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When you share any web page containing an article or news with other people online, often you might want to draw their attention to some particular lines or quotes in that article. Maybe you are interested with only those particular lines on that page. In that case, you send them an email or a message along with the link telling them to read "the eighth line through fifteenth of paragraph four". Or instead you can use Awesome Highlighter.

Awesome Highlighter is very clever online service that allows you to highlight texts on a page and then send the page to others with the highlight turned on. First, enter the URL of the page you want to highlight and then click Highlight Page.

The page will then load with a bar on top that contains some tools for highlighting. Select the text and then click Done. Awesome Highlighter will then generate a short URL which you can share with others online. You can also select multiple parts of the page before clicking on Done. There is however a limit of 2000 characters which is the maximum number of characters you can select.

The sharing URL when viewed in a browser will load the original page along with your highlights and Awesome Highlighter’s bar on top with links to the original page. See this example. There is also an Add Note button but for some reason it is not working.

Awesome Highlighter does not require any registering to use this service.

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    Rooh It is much better. 🙂

    You can even highlight this page (Rooh It!)

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