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This is how people spot UFOs

The other day I was on the roof snapping away pictures of the sunset. The sun was slowly leaning towards the west and the beautiful clouds were reflecting the golden rays of the setting sun. One of the pictures that I took was this.

UFO image

Click on the picture if you want to download the original high resolution (2304x1728) image. The image is a bit grainy though, because I made the mistake of shooting it with ISO speed 400 to compensate for the low light. It later turned out to be unnecessary. Anyway, when I blew the picture to its full size, I saw a small object in front of the clouds. The following image is cropped from the original at 100% size.

ufo 100

I enlarged the picture to 200%

ufo 200

Further magnification to 300% shows this

ufo 300

It looked uncannily familiar. I logged into the Internet, did some search and finally found one pic from the movie Independence Day. Here is the picture.

independanc day

That’s an alien spaceship!! Wow, what an amazing discovery! If I don’t tell you that there are lots of crows at my place you might be tempted to believe that I really saw something extra ordinary, if not extra terrestrial. That’s what usually happens. People hide, either intentionally or unintentionally, clues that would give away the truth. If I were to submit this picture to the UFO community they would certainly view it with curiosity and probably conclude that it is indeed an UFO. They might even congratulate me for finding yet another damning evidence that UFOs exist. Now I don’t want to argue whether UFOs exist or not; maybe they do, maybe they don’t. But just spotting some object in the sky doesn’t prove anything. 

Now look at these UFO pictures I found on the Net.

ufo ufo

UFO image

UFO image

See how similar those UFOs look, particularly the first two, to the object on my picture. Infact, my “UFO” looks more real with the spacecraft dramatically banking towards the left as if to take a turn. Now can you still say that those pictures above are really of UFOs and not crows?

I have seen many people getting excited on seeing moving lights or objects in the sky. But they might not always be what they appear. Curiosity is good, be curious. But any speck that you see in the sky not necessarily be a UFO. Often times it is just a bird, a plane, a satellite or anything with a perfectly logical explanation.


  1. Came here via Bad Astronomy. Are you aware that most of your photos aren't showing up?

  2. Shit!! I don't know how that happened. Thanks for telling me. It's fixed now.

  3. thats good proof that theres ufos around but how could the ufo be anything like the ufos in independence Day :S

  4. I know a fake when i see onw and that in not a fake p.s im a 38 year old astronama and star gaze every night. Last week i noticed 3 green lights shoot past at incredible speeds and analized them on the computer. they appered to be oval like

  5. [email protected] is my email My name is barney LOLLOctober 6, 2009 at 6:32 AM

    I have the question that will maybeeee solve this. How do they get the ufoss. Cuz like there like wired and all and maybe they are ufos but noo aliens. Im a 104 year old astronomer and i went out of space. I for 1 saw humans in ufos not alienss. My friend saw a ufo with green flashing lights standing soo close like at the roof of my building. He saw green flashing lights and some how in went to the sky in a rapidddd speeed and left. My contact email is [email protected] email me there if u found proof. If a ufo lands here then maybe like 29 cops and like 40 helicopters and news and military will come to stop the ufo.


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