Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Move the mouse cursor out of the way with MouseAway


Often when you type, the mouse cursor gets in your way and obscures your text. This tiny application called MouseAway was created for solving this problem. MouseAway checks if your mouse pointer is near your keyboard pointer. If it is too close, MouseAway will move the mouse pointer away so that you can see where you are typing. See the animation below.


MouseAway is extremely light and takes just 40KB when running.

[via LifeHacker]


  1. Ohh nice post!!!

    Can you suggest me some tutorials to set up a blog...becoz i did till this much but i donno how to link webpages... Then if i give you my username and password will you or tell someone else to help me!! Thanks in advance kaushik.

  2. Not really to set up a blog but exactly linking webpages.... like archives,sitemap etc .Help me in writing those html pages ,,,

  3. Hey how to actually get a archive page and how to put a recent posts, topics etc. i am used to blogger.. but since i am now in 110mb (also since a dumbo in scripting) i need to know all these :(

  4. how to download this program?


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