Increase productivity with Piky Basket, the file copy-paste manager

Piky Basket is a software that can reduce repetitive tasks when copying/moving files and folders in Windows. Say, you have to copy several files from several different locations to one folder. You have to tackle this task by copying and then pasting files from each of the location to the destination folder, one by one. It’s like copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste and so on. How about copy, copy, copy and then paste all at once? This is what Piky Basket will do for you.

Piky Basket allows you to select files/folders in to a “basket” from different locations. Once you are done selecting, you can paste them all at once to the target folders. It also allows you to selectively paste the files to the target folder.

Piky Basket is integrated with Windows Explorer. You do not have to run Piky Basket as a separate program. It can be accessed from the menu which appears by right clicking on any files/folders in Windows Explorer.

Piky Basket has a number of features.

1. First Feature: Copy, Copy, Copy, Paste.

Select the files you want to copy, right click and then “drop” them into the basket. When you have finished selecting and dropping all the files, go to the destination folder and then Paste.

2. Second Feature: Copy Paths to Clipboard

Often we require file paths of the files we are working on. It may be for documentation purpose, for emailing them to our coworker or for databases. In Windows there exists no direct way to get the file paths, by default. With just 2 clicks, Piky Basket can get the file paths of the selected files/folders in Windows Explorer.

If you are copying the file paths from a mapped network drive, Piky Basket will prompt you if the paths must be in Universal Naming Convention (UNC) format (eg. \servernamesharenamefoldername ). This is helpful when you want your coworkers to access the files/folders over the network.

3. Third Feature: Command Prompt Here

If you work with Windows command prompt (cmd.exe or very often, then this feature is must for you. This option will launch Command Prompt (DOS Prompt) from the selected folder in Windows Explorer. The current directory in the command prompt will automatically change to the selected folder.

The best part is that you need not select the folder to launch command prompt.

Piky Basket homepage

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