6 unusual websites for movie buffs

Movies are meant to be seen. There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to movies, where you can read reviews, interviews and download trailers and posters. Perhaps downloading movies constitute the bulk of all internet traffic, thanks to the torrent sites. But what about reading a movie script or even hearing it? Look at these six incredibly useful movie sites that gives you much more than seeing.

Movie scripts

SimplyScripts: SimplyScripts links to hundreds of free, downloadable scripts, movie scripts, screenplays, and transcripts of current, classic and maybe a few soon-to-be-released movies, television, anime, unproduced and radio shows. A huge resource for movie fans, scriptwriters and wannabe scriptwriters.

Script-O-Rama: Another excellent place to find free movie scripts, TV scripts. and screenplays. There is also a blog, a quiz section and some other links to excellent movie sites.

Wikiquote: Reading the script of the whole movie can be a bit boring. Why not just get to only the best parts? Wikiquote does exactly that. It has a collection of some of the best dialogues from movies right from the 1920s. If you have a lot of spare time, just go on and indulge yourselves.

Movies as audios

Ok, enough of reading. Now let’s hear movies.

Listen to a Movie: This site is a gem. It has movies in the mp3 format – the whole movie, just like audio books. Movies are organized into genres for easy browsing. The site has an embedded audio player to listen to the movie, but you can save the file to the hard disk from the browser’s cache or you can directly download the file by looking for the audio file url in the page source. It has over 1270 movies, 280 tv episodes and 200 simpson episodes. Now you can hear movies on the move from your favorite ipod portable music player.

Movie Sounds Central: Just like reading the whole movie can be boring, hearing the whole movie, at times, can be boring too. So Movie Sounds Central has for you audios of only the famous dialogues and quotes from movies. It has audios of other movie sounds and music too.

MovieWavs: MovieWavs has over 15,969 wav files and 15,969 mp3 files (over 3.6 GB) of movie quotes, all free to download. Apart from that it has links to over 50 more sites where you can get movie sounds. Gulp!!

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