Avoid repetitive typing with PhaseExpress’s universal autocomplete

PhaseExpress is a keyboard macro utility that sits on the system tray and organizes your frequently used text snippets and allows pasting them into any application. Using user defined text strings, key combinations are a hotkey, a user can insert any pre defined text into any typing application like Word, Notepad, email etc.

PhraseExpress saves you countless keystrokes and expands custom abbreviations into frequently used text snippets; for example, typing ‘btw’ expands into ‘by the way’. It even launch applications by entering text shortcuts like typing ‘excel’ can open your spreadsheet program in a snap. The unique text prediction feature automatically recognizes repetitive phrases and autocomplete them on demand. PhraseExpress also corrects spelling mistakes and typing errors. It also functions as a clipboard manager that caches all recently copied items to the clipboard. Since PhaseExpress isn’t tied to any single program it can monitor your typing anywhere on any application.


You can group commonly used text strings into folders and using a key combination launch a small pop-up menu with all the pre defined text strings that you can choose and insert into any application.

PhraseExpress has significant advantages over existing AutoCorrect solutions as seen in Office software packages:

– PhraseExpress works in any application, e.g. for filling web forms, chat sessions or custom database applications, not just in Office programs.
– All phrases are stored in a single data file. Data backup is easy and phrases can be distributed to all users in a network in a snap or transferred to a new computer.
– PhraseExpress’ Autotext is so much more powerful when handling text snippets. Phrases can be linked, dynamic variables such as the date, counters or additional manual input including multiple choice input, etc. can be added.

And yes, PhraseExpress is free. Download.

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