Saturday, August 9, 2008

Preview contents of archive files before downloading on Firefox


Every now and then I come across a Firefox extension that makes me say Wow! This is one such extension. The addon ArchView makes it possible to preview the contents of a zipped file without downloading it, online, right inside the browser! That's not all. You can even selectively download the contents within the archive file without having to download the whole thing. It even works with archive files uploaded to Rapidshare. Imagine how useful can that be.


Viewing the contents of a zip file without downloading it

ArchView currently supports RAR, ZIP formats and ISO CD image; HTTP, FTP and file protocols.

- Can't open SFX file.
- Not support multi-volume archive.
- Not support RAR decoding, need third-party software.
- Can't open encrypted file in ZIP.
- Can't show RAR comment.


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