Extract music, movies and textures from games with Dragon UnPACKer

Often game files include game music, sounds, cut scene videos, images etc in a format incomprehensible to Windows. Sometimes they are embedded inside huge pack files. Dragon UnPACKer is an open source tool that can help you unpack such game files in an explorer-like interface and then extract the content at will.


More than 80 games are directly supported, meaning, Dragon UnPACKer knows the file format used by these games and you can open these game files natively. If a game is not supported, a tool named HyperRipper, included in the software, will search for known patterns in unknown file formats. If it is successful in deciphering the contents, you can extract texture, sounds, music and more from the game.


To extract any content from a game, you should know or at least have an idea of where that content like music and video could be. This means that you can’t simply point the game’s EXE file to Dragon UnPACKer and expect it to automagically reveal all contents within the game. Dragon UnPACKer is only an unpacker, that can look into ‘pack files’ used by games. So you have to identify those pack files or game files within the game folder. That isn’t so hard as it may sound. Games usually place these files inside folders named "main" or "scenes" or even easy to recognize folders like "sounds", "movies" and "texture". Inside these folders however, you will find files that Windows can’t recognize. Dragon UnPACKer will help you here. Use this software to open these files. Once Dragon UnPACKer successfully opens the file, extract the files you require.

Dragon UnPACKer isn’t perfect but still it is an incredible tool for gamers.

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    wow.. thnx i’ve always wanted a software that could do this.. thanx a lot.

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    + 1! Thanks a lot !!

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