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Create floating pop-ups in Word document

Often you come across webpages that incorporate pop-ups that launch when you hover your mouse on top of a hyperlink. These pop-ups may contain definitions, tips or just ads. AppScott has written about a cool technique of adding such a pop-up to Word documents.


To create pop-ups in Word 2007, follow these steps

  • Highlight the phrase to be defined and copy it to the clipboard
  • Click the Insert tab
  • Click Bookmark in the ribbon
  • Paste the phrase in as the bookmark name, replacing any spaces with underscores
  • Click Add
  • Click Hyperlink in the ribbon
  • In the Hyperlink dialog click the Bookmark button
  • Select the bookmark you just created and click OK
  • Click the Screen Tip button and enter your definition.
  • Click OK

Now when the reader hovers the mouse over the underlined phrase the screen tip will appear. The phrase "Ctrl+click to follow link" will also appear, but by linking the phrase to the bookmark we've ensured nothing bad will happen if the reader does Ctrl+Click.


  1. Thank you! I have been looking for this all day.

  2. Thanks, altought it´s a limited option because the bookmark only allows a certain amount of words.

  3. Thank you very much. This really helps a lot. Though what I really want is a pop up image on mouseover as in web pages. so far its not possible

  4. Hi great piece of advice, however is there any way of adjusting the pop-up box size? I want my text to appear in distinct rows but using the Return key or the Tab has no effect, I can only seemingly type in usual sentence format.

  5. There is no way to adjust the pop-up size box.


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