Enhance Windows’ usability with DM2’s unique features (Must Have)

DM2 is an open source application that packs several Windows enhancement features together that can help you greatly in your every-day work. Let us see what features DM2 can provide you.

Minimize to floating icon
This is one of the nicest and most popular features of DM2. DM2 can minimizes open windows to “floating icon”. Floating icons are small floating semi-transparent rectangles (icons) that represents minimized windows. When a window is minimized to a floating icon, it doesn’t appear in either tray nor the task bar.

Minimize to tray
Using DM2 you can right click on window’s minimize button to minimizes the window to the system tray. Left clicking on the tray icon restores window to its previous state.

Hide window
Right clicking on window’s close button totally hides a window. A nice way to keep your open windows away from prying eyes when you have to leave your desk to use the bathroom. :^)

Align and resize
The Align pop up graphical menu allows user to simply align current window to screen edges or corners.

Resize pop up menu allows one to change the window size to any one of the preset sizes in pixels, as well in percentage of current screen size. Moreover, user may also specify different windows size in pixel or percents.

Enhanced system menu
System menu is the pull-down menu, activated by clicking the icon at the left of a window’s caption bar (title bar), that allows users to restore, move, size, minimize, or maximize the window. Besides window manipulation, DM2 adds a variety of useful features to this system menu like Priority and Opacity.

Open/Save dialog favorites & recent
DM2 inserts an extra button in all default Windows Open/Save dialogs. When clicked, this button shows a pop up menu with user-defined favorite folders and files. Additionally, menu contains a special submenu (‘Recent’) with latest of previously used files and folders. By selecting one of the available menu items, user may navigate very fast and easily between favorite folders. This significantly saves time while opening and saving files, since it frees user from boring and time wasting browsing! I absolutely love this one!

Apart from these, DM2 supports custom plugins, which further enhances the program. I have tagged this software as a “must have”. You should definitely use this one.
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