Display system information on your desktop wallpaper with BGInfo

BGInfo is small utility that automatically generates desktop backgrounds that include important information about the system including IP addresses, computer name, network adapters, and disk space and a lot more.


BGInfo does not display your system’s information in real time. It takes a snapshot of the system information and then embeds this data into the wallpaper by generating another wallpaper and placing it one the desktop. It always takes the same wallpaper you currently have on the desktop, unless you configure it to use another one. By placing BGInfo in your Startup folder, you can ensure that the system information being displayed is up to date each time you boot. You can also use the Windows Scheduler to run BGInfo on a regular basis to ensure long-running systems are kept up to date.

When you run BGInfo it shows you the appearance and content of its default desktop background. If left untouched it will automatically apply these settings and exit after its 10 second count-down timer expires. Selecting any button or menu item will disable the timer, allowing you to customize the layout and content of the background information.


In the configuration window you can select which information you want to display, adjust the fonts, size color and the like you normally find in a word processor.

Since, BGInfo only generates wallpaper and does not constantly run in the background, it consumes zero memory and zero CPU time.

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