Pixel Pick picks color from anywhere on the screen

If you have ever worked on a graphics program for anything like designing a banner or retouching a photo, or designed a website, you must know how useful and essential the color picker tool is. However, with this tool you can only pick color from pictures opened within the application. What if you want to pick a color on the desktop or some color you liked on a website opened in your browser?

Pixel Pick is a free color picker tool that allows you to pick the pixels color under your mouse cursor from anywhere on the desktop and translates it into a number of different color formats such as RGB, CMYK, HSB, HEX or Web Color format. Previously, I was using another such tool called Absolute Color Picker, but I have found Pixel Pick to be even better. Pixel Pick has a magnifier with 40x zoom making pixel picking even more easy. This high magnification allows you to pick color from a single pixel on the screen. The color value is automatically copied to the clipboard. It also remembers up to 36 recent colors picked.

pixelpick pixelpick_scrii

Pixel Pick is extremely useful if you have a website and want to tweak it’s font or background colors, and absolutely essential if you are a web designer and do it regularly. It will save you countless hours or work.

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