HitMeLater: A Snooze Button For Your Email

Adbrite’s co-founder Philip J. Kaplan has started a new service specially for procrastinators. Called HitMeLater, this brand new service, the only one of it’s kind, allows you to delay your emails by up to forty-one days. It works this way: whenever you get an email that you don’t feel reading at the moment, forward it to [email protected] and it will send it back to you 24 hours later, putting it on the top of your inbox. Of course, you can just flag your mails and read them later but then you have to search for it and if you get dozens to hundreds of mails per day, it can easily get lost.


You can delay your mails by any number of hours up to a maximum of 1000 hours, which is a little more than forty-one days. For example, forwarding your mails to [email protected] will send you mails back 12 hours later. Alternatively, you can put in a day like Wednesday@hitmelater and it sends  back the mail the next Wednesday. If you send it something it doesn’t understand, HitMeLater sends back a polite email message saying “We’re not sure what you want.”

I love such creativity.

[via TechCrunch]

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