Enhance Firefox Live Bookmarks with Boox

If you use Firefox’s Live Bookmarks to read RSS feeds, then you should try Boox. No wait, … you shouldn’t try it. You must use it. Boox is an addon for Firefox that will enhance the functionalities of the otherwise bland live bookmarks giving it features that should normally have been available by default, but for some reason isn’t. That has always been the problem with Firefox, doing little out of the box and depending too much on extensions. Anyway, this is what Boox does.

The first useful thing that you will notice when you install Boox is that, your bookmarks will begin to show the number of unread items. All unread items will have bolded text and read items will have normal text, making it easier to distinguish between the two.



Hover the mouse over a news item and a tooltip will pop-up with a preview of the feed. This tooltip is customizable.


The feed viewer is customizable too. You can use your own stylesheet or use any one of the several styles that come along with this addon.


Other features include:

  • Mark items read or unread from the context menu.
  • Create live bookmarks from the context menu
  • Search within subscribed feeds with various advanced parameters

Boox makes Live Bookmarks a tad more usable and useful.

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