3 unique tools to search Flickr photos by color

Without a doubt, Flickr is the best resource for photography lovers and there are hundreds of tools that intend to enhance the Flickr experience. Most of these tools search Flickr photos by keywords. But sometimes you might not have any particular subject on mind. You might just be looking for a picture of a particular color to fill your desktop or a background of a certain color to use in your website and so on. In such a situation, you will find these three tools extremely handy.

1. Multicolr is a fairly accurate tool to search Flickr photos by color. You can choose up to 10 colors at once which means that you can search for photos with various combination of colors.


2. Flickr Color Selectr is another color searching tool that allows you to search for only one single color. The returned results might contain various shades of the chosen color with the searched color as the more prominent one.

3. Retrievr is a unique search tool that searches Flickr with sketches that you can make on their drawing pad. So not only can you search Flickr for a particular shade of color but also the shape of the objects in the picture. I have already shown some examples with this tool when I wrote about it earlier.

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