation, aperture, shutter speed, focal length, metering mode, and ISO speed information.
• A thumbnail for previewing the picture on the camera’s LCD screen, in file managers, or in photo manipulation software.
• Descriptions and copyright information.

The image below shows a part of the Exif data contained in an image.

When you share your photos shot by your digital camera with others across the internet, you send these data along with your photos. Now some people might have no problems sharing the manufacturer name and make of their cameras or the date on when the picture was taken, yet there are some who might be uncomfortable sharing such information with strangers. So before you upload your photos to image sharing websites you might like to remove the Exif data.

How do I remove Exif data?

Removing Exif data is easy. All you need is the software IrfanView. The reason I chose IrfanView is because it’s a popular image viewing and editing software and most people already have it on their PCs. There are other softwares as well whose sole function is to remove Exif data. But why use another software when you can do the same with your favorite little IrfanView? And not to mention, it’s free too.

  1. First open the image from which you want to remove Exif data.
  2. Now click on Options>JPG Lossless Operations
  3. Uncheck Apply original Exif date/time to new file
  4. Click Start

Now your image is free of Exif data. You can check whether the data is gone by clicking on Image>Information. If you don’t see the tab Exif, then you know the data is gone.

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    There is a free online tool for this

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