NetDefender – The open source Windows firewall

There are many open source application for Windows, but one that you will rarely see is an open source firewall. There are some firewall projects on sourceforge but they are possibly defunct, and none of them has an easy to use user interface. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this firewall called NetDefender that actually has a decent interface. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan to do it soon.

NetDefender Firewall is completely written in VC++ 7.1 (Visual Studio 2003) using MFC , Windows API, Filter Hook Driver (Provided with Windows 2000) by Sudhir Mangla and Rajender Singh (from India, Faridabad ) as Final year project in our B.E. Course at Lingaya’s Institute of Management & Technology. Netdefender can only run on an OS higher than windows 2000 (i.e. Win 2000, Win Xp) The developers are not sure about Vista but they hope that it will run without breaking anything.

Some of the features of this firewall are:
-User can Block all Traffic and can Allow all traffic through just one mouse click
-It is a packet filtering Firewall.
-User can add custom rules to this firewall as per their security requirements.
-User can define rule based on source and destination IP, source and destination Port number and on Protocol used (IP,TCP,ICMP).
-User can modify already added rules. (NEW in v 1.5)
-User can Remove the already added Rules. (NEW in v 1.5)
-A Port scanner is also provided to scan the system for open Ports.
-Provides the list of applications that are currently trying to connect to outside network.

Pretty good for a final year project, I would say.
Download NetDefender

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