OxygenOffice Professional: OpenOffice on steroids

OxygenOffice Professional (previously called OpenOffice.org Premium) is an enhanced version of the multi-platform office productivity suite, OpenOffice.org, that contains additional materials like templates, cliparts, samples, fonts and VBA support.

Oxygen Office Professional includes in addition to the “normal” version of OpenOffice an extensive collection of over 3,400 free clip art and photos, templates, and over 90 text fonts. These pictures are integrated into the gallery and can easily be placed into any OxygenOffice document. Several templates and sample documents are included. The extras are integrated by default in the installation of OxygenOffice Professional, but they are optional, so the user can decide what parts to include and what parts to leave out. Additional tools like OOoWikipedia, which can search the free on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, are also included.

OxygenOffice Professional also has the ability to run Visual Basic for Applications from Calc, ability to import Office Open XML, and option to export documents to PDF, LaTex and MediWiki. OOOP also allows you to import Works and WordPerfect documents.

And just like OpenOffice.org, OOOP is free

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