Configure the Open With menu with OpenExpert

OpenExpert is an application that makes it easier for you to configure the Open With menu that you get when you right click on any file. Normally, under Windows the Open With menu provide you a list of application that you can use to open a particular file. If you want to open the file with another application not given on the list, you can click Choose Program and then use the desired program. You can also check “Always use this application” to make it the default program for that type of files. If you don’t check the always use box, chances are that you might have to again select that program the next time you try to open the file.

OpenExpert solves this nuisance by allowing you to add as many programs you want to the list. OpenExpert enables you to specify any number of suitable applications for each file type. In this way, when you open a file, instead of being restricted to using a single pre-determined application, you can easily choose among a list of suitable applications.

Go ahead, download it. You will find this very useful.

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