Monday, September 29, 2008

Notepad 2008 - A text editor with the Ribbon UI


Like the ribbon in MS Office 2007? Well, here is text editor for you with a lovely ribbon interface - Notepad 2008. Notepad 2008 is slightly more functional than the default Windows Notepad application and closely resembles Wordpad. You will get the basic formatting functions - justification, font type and size, plus a search and replace feature.


The ribbon, accompanied by three different themes, gives a nice facelift to an otherwise bland text editor. The tabbed interface is also a must these days. It is a good replacement for Notepad but falls short of better Notepad applications like Notepad++.

You may require .Net framework 3.5 to run Notepad 2008.

Download (direct download)

[via Lifehacker]


  1. Yeah.. right.. because that's exactly what we need. Notepad. With a ribbon. Pardon me while I get excited. Not.

  2. I think something like Notepad++ would benefit from using Ribbon, but this? Not nearly enough options to warrant it.


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