Add extra columns to Windows Explorer with Aurionix FileUsage

Aurionix FileUsage is a plugin for Windows Explorer that adds a bunch of extra columns to Explorer’s Detail View. The most useful ones include total size of a folder, total number of files in a folder and the percentage of disk space used by a particular folder. This plugin will give you the much needed information about folders which Windows Explorer fails to give.


aurionix2Aurionix FileUsage is particularly useful for folders containing media files, because it has a whole bunch of columns to display all sorts of information related to media files. Some of these columns are – Artist, Album Title, Year, Bit rate, Duration, Genre, Sample size, Channels and a lot more.

Aurionix FileUsage is also useful for folders containing images taken by your digital camera for there is a column to display the date the picture was taken on. If you have more than one digital camera, then you can also turn on a column to display the camera model. The dimension of the images can also be displayed through yet another column.

Additionally, you can choose to display all those information that is viewable through file properties like the date the file was created, modified and accessed, file attributes and file versions. The total number of columns available are 41.

Aurionix FileUsage works with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or 2003 and requires .NET framework 2 to function.

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